To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015-2016


58. Fifty Eight


After our little lunch date, I head back to work to finish off some filing and let Allen take Anna-Marie home.

"I'll see you in maybe two hours," I kiss his cheek when we pull up to the house.

"Okay," he smiles and climbs out of the car and unstraps Anna-Marie from her car seat. "Jamie wanted to see her today. If I go to the store and get some groceries, would it be okay for her to stay at the house with Jamie?" He asks.

"I trust Jamie with my life. If she took care of my idiotic self during my teen years, she can take care of Anna-Marie" I half smile, remembering how she took great care of me in the hospital. 

"Okay, bye beautiful" he waves and takes my little daughter in his arms inside.


Jamie arrives and immediately begins playing along with Anna-Marie's imagination.

"I'll be back soon! Bye!" I leave.

I pull into the Publix parking lot. I get out of the car and rush to find an open basket.


"Yeah?" I turn to see Karen. "Karen? Hey.."

"Hi. So, I haven't talked to you in ages. I kind of did at work but Andrea was there and.."

"She wouldn't mind. Besides I'm officially hers. She knows nothing could break this bond" I hold up my ring finger.

"Um, yeah" she awkwardly laughs, "I'm really sorry for all of the trouble I caused, but in a way.. It was worth it" she says,

"Look, that's in the past. No worries. It was worth it mostly for love. I'm glad the things that happened, happened, because if they didn't, I may have never married my beautiful wife" I proudly state.

"That's why I wish I never did those things. You really are different. You're special. I let you go more than once like an idiot. I screwed myself over. I really missed what we had. I still do" she looks at me with a sad face.

Not this again. "Well, thanks?" I have no idea what to say. My stomach dropped when I saw her in the office with Andrea. Not out of excitement, but worry. All the memories of the way she treated Andrea..Hurt Andrea..It makes me sad. I'm still upset to see this unrighteous woman in my presence.

"You're welcome. Look, maybe we could get coffee, and catch up? And come over and-"

"Karen. I have a daughter to get home to, and possibly my wife if she's off work. We aren't teenagers anymore. It's not that easy to do things like that. As teenagers, we weren't anybody's 'property,' so going over to each other's house was no big deal. It is now, and quite honestly, even if I were a teenager again, I still wouldn't go anywhere with you" I pick up a basket and head straight for the dairy aisle. 

"It is that easy. It doesn't have to be a date" she states.

"You're a grown woman. Think about it. If Andrea saw that, it would look like cheating. Whether it were considered a date or not doesn't matter. I'm not tearing my family apart over an irrelevant person" I shrug and try to stay away from her.

"Whatever" she walks away.

What a psycho.

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