To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
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16. Sixteen


"So, you guys, I live with my Aunt, and she said she would love for you two to stay there and let me care for you guys while your out of school"

"Oh, that would be nice" I say.

"Yeah, thanks Karen" Allen says.

"Your mom called, Andrea. I know you got to see her, but she's going on a trip with her friend for a week" the nurse says.

"She told me, but thanks" I smile at her.

"Alright. I'll give the front desk the lease forms, then you guys can leave and here are your clothes you two"

"Thanks!" I shout as she leaves.

"And Andrea, if you want to sleep at my house, you can. Since your mom will be gone"

"Can I? I might get murdered by Carley at my house while I'm asleep" I joke.

"Yes. We always welcome guests" she laughs.

I see Allen's smile fade at my comment.

"Allen, it was a joke" I say.

"I know" he says.


Allen is placed in a wheelchair too.

I smile at that fact.

The nurse pushes Allen and Karen pushes me out of the hospital.

I hang on to my rack of saline and  pull it with us.

They help us into Karen's car and fold up my wheelchair and put it in the trunk.

The nurse folds up my saline rack and tells me to hold the bag of liquid until we get home.

She also places that in the trunk.

They take Allen's back into the hospital.

It's a rule to always push a patient out in a wheelchair, even if they don't need it.

I sit in the back seat with Allen.

"So, I guess when you said you were going down with me, you actually meant it" I whisper.

He looks at me and smiles.

I squish the saline bag in my right hand.

The tube is still in my left arm.

Surprisingly, it doesn't hurt at all.

We ride in silence until we pull up to Karen's house.

It's just as big as Allen's.

"This is it! Oh- Well there's my aunt!" She laughs at her aunt rushing out.

Karen and Allen get out.

"Aunt Magen, this is Allen" she points at him.

He walks over and helps me out.

"I'll get the wheelchair. Get the saline rack?" She asks her aunt.

The walk to the trunk and take everything out.

Allen guides me to the chair.

He takes the saline back and hangs it on the rack.

We finally step inside the huge house.

"Wow" I say.

"Now, we have a basement with a guest room. But you know, the basement is finished. It has carpet, AC and heat. It has a huge bathroom and there's a gameroom type area" Karen says cheerfully.

"Am I staying down there?" I ask.

"Yes, and Allen can hang down there with you when he comes over. I'll hang with you guys when I get home from school"

"Or, Allen, you also can stay here. I know you don't get along with your family so we have another room downstairs. It's across the gameroom from where Andrea will be sleeping" her aunt adds.

"I'll think about it" he politely says.

"I'll show you guys down there" Karen walks ahead.

After taking us down there and showing us around, she heads to school. 

She will be three hours late but oh well.

I just sit in my room that I'll be staying in.

Allen walks in.

"Hey kiddo, you okay?"


"I'm fine. How did her aunt know about your family?"

"When Karen and I dated, I came over a lot to get away and she just found out"

"Oh" she says.

"Andrea, what's wrong?" I sit on her bed.

She pulls herself out of the chair and sits on the bed too.

She reaches her foot out and pulls the rack closer to her with it.

"Nothing. I'm just not thinking straight" she barley laughs.

"Are you sure...?" I ask.


"I'm deciding that'll I'll stay here for a while" I state.

"What changed your mind?" She asks.

"You" I say.


"I'm not leaving you with one of my exes again"

She laughs but realizes I'm serious.

Karen is really sweet and we never hated each other, but I just have to make sure.

Andrea is in shitty condition and doesn't need problems.

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