War of Hearts // h.s (au)

There's always an obstacle you'll have to pass through when you fall in love. How many obstacles can two people handle? Especially when one suffocates the most. These obstacles often hold the two close, or tear them apart dearly.

After all, they are at War of Hearts.


1. War of Hearts - Warning

Disclaimer: If you were to plagiarise my work, I'll man hunt you and have you removed immediately.

I strongly advise you not to even try doing it, trust me.

If someone does find my story duplicated anywhere, please do inform me. Plagiarism is something I won't stand for.

This story is based on my thoughts that I have imagined throughout the time working on this story. Other story's similar to this is purely coincidental.

War of Hearts will be graphically detailed in terms of violence and language, rarely anything else, if there happens to be a change in that, I will surely inform ahead of time. You can happily read if your comfortable enough.

Thank you guys very much.

Copyright 2015 © acvutestyles

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