To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015-2016


9. Nine


"My feet hurt so much" I say to myself.

I slowly walk up my front porch steps.

I search for my key in my bag then unlock my door.

I close it behind me.

I pull my phone from my back pocket and check the time.

It's almost lunch at school.

I walk upstairs to my room.

I lay on my bed.

Something in my side hurts.

A sharp pain shoots through me like a knife is slowly sinking into it.

"Oh my God!" I fall to my knees off the bed.

I can barely move.

I can barely breath because the feeling is making me lose my breath.



After lunch is over I rush to my locker and grab my keys from it.


I turn and see a blonde girl.

It's my ex.

"Uhh yes, Carley?"

"Where are you going? You've been missing the last few periods of school lately..."


"But yesterday you didn't come to any of the classes. What happened?" She asks.

"Nothing- Look I'm not here to be interrogated. I need to go..."


"Carley please move" 

She keeps blocking me from walking.

"No- I-I'm sorry for leaving you"

"Yeah, okay is that all?"

"For him. He's an asshole"

"Funny. Didn't I warn you? Carley please..."

"Take me back" she steps closer.

"I can't"

"There isn't someone else. I know it. Just take me back- I love you"

"Stop- Y-You don't love me until you need me. Okay I'm tired of this"

"I'm all you've got!" She shouts after I walk past her.

I stop at the exit and turn to her.

I stomp up to her.

"NO you aren't. I have someone better to take care of. Stay out of my way"

"W-What?! Who?! Is that where you've been going?!"

"No. I mean, yesterday, yes. We just aren't socially acceptable here"

She crosses her arms.

"Is it a girl?"


"Is she your girlfriend?" She eyes me.


"So you don't have someone. Just call me later. I got a new phone and number"

She hands me a piece of paper.


I shove it in my pocket and rush outside to my car.

I quickly drive to Andrea's house.

"Andrea?!" I knock on her door for the hundredth time.

No answer.

"I don't care if she's sleeping. I just need to get in there in case" I say to myself.

I turn the knob and it's unlocked.


"A-Allen!" I look and see her at the top of the stairs crying and yelling.

"Andrea!" I run up the stairs and drop to my knees next to her.

She grabs my arm.

"Help me! I-I'm hurting so fucking bad! Oh my God!!!"


I need to make sure she didn't physically injure herself to where she was bleeding.

"M-My side! It hurts so bad! It just popped and pain shot through my body!"

"Holy shit- No No No No No No!"

I cradle her in my arms and rush outside to my car.

I sit her in the passengers side and recline the chair.

She curls up and yells in pain.

"Oh my God! What's happening?!"

I grab her hand and squeeze it tight while I drive her to the hospital.

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