To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015-2016


8. Eight


"Darling, I'm off to work. I'm going in earlier that usual because I need to do extra work"

"So you'll be out late?" I wince at the sun shining through my windows.

"Yes. I'll try to be home as soon as I can. Hang out with Al if you want"

"I will"

She kisses my head and leaves my room.

I get up and dress myself after brushing my teeth.

I walk outside and sit on my curb waiting for the bus.

The bus pulls up.

I see Allen pressing his face against the window, giving himself a pig nose on purpose.

I laugh and climb onto the bus.

I rush to my back seat. He's already there.

"Hey" I smile at him.

"Hey" he stands up and lets me slide into the window seat.

He then sits next to me.

"My mom will be home late"

"It's okay. I'll keep you company" he smiles at me.

After we arrive I wave to him while I walk to Calculus.

We worked out our schedules on the bus to when we can see each other between bells.

I take a seat in the back.

"Good morning class" the teacher says walking in.

She huffs at the fact that no one responded.

"I'll start roll call. Callie"




"Andrea" I feel her gaze at me.

"Present!" I shout happily.

"Come here"

I smirk and slam my feet hard against the floor as I walk to the front of the class.

She doesn't try to be quiet.

"You seem to be happier than usual. It's obviously keeping you alert and awake"

"Yeah, I made a new friend"

"The one you skipped school with? Allen?"

I sigh.

"That's what I thought. I'm glad you're cheerier or whatever and that you made a friend but..."

"But what?"

"When I say this, I'm trying to help you out. Don't be friends with him"

I'm taken aback.

"Excuse me?"

"He's not good for you, Andrea"

"How would you know?" I say a little loud.

"He'll get you in trouble. If you don't cut it off with him, I will"

I step to her. I'm in her  face.


"You what?" She says.

I lean in.

"Don't give a FUCK!"

I smile in her face and walk out of the classroom.

As I walk, I hear everyone saying "Ohh shit" "Damn" "Burn bitch"

I laugh to myself and walk outside.

I sneak around the back and sit in some grass in between buildings.

I text the number Allen gave me on the bus.

"Come outside between building A and B"


I finally see him exit the doors.

His head shoots at me.

My face drops though.


"Andrea? Why are you out here?"

"I got in a fight with the teacher. I just left. I was so pissed"

I tell him what happened. Word for word.


"Allen, what does she mean you're bad for me?"

"It's nothing...She just knows I made you skip school yesterday. That's all"

I sigh.

"Fine. Sorry. I just- I'm not gonna give up on you because of what she tells me"

I look at him, who's looking at the ground.

"I mean...How would she stop our friendship? Telling my mom you made me skip?"


"My mom likes you too much"


She's oblivious.


"I'll let you get back to class. I'll stay out here for bit. I'm gonna just go home"

"I'm coming over after lunch to take you to my house" he says.

"Oh, okay"

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