War of Hearts // h.s (au)

There's always an obstacle you'll have to pass through when you fall in love. How many obstacles can two people handle? Especially when one suffocates the most. These obstacles often hold the two close, or tear them apart dearly.

After all, they are at War of Hearts.


4. 03 - Moment of Weakness

After the phone call I had gotten from my mother and father asking how my morning was and who the hell I was seeing, since well, paparazzi seemingly took photos of me and Harry yesterday when we went out for lunch that unsurprisingly went viral through the net.

During that lunch, we had laughs and smiles, I actually had a great time thinking that we could possibly go on another date. Date? No, not a date, just simply for lunch; nothing further.

Harry and I did get off on the wrong foot only because he was being an arrogant asshole when I all did was pull him back a couple seconds to find out where the bathroom was. Usually I am really good at reading peoples expression, most of the time when I'm with Harry, he has a blank expression that is unreadable. Yes, he does laugh and smile, but they don't last very long, after a good five seconds they soon die done and his expression goes back to being blank like it usually is. Like I said, hard to read expressions when it comes to Harry.

"You know, I think you and Louis should... you know" I winked at Faye who was reading silently to herself on her bed as I was scrolling through Twitter like a mad man since I had got some studying in already. Oh the joy of studying; wonderful.

"I'm not following" Faye said sounding clueless like a rock.

"You and Louis should like I don't know, get together" I clarify. "I mean, you like him don't you?" I grin at the mini moments they had together for the past few weeks, all their giggling and smiling.

"He's a nice guy really..." She starts to say, we all know how this sentence will end. "It's just that, I'm already seeing someone" Her face starts to turn fifty shades of pink or maybe even red but it's definitely one of those two colors. She looks as if she was either embarrassed or scared of how I'd react to this "someone"

"Really, who?" I put on one of my best smiles to cover up my disappointment for Louis. Louis was an amazing guy and yeah I may have thought of hopping on that, but those thoughts changed when he showed more of a best friend figure.

"Uhm, remember when I told you to stay away from Harry?" I nod my head slowly wanting her to continue. "Yeah"

"Yeah what?" I furrow my brows in confusion.

"Someone as in Harry" Her face heats us again before she covers her face into her pillows leaving me bewildered.

That fucker decides to try and kiss me but I reject him so he thinks it's pretty amazing to get with my roommate, that sick asshole. Just pretend it didn't happen, let it go.

"Who knew you were into the bad boys" I nudge Faye's side causing her to giggle loudly but they soon start to die down when we hear three sharp knocks on our door. "Go get it" I push Faye off the bed, she shakes her head laughing at my laziness. I pull my phone back out and decide to check my emails for anything important.

"Oh hey Harry, and Louis" I heard Faye greet the people outside our dorm. That must be and awkward situation, where your boyfriend is best mates with the guy who fancies you. I heard them exchange hello's then stiffen when Faye decides to invite them both in. Way to fuck my Friday evening Faye.

"Hey Eva" Louis walks towards me and gives me a hug before I drag him to my bed so we could sit. In the corner of my eye, I could see Harry and Faye watching our movements to my part of the dorm as they sit on Faye's bed.

"Did you know they were together?" I whispered so they couldn't hear. Sounds smacking lips were coming from the other side of the room, we both turn our heads their way only to find them lip locking.

"Now I do" Louis looks a little a hurt or he's really good at hiding emotions like Harry. "This is just plain awkward" He says fidgeting with his fingers.

"Let's leave" I shake my head removing the images I saw before getting up to walk out with Louis.

"Where are you guys going?" Harry asked as we turn around to face his well-known emotionless face and Faye who looks confused on why Harry is concerned.

"Mate, you and your girlfriend are sucking each other's face off, it's weird" Louis explains, Harry nods understanding before going back to what he was doing with Faye.

My mind started to wonder when we stepped out of my dorm and made our way to Louis's dorm, I wondered if Faye saw the photos that were taken yesterday with Harry, and did Harry even see them? What about Louis? Not that the pictures were important anyways, all the photos consisted of me or Harry smiling and laughing.

"I honestly thought you were going to be all cozy with Harry" Louis spoke up once we step inside his dorm. Why would he think that? Oh wait, he probably saw the pictures.

"The pictures were noth-" I get cut off mid-sentence by Louis.

"Pictures?" So he didn't see the pictures.

