To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
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19. Nineteen


The last thing I remember is telling Andrea good night.

Then I fell asleep in my room.

I wake up and look at the clock that's in my 'new' room.

It's 4:00AM.

I hear someone down here.

I stand up and walk to the door.

I see Karen's silhouette.

"Karen?" Half of my body slides through the door.

"Allen, hey" she smiles bright.

"What are you doing up?" I ask.

"Oh, my aunt wanted me to clean up down here. We still have some dirty towels in the bathroom"


"But, um, what are you doing up?" She asks.

"Nothing. I just randomly woke up"

"Was it my fault?"

"No. No, not at all" I half smile.

"I'm glad you decided to stay" she rests the towels on the top of the couch that she's standing next to.

"Me too" I nod.

"Andrea's really lucky to have you" she smiles, "you do a lot for her"

She looks down.

"I'm lucky to have her. She's my best friend. I'm also thankful you let us stay here"

"It was mostly for you" she says.

"What do you mean?"

"Before, I feel like I didn't appreciate you enough. But I realized you treated me the way you treat her"

"W-We aren't dating or anything" I say.

"I know, but still. I thought you'd appreciate me again if I let your friend stay here. It was even better when you decided to stay"

"Of course I appreciate you" I say.


"But what?"

"Not the same way" she looks at me.

"The same way?"

"If you know what I mean" she sighs.

"I think I do"

"Allen, I regret taking you for granted. I loved you- I love you"

My heart drops.

I did love Karen a lot.

She just didn't seem to appreciate me.

She was an amazing girlfriend at first, but she just pushed me away.

She looks down as her bare feet.

"Karen, I don't know what to say"

"Forgive me? We could start over again...And this time, I won't let you go"

I sigh.

"I forgive you...But, I-I just don't r-really know. Let me think about it"

"Okay...I should get back to these towels" she says.

"Yeah, I'll go sleep"

She walks up to me.

"Please consider" she kisses my cheek and walks upstairs.

Did that just happen?

Did that just fucking happen?


I heard talking for a few minutes.

I had stood up to see.

It was Karen and Allen.

I couldn't make out what they were saying, but I saw her kiss his cheek.

I'm now lying in bed.

My eyes begin to water.

I can't believe I was only offered to stay here just for his and her sake.

They needed a reason to spend time together.

Did Allen use me?


I wake up again. It's 6:00AM.

I hear her aunt call that breakfast is ready.

I walk across to Andrea's room.


She isn't in here.

I walk upstairs.

I see her and her little rack at the dining room table with pancakes.

"Who brought you up?" I ask.

"Myself" she states abruptly.

"Oh, okay"

"Here's your pancakes, Allen!" Karen rushes in with two pancakes on a plate.

I automatically remember what we talked about last night.

"Thank you" I reply.

"Are you well enough to go to school?" Her aunt walks in smiling.

"I am" I reply. I don't want to mooch off of them if I'm okay.

"I'm not" Andrea says. "I know I brought myself up, but I regret it"

"It's okay sweetie. I'll take care of you while they're gone"

After we all eat I decide to go get ready.

Andrea slowly tries stand up.

I rush over to help her.

"I can do it by myself" she growls.

She stands up on her own and slowly walks towards the basement with her rack.

I follow behind her.

Her foot steps on the first step and she slips back a little.

The rack yanks at the tube.

I catch her.

She jerks away.

"I'm fine. I'm just wearing socks"

"I'm just trying to help"

"I've been babied enough" she starts walking once more.

She carries the rack but it seems too heavy for her.


I have so much pain shooting through my body.

"D-Don't forget your therapy on Wednesday"

"I won't" I huff, "that's tomorrow anyways"


I finally make it to the bottom step.

I begin to walk even slower.

I feel his hands steady me.

"Stop, get off" I move away.

I fall to my knees.

I'm too weak. I start crying.

I knock over my saline rack.

I feel him pick me up in his arms.

He holds me on his side with one arm and rolls the rack with the other.

He brings me too my room and sits me on the bed.

I lay on my side and keep sobbing.

"Hey, hey, hey...Look at me. Look at me" he grabs my arm.

I glance at him.

"Andrea, why didn't you wait for me before you went upstairs this morning?"

I hear some anger in his voice.

"I-I don't know" I lie.

"Why are you pushing me away? Don't do this now" he says.

"I'm not pushing you away" I cry.

"You won't let me help you! You can't get hurt anymore"

"Why? So you don't look bad in front of Karen?!"

I cover my mouth.

I can't believe I just fucking said that.

His face is plastered with a shocked expression.

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