War of Hearts // h.s (au)

There's always an obstacle you'll have to pass through when you fall in love. How many obstacles can two people handle? Especially when one suffocates the most. These obstacles often hold the two close, or tear them apart dearly.

After all, they are at War of Hearts.


5. 04 - Electrifying

Let’s start out with how I have been successfully avoiding Harry for a complete week ever since he pulled that small stunt on me. Though, I have to say, it was extremely hard to ignore his presence since he was always around me, Louis, and Faye, his presence itself annoyed the hell out of me. I wondered if he even told Faye about what he did. Of course he didn’t, what kind of guy would.

I had decided to have a nice day to myself by going to the mall name Westfield that was nearly half an hour away from campus. I did have thoughts on asking Louis and Faye to tag along, but guess who else will surely show up. There hasn’t been that much alone time lately but then again If I were to go out in huge public scenes, I would have to have Wyatt tag along for precautions, I would always be near Faye and Louis, but mostly Louis since I wanted to avoid awkward situations with Faye. It started to become awkward between me and her ever since Harry and I saw each other. It’s best she hears it from Harry, not me.

After I have been fortunate enough to slip pass Louis and Faye so questions wouldn’t be asked. I meet up with Wyatt and hop into the black Range Rover; awfully similar to Harry’s. Drivers that work for my parents were supplied with a black or white Range Rover, every driver had a Range Rover, I never understood why it had to be a Range Rover. Why not a different type car?

“I have the men waiting out front in their regular positions” Wyatt informed once we had arrived.

This was a memorable routine. Walk with your guards, don’t mind the paparazzi unless they are being assholes then tell them to fuck off, talk and take photos with fans by our choice. When we walk up the building I notice lots of fan girls and fan boys outside already; assuming some else well-known was here, I had someone check on who was also here.

“Chloë Moretz” One of the guards whispered. I nod in excitement, I haven’t seen Chloë ever since the goodbye party. We were great friends really, our friendship was exactly how mine and Louis’s friendship is.

Although the many hours of running from store to store for something nice and trying to find Chloë was exhausting, I decided to just buy stuff for my friends. The least I could do, since really they’re all so nice and annoying.

Louis seemed the type to wear a shirt with stripes on them so that’s exactly what I got for him, for Faye it wasn’t really that hard since she’s been wailing about this new perfume that came out “Between Us”, she said it smells amazing. Which I totally agree with her; so I bought two sets. And since I was feeling a little nice and decided to just drop my whole Harry situations, I bought Harry a black fedora. Something about him shouts “Fuck yeah fedoras”.

The security guards huddle around me as we make our way towards the exit until a feminine voice shouts my name very loud. I stop the guards so I can find that recognizable voice.

“Eva!” Chloë smiles and laughs as we pull into a nice warming hug.

“Hey! What are you doing here in London?” I asked once we start walking towards the exit together.

“You know. The usual” She shrugs. The usual for her was usually modelling, other times it was acting but mostly Chloë. She was undeniably gorgeous, I would kill for her looks; not literally. “How’s college so far?” She pokes my side teasing me. Oh she meant “boys” not college.

“None that interest me” I laugh as she tries to explain to me that she actually meant college. “Yeah, it’s fine really. Lots of unusual things happening but yeah, great”

“Define unusual” Her brows pull together. She out of everyone else should know what unusual is like.

“Fans and paparazzi, you know, the usual” I mock her from earlier. She nods understanding before going off with her driver and guards.

The drive back wasn’t very long since I had rested my eyes for a few minutes during the ride. I sent everyone back to their headquarters once we had arrived so I can carry my own stuff up to my dorm.

“I’m back” I shouted once I opened the door to my dorm. Just as I thought I would see, Louis, Faye, and Harry were sat on the floor watching T.V.

“You left?” Louis playfully asked causing me to throw the bag containing his striped shirt at him. Everyone laughed at Louis’s comment then settled down once I throw the extra two backs at Harry and Faye leaving mine which contains the perfume I had bought for me and Faye.

“You do know its November right? Not Christmas month” Harry said earning three pairs of eye rolls towards him. “But I’m right” He shrugged before opening his bag. I was too focused on Harry’s reaction than Faye who was screaming like a fucking lunatic and Louis saying thank you over and over. Harry’s reaction felt more important, I don’t know why but it does at the moment. Right when he opened his bag I swear I saw a small smile on his face but soon faded once he turned his attention to me. “What’s the occasion?”

“Isn’t it obvious? She’s an amazing friend that’s why!” Faye shrieked holding the “Between Us” box to her chest. Harry scoffed as for me and Louis; we laughed. “We should go to the club!” Faye shrieked even more. Louis and Harry agree, they all wait on an answer from me.