"Uh yeah, we had lunch yesterday, as friends" I emphasize on the word friend. "How long do you think they were together?" I cross my legs on Louis's bed, making myself comfortable.

"Not sure really, she was here longer than us" He shrugged pulling his covers over him causing me to fall off the bed earning loud laughter's from Louis. "Oh my g-, are you okay" Louis asked, still holding in the laughter that is begging to escape, I give Louis a death and it seemed to trigger his laughter since all the laughter he was holding in came out loudly and lasted longer than needed.

"Come help me" At first, I tried to get up, but pain surfaced itself every time I tried to move.

Louis chuckles a bit more before actually helping the poor girl who fell off a two feet bed and still got injured up. One of Louis's hand grabs one of my own as the other grips me by the waist hoisting me back on my waist.

"How much would your medical bill me" Louis asked once he carefully sets me down on his bed. I laugh at what Louis had asked.

Deciding to tease him a bit. "Well, since I am the daughter of Grace's, and their one and only child. Approximately $50,000" I shrug my shoulders making it a bit more believable. Watching Louis's reaction to what I had said was priceless, until of course I started bursting into fits of laughter.

My first month in college wasn't all that bad, well yes, there was those few things that I disliked dearly; Harry. Other than that, I had a great time here, Louis and I became closer, not so much me and Faye. She was such an odd ball but I can still trust her, after all her and Louis are my closest friends here. As for any love interest, none. But I must admit, yesterday with Harry when he tried to kiss me, I actually wanted it to happen. It's probably because I haven't had any lip action in a while, unless it deals with publicity; that's different.

"What tim-" I partially ask since a yawn escapes my mouth.

Louis grabs his phone out chuckling. "Quarter till eleven, it's pretty late out"

"Do you mind if I stay the night here?" Of course he wouldn't worry, he's Louis.

"Why do you bother asking?" He tucks me in bed as if I were a five year old kid, Louis let me sleep in his bed whilst he sleeps in Harry's since it seemed like Harry would be staying at my dorm.


"Have a nice night you two?" A voice said loud and clear, waking me instantly. I almost forgot where I was till I see Louis and then Harry who's standing in the doorway. "And mate, what the hell are you doing in my bed?"

"He was being a gentleman unlike some people" I glare at Harry, walking up to Louis.

"Anyways, now that the fly has shut up, Faye wants to have a double date with the two of you " Did he just refer to me as a fucking fly? Though that wasn't what caught my attention the most, what caught my attention was that the second half of his sentence, it sounded more like he was just spitting out the words.

"Sounds like a little wolf doesn't want us to come along" I say, Harry's face hardening, Louis holding in his laughter beside me. With that, Harry stalks out the dorm leaving me and Louis chuckling.

"Little wolf?" Louis cocked an eyebrow upwards at the name I referred to Harry.

"He called me a fly" Very few people called me animal names, I did get called names all over the net but never got called one standing face to face to the insulter.

"Reasonable" Louis shakes his head laughing as I slip out his dorm. Slipping out the door probably wasn't the best idea since it's a hurried action and you rarely see anything, a well-known figure was standing right outside the door when I slipped out the door causing me to gasp softly.

"Did you really have to stand right outside the door?" Still trying to control my breathing.

"Did you really have to let Louis sleep in my bed?" He mocked and I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

He never stops. My subconscious tells me.

I decide not to answer him since he didn't answer me and just walk away so I can go to my dorm and freshen myself up for this new hopefully amazing day. As I walk away from Harry, I get a sudden pull by the wrist yanking me backwards; turning me around to come face to a rock hard chest.

"Don't fucking turn around on me" Harry snarled, his fingers digging into my flesh. I flinched at the pain Harry was causing me, he probably notice when his features soften and he lets go quickly before speeding off.

Bringing my wrist into view was a bit difficult since Harry also had a grip on my upper arm, I ignore the pain and examine my wrist carefully. Imprints of Harry's fingers were visible, by the looks of it, my wrist was definitely going to end up with purple blobs scattered around in a couple weeks. What was his problem anyways? To say in situations like this you would end up scared shitless since you just got assaulted, but for some reason, I'm not scared, I actually want to know what's wrong with him, why his mood's switch easily.

It's as if I trigger his... bad side.

Who am I kidding, I'm going mental for even thinking that.

