To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
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14. Fourteen


"I really don't want to go to school, though" she says.

"Well, I mean, you don't even have to go"

"I have had a whole day to rest, and my mom told me I should go tomorrow and she also hates for you to miss"

"Tomorrow's only Thursday. It'll be the weekend soon" I reply.

"You've missed enough. Let's just go" she insists.


Ms. Helen comes and picks up Andrea.

She thanks me and takes her home.


"Mom, it still hurts a bit to walk" I whine over the phone.

"Your aunt's old wheelchair is in the storage closet in my room. Go get that" 

"Okay. Love you"

"Love you too. Have a good day" she hangs up.

I slowly walk to her room and open the storage closet.

I dodge my body from all of the boxes and plastic bins surrounding me.

I find the wheelchair and yank it out.

A pain shoots through me, but quickly fades.

I unfold it and adjust it for myself.

I decide to call Allen.

"Hey hey girly!"

"I have a wheelchair. Wanna walk with me to school?" I ask.

"Yeah. I'll meet you there"

A few moments later he pulls up and parks his car.

"Wanna drive?"

"No, let's walk"

He laughs at that comment.

"You dork, I'm the only one walking here"

"Whatever. Can you carry this down the front porch steps?"

"Yeah" he picks up the wheelchair and brings it down the steps.

He walks back up to the front door and picks me up.

"I can walk a little" I laugh.

"So?" He takes me down the steps and places me in the wheelchair.

I place my hands on the wheels and 'roll' myself forward.

The bus passes by my driveway and people stare at me.

Allen runs up to the driver and tells him we're walking.

He walks back over.

"Let's go"

He walks beside me on the way to school.

"I'm a little nervous" I sigh.

"It'll be okay" he looks down and smiles at me.

We finally arrive at the school.

He stands behind me and pushes the wheelchair up to the doors.

He keeps pushing me until we arrive at my locker.

"I'll be in Bio. Text me if you need me- anything" he smiles and waves.

I grab my Calculus book and shove it in my satchel before wheeling myself to class.

"Good morning Ms. Andrea. Feeling better?" The teacher asks.

She was rude to me last time.

"No" I abruptly state.

"Okay...Karen, get help her onto the stool"

We sit at tall countertops since this is also the Chemistry lab.

Karen carefully helps me onto the stool.

"Thank you" I say.

She sweetly smiles at me.

"You're very welcome"

She sits back down in front of me.

After a few more classes, and running into Allen, it's lunch time.

I wheel myself into the lunchroom.

Some people turn and smile at me.

I get attention cause I'm hurt? Seriously?

I search for Allen.

I see him at a lunch table.

He sees me coming towards him.

He smiles and stands up and rushes to me.

He pushes me to the end of the table so I don't have to get up and sit on a chair.

"I already got my food, but I'll go get you some"

"Thank you" I smile.

He walks away.

"Andrea!" I hear a fake girl say who slides onto the bench where Allen was going to be sitting.


"What" I look down at my shoes.

"Remember the other day?"

"As clear as day"

"I'm going to break you" she stands up.

"Carley please-" I see her stand up on the table.

"Attention everyone! Attention!"

Everyone looks at her.

I see Allen mouth shit.

He tries to come over but some guys grab his arms.

"Allen-" I'm cut off.

"This young lady here, is a lying little whore!"

Some guy basically throws me onto the table with her.

She holds my arm up.

"She isn't hurt. She's been missing school to sleep with Allen!"

I hear gasps.


"And he told me that he was using her to get me back, but clearly I rejected"

Everyone glares at me.

I look back and see Allen being dragged away by the three guys.

A few other guys follow after them.

"Let him go!" I cry.

"Why? So you can go have sex with him?!" She shouts.

Everyone snickers.

As soon as her hand releases my arm I fall to my knees on the table.

Everything is hurting.

I begin to cry uncontrollably.

"You fucking cunt!" I hear someone say.

I feel their feet hit the table.

"Carley, you've done this to me before and a few other girls!"

I glance up. It's Karen.

"You guys, Carley is lying. No one wanted to be friends with Andrea until Allen came along. He is her good friend and he offered to take care of her after her condition. Carley came over to cause trouble and threatened to ruin Andrea's life because she's been hanging with her ex man. Remember, Carley did the same thing two other times to me and her" she points at a small brunette, "when we dated Allen a while back. There's no way what she's saying is true if she's done this three other times. Believe me, Andrea is hurt. She can barely stand, and she has a scar to prove it"

Some people boo Carley.

She stomps off.

"Thank you K-Karen" I smile at her.

She helps me back to my wheelchair.

"You're welcome. By the way, I asked Allen about you and he told me what happened"


"I used to date him, and he knew that this may happen again, so he needed me to know so that I could help if he couldn't"

"Oh, wow. Jesus Christ. Thank you" I sigh heavily.

I look around.

"Shit, where's Allen?"

"I don't know" she says.

"Help me find him?" I ask.

"Yeah, come on"


I'm being kicked to the ground.

I fist hits the side of my face.

"Shit!" I yell.

There's six guys beating me and kicking me.

My vision gets blurry.

"Stop! Stop are you insane?! Leave him alone!" I hear a girl yelp.

"Shut up you stupid bitch"

"I said get the FUCK off of him"

I see Andrea.

She stands up and pounces onto the guy who called her a name.

He falls over.

She sits on his stomach and begins pressing her fists into his face.

She breathes heavily.

I see Karen pull her off of him.

"Get the hell out of here!" She yells louder than ever.

The others drop me and run.

She kicks the boy hard once more for him to get up.

He runs off.

"Allen!" She flops a few feet away onto her knees.

"Andrea, get in your wheelchair. You can barely walk" Karen says.

"A-Allen..." she crawls to me.

I barely see her face over mine before my vision disappears.


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