To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
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18. Eighteen


"Guys I'm home!" I hear Karen yell from the top of the stairs.

"Allen" Andrea says so I will look at her.


"Let's keep this between us" she looks at our hands.

"Okay, deal" I say.

She kisses my hand and slides hers away.

Karen walks in.

"Hey guys!"

"Hey" Andrea smiles.

"Hey" I reply.

"Did I interrupt anything?" She asks.

"No, Allen was just telling me how he decided to stay" Andrea smiles at me.

"Great! I'll go tell my aunt and we'll prepare some extra towels for you two" she walks out.

"Towels? I would be preparing more food cause I'm hungry as hell" Andrea laughs.

I laugh quietly and look at her.

"You're retarded" 

"Don't be mean! I'm injured" she giggles.

"So am I" I smile at her giggle.


"Shush" I laugh.

"You've gotten better at not calling me a bitch" she says.

Honestly, right now, I seriously would not be able to call her that.

"You have too"


"Barely" I smirk.

"Ugh, you loser"


Allen tries help me up the stairs when Karen calls that dinner's ready.

My saline rack hits his face.

"My bad" I laugh.

"Yeah, it sure is" he rolls his eyes, laughing.

"We're going to eat in the dining room" she says showing us where it is.

"Okay, thank you" I smile at her.

"You two take a seat and we'll prepare the plates and serve them to you"

I sit the rack next to me and sit down.

Allen sits across from me.

"You're so far" I say.

"I know"

"Why?" I whine.

"To torture you for hitting me in the face with that stupid rack"

"Sorry" I huff "but now I can't get up to sit by you, cause being the asshole you are, you didn't want to bring my wheelchair"

"Oh well" he smiles.


I didn't actually want to be far from her.

Before Karen and her aunt walked back in with the food, I rushed over and sat by Andrea.

She shoots me a small smile before they hand her a plate.

It has steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

"Thank you" we both say to them.

"No problem at all" her aunt smiles at us. "So purple hair eh?"

She's talking to Andrea.

She slowly looks up from her food.

"Y-Yes ma'am"

"Are you a rebellious child? Do you and your dad fight? Your mom?"

"N-No...My dad's dead"

"Is that why it's that color? Like you rebelled because of the pain and changed to someone else"

I can see the hurt in her eyes.

"Aunt-" Karen is cut off.

"No. I was always a crazy child. My dad introduced me to this color as a child and I've loved it since. He would always say I had a colorful personality, and if I were to be labeled with a color, it'd be purple. I vowed that day that I would dye my whole head purple just to make him laugh. The day he was in the hospital, close to death, I walked in with purple hair. He laughed as much as he could. We all three held hands and prayed before his final breath"

I was in awe.

This sweet girl did all of this, just to make her father laugh one last time.


"I-I'm sorry" the aunt says, "I was curious. I shouldn't have come on so strong"

"May I be excused?" She faintly asks.

"Of course"

"I'll help her" I stand up and help her down to the basement.

We go into her room and she sits on the bed.


"Before you ask, I'm fine. I'm happy to tell that story over and over again, because even now, it still makes me smile to remember the joy on his face"

"I was going to say that you were the sweetest girl I've ever met, but that works" I laugh.

She laughs.

"Thank you very much"

"You're very welcome" I look at her.

She looks back.

After a moment, a smile comes across her face.

One comes across mine also.

She doesn't say a word, and neither do I.

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