To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
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57. Fifty Seven


"Tell us how you met," the intrigued old woman asks me, pointing at my left ring finger as I sit at the bus stop waiting for my little girl to hop into my arms.

"Where do I begin?" I smile at the whole story as I usually do.


"I guess from the beginning, she was the only person I could talk to where I wouldn't run out of something to talk about. I guess I was just too afraid to let her go. But when she left, she came back even better. Less broken. More herself" I think of my beautiful wife I call Andrea-Marie Claire Helen. 

I hear the bus's exhaust and look to see my little angel's face against the yellow bus's window making a pig nose at me. "Daddy!" She flings into my arms as soon as the doors swing open. "Hey, baby!" I hold her tight. "Mrs. Clara, this is Anna-Marie, my daughter"

"Hi, Anna-Marie!" The old lady shakes her hand, "How old are you?" "I'm five!" She holds up her fingers.

"It was nice to meet you, but I have to go now," I say to her. "Goodbye Mr. Allen," she waves at both of us. 


"That is why I believe every child should have at least one friend. Because that one friend could save their life. Just. Like. Mine." I smile as I close my presentation on sending out a campaign against kids casting other kids apart from them because they're a little different. I hear a roar of applauds and before I blink, I'm promoted and my presentation is told to be aired on Saturday.

"Great job Ms. Helen," I shake a woman's hand. She's from another company, but highly familiar.

"K-Karen?" I say, oddly pushing the name from my tongue.

"Hello, Andrea. Your presentation made me realize how wrong I was to you. I know that was six years ago though, and I wanted to tell you sooner, but I only just realized you worked here"

"That's alright. We're older now. By the way, it's Mrs. Helen" I hold up my left hand with the diamond ring and the  gold band above it.

"Congrats! Who did you marry?" She asks.

"Allen, actually. I also have a daughter now. Her name is Anna-Marie. Allen named her while I was resting after she was born. I woke up and he told me her name"

"Wow! That's amazing" she smiles. 

"Speaking of my two angels" I look over at the glass door to see my baby girl making her famous pig face against the frame. My eyes scan upward to see my husband adoring me. I smile big and motion them to come in. "Allen, sweetie, it's Karen" 

"Hey!" He gives her a small side hug.

"How are you?!" She asks excitedly.

"Good, good"

After a small chat, I pack up my things and grab Anna-Marie's hand and Allen grabs her other. She swing our arms and head to the car for lunch.

I buckle her into her purple car seat and slide into the passenger side next to Allen. "So, babe, I did the presentation today" I say slowly.

"Oh, yeah! How'd it go sweetie?" He asks proudly. He still is excited for me just as he was years ago. That's love to me.

"Awesome! I got a promotion to VP and my campaign will me aired Saturday morning" I smile happily when I see his large smile come across his face, keeping his eyes on the road. If he were a teenager, he would look right at me and smile, but now knowing he has a family to take care of, his eyes are glued to the road. 

"I'm so proud of you baby" he says softly.

"Thank you" he slides his hand into mine. I'd think after all of these years, the spark would go away, but every time he touches me my heart still skips a beat and my love for him still burns like a forest fire.

I see him glance at our daughter through the rear view, and the way he looks at her is the way he first looked at me like that when I was in the car singing with him when we skipped school.

I adore my little family, and he does too.


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