To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
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10. Ten


I pick her up and rush into the hospital.

"Somebody please help!!!"

Nurses come with a gurney and ask what happened.

Andrea's eyes are closed. 

I'm not sure what happened.

They quickly rolled the gurney away to another room.


"Sir, you need to stay back here in the waiting area" a male nurse says.

I sit in a sit and bury my face into my hands.

A few hours pass.


I look over and see Carley.

"What the hell are you doing here, Carley?"

"My friend's in the hospital. I mean she's kind of my friend. We didn't talk a lot this week"

"Andrea?" I ask.

"Yeah- How did you know that?" She looks at me.

I look at the floor.

"She's my friend too"

"She's the girl you've been with? And she didn't tell me?"

"She doesn't like you, Carley! You're so fake to her!" I roll my eyes.

"No. I actually do care. We aren't that close but- Anyways"

"Carley, you need to leave"

"No way. I'm staying"

I huff and lean on the armrest.

"What happened anyways? And how did you know she was here? Is this why you left?"

"I left to visit her house because she left school and when i got there she was at the top of the stairs screaming in pain. I BROUGHT her here"

"Did you do something to her?" She scowls.

"Of course not! I..."

"You what?" She glares at me.

I don't know why she cares so much.

She doesn't love or care about Andrea like I do.

"I would never hurt her"

"How come?"

"Allen Carson?"

"Yes" I immediately stand up.

The nurse shoots her head at me.

"My patient requested of your name"

"What about me?" Carley stands up.

"Name?" The nurse asks.

"Carley Randal"

"Sorry, she didn't. I'm only allowed to bring requested people. Come on Allen"

"Oh, and Carley?" I turn to her.

"Yes?" She asks hopefully.

"I love her. Thats why"

She huffs.

"Allen!" She whines.

I walk to the room Andrea is supposedly in.

"Andrea?" I say quietly.

"Allen" she faintly smiles.

Her eyes are closed.

"I'm here" I sit on the small stool next to her bed and grab her hand.

"I know" she slightly laughs.

"What happened?"

"Her appendix ruptured. She told us she had a few symptoms last week. But it's hard to tell when it'll hit. Sometimes it  feels like period cramps"

"Appendicitis?" I ask.

"Yes" she says. "I'll be back in a moment"

She leaves.

"Guess who came, thinking you needed her"

"Who?" She asks.


Her eyes shoot open.

"W-Why? How do you know her?"

"She's...my ex"

"No way" she giggles.

"It's true" I slightly laugh.

"She's stupid" Andrea says.

"She's much more" I say.

"A little ho?"

"Yes. She thought you would've requested to see her" I tell her.



"I don't give a FUCK" she laughs loudly.

"Be careful now!" I laugh as well.

"Allen, Andrea has to get some sleep because of the medicine we're going to give her"


Andrea latches onto my hand.

"C-Can he stay Ms. Jamie?"

She smiles sympathetically.

"I guess. You can sleep on that chair"

She walks to some cabinets.

"Here's a blanket" she hands it to me.


The nurse injects the medicine into me.

Allen quickly falls asleep in the chair next to the bed.

"You know" the nurse says fiddling with a tray full of utensils, "he spoke a bit highly of you to that blonde girl"

"Oh, really? What did he say?" I smile at her.

My eyes are getting heavy.

"He told her he'd never hurt you because..."


"He loves you"

My eyes shoot open.

"He said that?"

"Yes" she smiles, "I'll leave you to sleep"

I look over at Allen and smile at him.

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