To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015-2016


4. Four

"So I'm confused"

"About?" I ask.

We walk down the sidewalk to get through the parking lot.

"Do you act the way you do at school at home?" 

"Yeah, a little. I try not to cuss at my mom though" I laugh a little.

"No dad?" He asks.


"Sorry" he says quietly.

"Nah, it's okay"

I climb into the passenger side of his car.

"What music do you like?" He asks starting the car. "Do you like bands? Like rock?"

"Surprisingly, no"

"Wow. Well" he turns on his radio.

"Star94?" I ask.


Nick Jonas's 'Chains' plays.

He jokes around and sings loudly.

I look at the floorboard.

"If you hang with me, you're gonna loosen up. If it's because we just met..."

"Trust me, I'm not uncomfortable around you. I just have had awkward experiences"

"Andrea, who cares? Do you think I'm going to judge your craziness? I know it's in there"



"Why you gotta do, go and do, do me wrong?!" We sing loudly together.

He smiles at me.


I smile at her as she keeps singing.

We aren't dancing, just singing.

People really are going to miss out on being her friend.

She doesn't realize it yet, but I'm going to change her life.

And that's a fact.

She's too amazing to just hide away in a socially awkward shell.

I could tell for a while that she was dying to break out.

The intense, dark side of her will always be apart of her and her personality.

But that's exactly why I like her.

She's one hell of a girl.

"So clearly your name isn't Al. It's short for something"


"I like that better. Heyo, Allen!"

I laugh. She didn't seem like this before, did she?

"Is Andrea your real name?"

"No. It's Andrea-Marie Claire Helen"

"Damn, that's a long ass name" I glance over at her.

"Marie is apart of my first name. Claire's my middle"

She's smiling.

She stops as soon as she notices me noticing.

"Don't stop smiling"

"Why?" She looks at me.

I glance over at her multiple times.

"You have a beautiful smile, and you never show it. And I love that you are, Andrea-Marie"

She smiles at me.

"Thank you"

"You're welcome" I gaze back at the road.

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