To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
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5. Five


"So this is your house" I say looking at the large house.

"Yeah. My parents are at work, but be warned, they're very proper"

"You definitely aren't" I laugh.

"Gee thanks. Anyways, no, I'm not all fancy. I'm a little  bitch to them"

"Do they get mad at you?"

"No. They're oblivious to how rude I am to them. But whatever"

"Why are you rude to them?" I ask.

"They don't do shit for me, but try to make me do shit for them. Just that simple"

"Damn, I'd be a bitch too"

He smiles at me and gets out.

I'm about to open the door but he gets there first and opens it for me.

"Thanks" I say, trying to be a little nice.

"Welcome. Let's go inside now"



I lead her up my front steps.

"Your house is a mansion compared to mine" she says examining the house.

"My house is a mansion. And I hate it" I sigh.

"What?! You ungrateful douche! This is incredible! I'd kill for this house" she laughs.

I laugh.

"Actually, people think that because I have a mansion, that I'm a snob"

"That's because you are" she looks at me and smiles.

Seriously. How could people not like her?

I decide not to respond to that remark.

"Can we go inside now?" She snaps her finger at me.

"Sorry. Yeah, we can"

I open the door and she looks around.

"Holy shhhhhhh..."

She looks at me.

"You can cuss. The housekeepers and pool guy could give a less fuck"


I laugh. She's great.

"Do you mind going to my room? I don't want to be around these people"

"I don't care" She shrugs at me.


I walk up my long spiral stairs and she follows.

I lead her down the hall of our second floor.

"Damn, you don't want anyone to come in here do you?"

She points at my sign on my door that says: "Go away, or I'll make you"

"Nope. Come on" I open the door.

Her eyes nearly pop out of her head.

"What the actual hell? I could care less if people thought I was snobby if I had all of this!"

I laugh.

"Yeah. It's just harder to get friends"

"Really? They'd sure be you friend if- Oh now I see. You don't want people to use you"

"Smart girl. I know you aren't using me"

"I'd ask, 'How would you know?' but I don't have any friends so why would I use you?"

"Exactly. No offense. But I don't either"

She smiles.

We play a bunch of video games and watch a few shows for the next couple of hours.

Just then my cell phone rings.

"Hello?" I say.

"Hey, sweetie. It's mom. My phone died. We're going out to dinner for our anniversary tonight"


"So if you want, or have a friend over already, you can order pizza or whatever"

"Okay, bye" I just hang up.

"They leave you here often?" She looks at me a little sad.

"Yeah. I don't care. Let's order some pizza"

After I call the pizza place I go look for money in the kitchen.

My parents always hide, but I always find it.

"They're here!" She shouts from the foyer area.

"I'm looking for the money! Sign for me?!"



I open the door and some bitchy looking blonde boy stands there.

"Hi" I say.

"Hey, if you could sign this" he hands me one of those cheap tablets and stylus.

"K" I take it and begin to sign.

"So purple?" He is talking about my hair.

"Yeah" I don't look up, "Problem?"

"You're cute and all, but maybe you should go back to your natural"

"Oh, really?" I look up, "How come?"

"It doesn't suit you"

"Bitch, you don't know me"

He laughs in a way of being taken aback.

"Sorry. You're still pretty"

"That's a second"

He laughs. Can he stop?

"I found it! I found it!" I hear Allen's feet slap against the tile as he runs to the door.

"Hey, you did!" I snatch the money.

"Is this your boyfriend?" The pizza guy takes the money.

"Take it up with him. I'm fucking hungry" I take the two pizza boxes and walk up to his room.


"She's some girl" the boy says.

"She isn't my girlfriend. We just met"

"And she's at your house?"

"We go to school. I'm not a pedophile. Why are you so nosey?" I ask.

"Cause she's cute and funny"

"Well, she's all mine"

"You're not dating though"

"Bitch so? We only need each other. No one else is allowed in our friendship circle"

"Good luck?" He says confused.

"Get off my property"

"Excuse me?"

"Bye" I slam the door and walk upstairs to my room.

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