To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015-2016


45. Forty Five


It's been a week. I've heard no news from Allen because his parents hate me

I get dressed and drive to the hospital.

"Hi, I'm-"

"Andrea Marie Claire Helen. Yeah, I expected to see you soon. He is still saying your name. Nothing else"

I smile a little, but of course, I remember how foolish I was acting last week.

"Oh, so he's still 'asleep?'" I quote with my fingers.

"Yes. I'll call in a nurse to take you to him"

"Thanks" I lean on the counter as she goes to get one.

A blonde nurse in lavender scrubs walks over to me.

"Hi, I'm Susan. You want to see Allen?"

"Of course" I place my hand on my heart.

She begins to lead me away and the receptionist calls out to me.

"Don't act up"

I laugh.

"Does Jamie still work here?" I ask Susan.

"Yes, actually. She's helping a few patients right now though"


She opens the door to Allen's room.

I stand in the doorway.

"Take your time" she shuts the door and leaves.

There he is. Pale as snow. 'Asleep.'

"Oh, Allen" I say softly and walk to his bedside.

I pull up a chair and sit in it.

I grab his hand.

"We haven't been to school in weeks. We're never going to get into college. But I'd rather miss out on school than miss hanging with you. God we had some fights. We had some amazing times, but Allen, trust me, that's all in the past for me. I hate seeing you lay here all cold. I hate it. But anyways. When you told me you loved me before you went to have surgery, I was heart broken you used your last few breaths before slipping into this coma to tell me how you feel. How you really really feel. But all I beg for is that you wake up. I need you. I need you by my side on this journey called life. You, my friend, you are amazing. Allen, I love you. I know I was alone without you during our fights, but if you never wake up, I'll be so alone. Literally. I'll be lost. Please...wake up"

"Andrea Marie Claire Helen"

"Yes, that's me, it's me" I sigh.

"Andrea" I hear a cough, "I can acknowledge you right now. I'm not in a dream repeating your name right now"

"Allen!" I screech.


"Shh" I place my finger to her lips, "can we be alone for a minute without nurses rushing in to see that I'm awake?"

"Yeah. Allen, what is a coma like?"

"A bunch of exotic dreams, for me anyways. But in the dreams there were whispers that sounded like you saying your name"

"That's why you kept repeating it aloud?"

"I did?" I laugh, "Wow"

"God, Allen" she places her hand on my face and moves hair, "I thought I lost you"

"You didn't. Even in my coma you were still there for me. And you woke me up" I put my hand on hers that is still resting on my face.

Her eyes fill with tears and she spills out words.

"Dammit, I love you" and all I feel is her kissing me.

"I love you" I say in between kisses.

She pulls away.

"Should I get a doctor?" She asks.

"I think you should" I laugh.


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