To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015-2016


11. Eleven


I didn't sleep much.

My eyes flutter open and Allen is looking outside the window.

"Hi hi" I say.

He turns around and smiles huge.

"Hey" he whispers, "How are you feeling?"

"A little sore and sickish"

"Why are you sore?" He sits in the seat.

I sit up a bit and grab the remote to the bed and incline it.

"You bitch. I got my appendix removed"

"Shit, I forgot they do that"

"Wow" I sigh.

"Andrea, the doctor told me that you need to see if you can stand at all and/or walk"

The nurse grabs her clipboard.

"I'll help her!" Allen shouts.

The nurse laughs.

"Okay. I'll get you some breakfast. Take this stopwatch"

"What for?" He takes it.

"See how long she can stand and/or walk. If it's a minute or more, we'll let her go home"


She leaves.

"Alright you buttface. Get your ass up and walk so we can leave"

I laugh.


I slowly stand up.

My stomach feels sore like I did a bunch of sit ups.

"Can you walk?"

"Stand over there" I point by the door.

He does so.

I slowly make my way to him.

"Come on, you've got this"

It really does hurt a lot.

I make it to him and hug him as I fall into him.

He stands me up.

"Congrats, you took a minute thirty. Slow ass turtle"

"Fuck off. At least we can go home for your sake"

He smiles at me.


The nurse comes back in.

She examines me and gets the lease form for my mom to sign.

She arrived this morning. She came late last night and had to stay in the waiting room.

My mom signs them and another nurse brings in a wheelchair.

"Come on cripple" Allen jokes while I slide myself into the chair with wheels.

"Sweetie, I called the school about what happened. They understood"

"Are you going to take care of me?" I ask.

The nurse rolls me to the exit.

"I-I can't...I have work, and if I don't go, I won't earn the money we need"

"I understand" I huff.

"I-I'll do it" Allen butts in.

"Oh, Allen you don't-"

"Mom" I say.

"It's not a big deal. She's my best friend. Please let me"

"I'll call the school and compromise" she smiles.


I need to take care of her.

Ms. Helen convinces the school about my decision.

She leaves for work and I drive Andrea to my house.

She told me she didn't want to be bored at her house since she's always there.

"I love your house" she smiles at it as I pull up my driveway.

"Thank you"

I walk to her side and cradle her in my arms.

I bring her inside.

"Who's this doll?" My mom walks up.

She's going into work late.

"Andrea" I sigh, "She's my friend. I'm taking care of her. I called you about this, remember?"

"Oh! Yes! Sorry I got busy. Have fun" She leaves.

"You wanna lay in my bed?" I ask Andrea.


I take her up the stairs and lay her onto my bed.

I wrap her in a blanket like a burrito and she smiles at me.

The smile looks even happier than usual.

"What?" I smile.




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