To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
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49. Forty Nine


"Where is she?" I ask people around the ice cream place, "She has purple hair and a pretty dress on and-" No one had seen her.

She was just there. How could they have not?

I immediately decide to go to her house. I pull up into her driveway.

I knock hard on the door.

"Allen?" Her mom opens it. I'm relieved to see her.

"Is Andrea here?"

"I thought she was with you" she says awkwardly.

"She was...At the ice cream shop...but she went outside to save us some seats and she wasn't there. The ice cream cones she was holding weren't like on the ground or anything either"

Her mom starts to freak out.

"What do we do?"

"We ran into her ex today...Let me go to his house and ask him. Please stay calm" I give her a long hug and then quickly drive to Colin's house.

"Allen...? Why are you here?" He asks surprised.

"Do you have Andrea? Is she with you? Have you seen her?" I ask all at once.

"Woah man...What are you talking about???" He says.

"Please help...I can't find her. She disappeared..."



"Ms. Helen might not let both of us in...So let's go around the back and in through her window"

"Like, sneaking in?" I ask.

He snaps his neck at me.

"Do you love her or not? We're sneaking in to see if there was any sign of her leaving" Allen gently pushes the already unlocked windows open.

"I do..." I say quietly to myself and climb in after him.

I see her phone on the bedside table. I walk over and pick it up.

"How about this?"

Allen takes it and holds his thumb on the home button, which unlocks the phone.

He scrolls and scrolls but he says nothing.


I read through her phone and click the iMessage app.

The only conversations are me...And some number that clearly isn't in her contacts.

I click it.

It reads:

Anon: "You need to meet me at the airport"

Andrea: "Why??"

Anon: "Please. It's urgent. Come around 3:00"

I sigh. It's 4:00. Maybe she's at the airport. But who's this?

Colin taps me.

"Find anything?"

"She...Could possibly be at the airport" I say quietly.

"Shit, then let's go"

I grab her laptop case from the dresser and jump out of the window with him.

He decides to drive my car for me so I can look at her computer.

There's iMessage on here too, but it's the same two conversations. I close the computer and sigh.

We pull up to the airport. Colin pulls out money for valet parking so we can hurry in.

"I don't even know where to go" I say.

"Look and see if she looked up anything" he nods at the computer.

I sit on a bench and pull it out of the case. I click safari. There it is. 

She looked up 'how to get to gate 34B' and she was on the airport website.

I didn't know that was a thing. Then there was a map with the route to it.

I tell Colin and we start half running, half walking through the airport.

I run into a flight attendant.

"I-I'm sorry...Do you know here gate 34B is?" I breath heavily.

"Right around the corner" she says sharply and struts away.

"Let's go" I jog ahead of Colin.

There's gate 34B, and no Andrea...

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