“I can’t” I quietly said, embarrassed.

“Why not? Of course you can!” Louis beamed a smile.

“Probably doesn’t want to ruin her image” Harry smirked. Asshole.

“Actually, no. Because I’m only 18” I said confidently, but my confidence soon shoots down quickly once they all start laughing. Did I say something wrong? Of course not, I’m right.

“We’re in the UK darling, not the U.S” Harry laughed even more.

When I thought I was right, I totally forgot that the UK was different. Like driving on the left side instead of the right. I eventually agree to go with them, but I sure as hell will not be touching any alcohol. I’m pretty sure I would like to have an alcohol free body until twenty-one.

Half an hour later, the boys depart us to get ready as for us girls, we will be doing the same. I already had an outfit in mind so I hurriedly run to my closet to fetch myself what I wanted to wear. Rummaging through my clothes was a little hard, but if I knew what I was getting. I know exactly where I had placed it. Once I found a black long-sleeved crop top and a leather skirt with a slit on the side, I scurry to the bathroom to replace my current clothes with the articles I am holding right now.


It took me and Faye maybe an hour or two to finally be finished with getting ready. Louis and Harry are waiting outside the bathroom probably sitting on the bed and talking or on their phones like any other person would do.

We do our final touches on each other before walking out one by one, presenting our finished looks to the boys. Once I stepped out, my eyes immediately locked with Harry’s, I watched his eyes slowly scan my body from head to toe before coming back up and locking out eyes again. In the corner of my eye, I could see Faye locking eyes with Louis, if we were to do this the right way, she should be eye locking with Harry not me, and I should be eye locking with Louis not Harry.

Before we started hopping into the car, I had remembered that I should call up my security guards since well, I’ll be in the public eye. They didn’t want me to have the guards hover over us since they say it will just lessen our fun; they don’t even talk to you unless it’s necessary. In the end, I gave in and decided to not call them up. There was only a few times where I didn’t have the guards follow me around, but those were I guess you could say “less crowded places”. A few minutes passed, I knew we were getting near our destination when I felt my chest thump to the blaring music from outside a club.

“We’re here” The car stops abruptly causing all of us but the driver to slam into the object ahead of us. Damn you Styles.

“What’s here?” I ask once I step foot out the vehicle, I smile at the bright colors swarming around the building of the club we were going to take part in.

“This Ms. Grace, is Funky Buddha” Louis said with pure excitement flowing through his body, adding to that, he just had to add those wiggling eyebrows. Faye and Louis laugh before running ahead, leaving me alone with the most horrible driver I have possibly met.

I’ve actually heard of Funky Buddha, my friend Liam had his 19th birthday here, which I obviously didn’t attend. So much for being a good friend. Liam was my one friend who wasn’t well-known until I went to college, I met more people. More people as in three, I am lacking with interacting with people. I actually met Liam through Twitter, crazy right? Maybe a bit dangerous also, but I’ve known him for three years, totally forgot about him. I’ll call him up tomorrow.

“You know, guys won’t be able to take their eyes off you” Harry spoke up, siding me as we walk towards the building.

“I don’t see that as a bad thing” I shrug my shoulders. Out of the corner my eye, I could see Harry’s shoulder tense up at my response. I honestly didn’t find it as a problem, I have eyes on me every time I walk out in the public eye, what makes this any different?

“You two take forever, go do your thing Styles” Louis urged Harry once we reached Faye and Louis.

Do your thing? What does Louis want Harry to do to the bouncer?”

I watch Harry intently as he whispered into the bouncer’s ear. The bouncer nodded before lifting the rope barrier so we can carry on through. Some lady with an appropriate attire for a waitress led us into a room, which I believe to be was a VIP private room. Wait, who the hell was paying the check for tonight?

I sit myself down onto the soft cushioning before asking a question towards the three of them. “Who’s the check on tonight?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, Harry has that covered” Louis said before holding up a menu to share between him and Harry.

“See any drink you want?” Faye asked as we skimmed through the menu together.

“Fruit punch” I tell her. I’m actually surprised that a club even has non-alcoholic drinks.

“Such a do-gooder” Harry said crossing his legs and leaning back into the cushions. My glare towards Harry intensifies when he gives me a new name. That’s about the seventh one, I lost count after the second.

“Still want to stick with fruit punch?” The waitress nervously asked, interrupting Harry and I’s bickering.

“A tray full of funky lady martinis and a bottle of your strongest scotch with the rocks” Harry piped in, waving the waitress to leave before I could stop her. Harry smiled smugly, making want to throw my heels at his attractive face.

