To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015-2016


43. Forty Three


I wake up to my phone buzzing.

I see Andrea's face on my phone.


"Allen?" Her voice is shaky.

"Yes?" I ask worriedly.

"S-Someone's here. My mom's at the store and someone is here"

"Where are you?"

"My closet but the footsteps are coming closer...I need to go"

"Wait Andrea- Crap" the phone line ends, "Shit shit shit"

I rush out to my car and quickly drive to her house.

I park a few driveways down so no one sees me.

There's no car in her driveway.

I run around to the back door, which sadly, is burst open.

I push open the cracked door.

I hear the footsteps too. It sounds like it's upstairs, but Andrea's room is down here.

I slide off my shoes and tiptoe to her room.

I whisper quietly.


"Allen?" I hear another whisper.

I rush over and open the closet. She curled up in a ball, shaking to death.

I pull her out.

"Come on. Someone's here"

"I-I hurt my foot running in here. I panicked and it hurts"

I pick her up and rush to the back door.

"Hey!" I hear a deep voice shout.

Shit. The footsteps stomp down the wood stairs.

I sling Andrea over my shoulder and dart out of the door.

"Allllennnnnnnnn!!!" She screams, "Faster he's behind us!!!"

"I'm trying!" I run across her large backyard towards the woods.

"He has a gun!!!" She cries loudly.

"Fuck!" I'm at the edge of the woods. I hear his gun cock back.

I throw Andrea forward into the woods as a sharp pain shoots through my lower back, near my side.

The front of them slope down in a large hill, so the entrance is a ditch.

She should know to hide down there.

I hear neighbors shouting and running and another gunshot.

"Please don't be Andrea, please..." I black out


"Allen's shot. Allen's shot" I say to myself trying to crawl back up the hill.

"Are you okay sir?" "Help is coming" "You'll be okay"

Those are the only things I hear. Everything is hazy.

My face reaches the top. I see his body sprawled in the grass.

"Allen!!!" I scream at the top of my lungs like bloody murder, literally.

A woman walks over and drags me from the woods and lays my head on her lap.

"Were you shot?" She rubs her hand on my face, moving hair out of the way.

I'm so distraught and sweaty.

"No..." I breathe heavily.

"Anything wrong?"

"H-He's with me" I grab my stinging foot.

I bring my hand back up and it's covered in blood.

I yell.

"Oh my God!" The woman examines my foot.

"What happened?" I ask.

"It's cut open..." She says slowly.

"Fuck it hurts"

An ambulance drives into my grass, back near the woods.

Two men fly out of the back with a gurney.

Allen is strapped to it and his neck has a yellow brace around it.

He looks lifeless.

"Is he going to be okay?!" I stand up and rush to the men who are lifting him into the back.

"Ma'am please"

"Is he?! Allen!!!"


I'm being rushed into the ER.

I can't open my eyes. I'm too scared and I'm barely able to comprehend anything.

I hear someone say I'm going to the OR (operation room) and my heart drops.

I can't do this.

"Allen!" I hear Andrea's sweet, but sad and distraught voice.

I feel her now by my side. She grands my hand.

"This is all my fault. I should've gotten shot" she whispers, "I love you, Allen"

"No...it isn't" I barely push out of my mouth, "I love you, Andrea"

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