To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015-2016


52. Fifty Two


I drop my phone, which I hear shatter.

I cover my mouth and turn my back away.

Everyone can now see me. The oldest guy in the school crying.

"Allen..." I feel a hand touch me.

I sit on my knees and start crying as hard as I've ever cried before.

I feel the person walk over to the front side of me. I see the tiny tan colored heels.

I look up a little more and see the same pink pastel dress that stops at the ankles.

I look up higher and see that beautiful face that always takes me home.

"A-Andrea..." I slowly stand up, still bent over in tears and slowly reach for her. I feel her arms wrap around me, but she was comforting me this time.

"Hey..." she says softly and holds my face.

"W-Where have you been...? How did everyone know- What...?" I choke up.

She sadly smiles.

"Away" she pushes some hair from my face.

"Your hair..."

"I know" she says.

~An Hour Later~

"So where have you been...?" I ask sitting by her mailbox.

"Um, Cali" she says quietly.

"Why? Why have you been there?" I ask harshly.

"I had stuff"

"So you just left without telling me?" I scold.

"Allen, I wanted to tell you but-"

"But what? You accidentally left your phone and computer and possessions and then decide to call me from some number, give me absolutely no information where you are or even if you're okay, then tell me to never call that number again? Yeah, I bet you really wanted to tell me" I stand up.


"Don't say my name! Every time you do, I fall more in love, you have crossed the line and I'm not supposed to be in love with you anymore"

She looks hurt.

"Al- Look, I...was with my uncle. His business was running low and he went through a harsh time, and my mom gave my cousin my number, who texted me, and told me to meet him at the airport. My mom was going to come along later. But, she didn't want me to tell anyone where we were going because he's an abusive man, and didn't want him to get arrested. She knew if I told you where I was going, you'd ask questions, I'd crack, and he'd go to jail. He kept hitting my cousin and the only one who could keep him from doing that was my mom. So he's finally on the right track, and I'm here" she pats her dress after she stands up.

"That's still no excuse for disappearing for a year. Why didn't you call me?" I ask.

"No phone..." She says.

"For a YEAR?!"


"Bye" I start walking away.

"I thought you'd be happy to see me..."

"And I thought you'd never leave me, oh but weren't we both wrong?" I finally walk down the sidewalk.

Of course I'm happy to see her...but she left me in agony for a year...And I would never tell on her uncle, especially since they we're going to help him.

She's changed so much. Her hugs aren't the same...Her hair isn't. And neither is her smile.

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