I will never say he’s attractive out loud, so yes I will say it loud and clear in my mind.

“What the hell is a funky lady?” I decided to just shrug it off, one drink and I will be perfectly fine.

“You’ll see” Faye said, as if on time; the same waitress walks in with a cart of our drinks. When he said tray full he actually meant tray full. Louis and Harry are given their own bottle of scotch with a glass cup, Faye and I were handed one of the drinks from the twenty that were left on the tray. She happily drinks her drink, guessing she’s use to the taste of alcohol. Everyone was drinking their drink as if it were nothing, of course I would have some sort of problem to this since I haven’t touched a single drop of alcohol in my life, which will soon change about now.

The cold drink was speeding down my throat, burning a bit on the way. Other than that it was an amazing drink, I could taste the strawberries mixed in with lime and the alcohol. The lights in the room started to dim, blaring music started to replace our small voices. Faye waves a remote in the air, causing us to laugh for no reason. We all stood up and started to dance; let go.

Remember when I specifically told my subconscious that I would have one drink, and I would be perfectly fine? Well apparently, my mind and body have separated from each other, one said no more as for the other was shouting “More! More!”

I’m pretty sure all of us were drunk, at least that’s what I thought. What led me to believe that is well, I am currently swaying my body to the beat of the music, and wait there’s more. I am swaying against Harry’s front. What makes it even odder was Faye was doing the exact same to Louis. This is so fucked up.

“Want to know why I chose to have a private area?” Harry whispered yelled into my ear, I nodded unable to focus on anything. “I won’t tolerate other people’s eyes on you” He said, causing me to hum as his hands glide down my sides, one hand stopping above the slit of the skirt I was wearing.

“Why are you with Faye if you like me?” I giggle as if my own question was funny. Harry shakes his head chuckling at my child-ness.

“I’m sure you met the actress Faye side” He says twirling my hair in his hands. Memories from the first time I met Faye appear of her suggesting to be an actress. She was acting this whole time? I turn my attention to Louis and Faye, she smiles and waves as if she wants me to continue whatever the hell I was doing before.

It is true then.

“You guys were acting?” My brows knit together confused on where this was going. Harry nods confirming my question. “Why? Can’t be a normal boy?” I teased than laughed lightly to myself.

“Not one you’re likely to meet” His lips formed a straight line.

“Is it because you’re rude as fuck?” My eyes widen at my front forwardness, but I shrug it off since I’m not myself at the moment, Harry laughs lightly playing with my fingers.

“Some things are to be kept hidden” Harry softly says, he brings my one of my hands towards his lips shaking as if he wasn’t sure, he probably found confidence since he softly pressed his lips onto my knuckles.

“Like what?” I press on.

“Like…” Harry starts but stops once he figured out what I did. I hold my hands up in surrender.

Harry was different, very different. Everything about him was captivating He was mysterious, it’s like he’s a laid out map with unknown symbols written on it. He held secrets, by the way he makes them sound, they sound like deep secrets; dark. If I think of being with him, shouldn’t he tell me these things? At least until he trusts me?

The night went on until midnight, Louis decided it was a good time to leave. Faye did explain to me how Harry asked her to play as a girlfriend and how she was goofing off with Louis this whole time. I still couldn’t wrap my head around the whole thing but I will once my head is clear.

I can bet you that there will be a hashtag about me tonight at Funky Buddha clubbing with friends, then there will be rumors and who knows what else. The well-known world is funny once you get a taste of it, you have those people who like you because your parents or because your just heavenly gorgeous and then you’ll have those who like you for money and like to make rumors off it.

Apparently Harry didn’t drink at all, what a waste of money. That’s the only reason why he would be driving otherwise I would call up Wyatt to drive us back. My first drop of alcohol wasn’t how I expected to be honest, I expected having my first at my twenty first birthday party not at eighteen, might as well give it a rest.

Once we arrive at the dorms, we all shuffle out of the car and head to our designated rooms. Before I follow Faye into the dorm, my name is called by a familiar voice, it was hard to recognize voices when your ears are ringing.

“What is it Har-?” My sentence was cut off from a yawn escaping my lips.

“Goodnight Eva” He pecked my lips sending a small shock from my lips to my mind. Before I could form any words, he ran off leaving me speechless.

“Goodnight” I whispered touching my now fragile lips. A small smile forms on my lips and stays there for a minute or two until I realized where I was. I walk into my dorm seeing Faye sleeping happily. Guess I should start getting ready for bed too. Goodnight world.


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