"Hey... Whoa, what happened here?" I face a very warm welcome from Faye once I reach my dorm but the warm welcome soon fades when Faye brings my wrist into her view gasping at the results of what her beloved boyfriend had done. "Who did this to you?" Her voice filled with so much worry and concern. One lie couldn't hurt, I don't want something this little get in between their so-called relationship.

"Remember I get mobbed almost all the time?" I send a small smile trying to simmer down her worries and hope she doesn't question any more about it.

"Christ, getting mobs like that is insane, how do put up with them?" She shakes her head disappointed in the people who would mob someone and hurt them. If only she knew, and she won't know. Many will think this as me trying to protect Harry, but all I'm doing is protecting Faye's and Harry's relationship. I could care less about Harry and his health or safety, if Faye has enough trust in him then I will have to get past this and forget it so no word will be said of what just happened.

"You have no idea" I laugh lightly, grazing my thumb over the light visible marks.

"Where'd you even stay? You didn't come back last night" Silence fell through until Faye chopped it up by changing the topics.

"With Louis. Since you know..." I wink uncontrollably to the point we both end up laugh at my previous violent winking action.

"Oh..." Her voice trails off leading up to her cheeks to turn a bright pink color, she must really like Harry. "We didn't even do anything, it was like we were both mute ever since you guys left" Faye lowers her gaze onto her lap, disappointment evident all over her face.

"What happened after we left?" I found myself getting interested in this topic.

"Right when you and boo bear walk right..." Faye says but I rudely cut her off once I hear her say boo bear.

"Boo bear?" I raised a brow up with a bit of confusion mixed in with the laughter trying to control itself.

"Louis, now if I may continue?" Just as she says his name, the laughter that has been trying to control itself finally let's go, escaping my lips rather loudly. "When you guys walked out, Harry pulled away instantly and asked about the freaking weather" That sentence threw me off the most, apparently it had a lot of strength to the point it threw me off the bed causing me to laugh harder and Faye looked a bit hurt but loosened up when giggles left her lips.

"I'm sorry Faye, it's just I've never heard anything that... bad" I say squinting my eyes because of all the laughter, it's cost me a couple tears. "Just forget you told me, let me get ready and we'll meet with Louis" I state rubbing her back before getting up to grab my towel for a nice warm shower.

Ever since I arrived here in London, things have changed a bit. My weekdays were the days I had to wake up early for classes like any normal school would, those days are also the days I spend thirty to an hour of study time. Also, on my weekends, those are the days I can wake up at any time without hearing my parents banging on the door like lunatics. I spent my first month in college with Louis and Faye, we've grown extremely close to the point we can spill secrets non-stop.

In addition, since I've been here long enough, I won't be getting mobbed that much. Well here's the thing about us well-known­ people is that once the people of the city get a glimpse of your face and get a photo with you that could possibly be turned into a rumor. It's just how our lives are, it's mostly like being cyberbullied, but I was told to not give a damn about what those people say and just move on with life.

Tears start to roll down my face as I remember the first time I opened up my social media to come face to face with tons and tons of rude comments, all because I was the one and only child of Katie and Alaric Grace. I practically craved a normal life ever since the day I read the hurtful comments, but life chooses its own path, were the ones that have to accept it. Even at the age of eighteen, I still can't find myself to accept who I am, I don't want to accept the fact that I have well-known parents who are wealthy. All I ever wanted was a normal life, but life chose a different path. Doesn't look like I'll have a normal family.

After I make myself look presentable and not look like I have been crying for twenty minutes ago, I walk out the bathroom to find Faye all dressed up sitting on her bed playing with her fingers until I walked in. I was going to ask Faye what was wrong while I was in the shower, but decided against when she displays a wide smile and abruptly pushes me out the door.

The second we reach the boy's dorm, Faye knocks on the door as we wait a couple more seconds for one of them to answer. Groans and grunts can be heard on the other side of the door until someone had finally opened the door.

I feel Faye push me to the side as she rushes into Harry's arms, he peppers her face with kisses which causes her to giggle. As I walk past them, I feel a certain pair of eyes on me but I decide to shrug it off and sit with Louis on the bed.

"So, what's the plan for this "double date"" I raise my hands up to imitate the words double date with quotation marks.

"Let's just stay and watch a movie here" Louis points out the T.V on the wall. I agree with Louis, so does Harry but Faye takes longer than the rest of us to figure if she wanted to stay or not. Eventually she decides to hop on board since well her oh so loved boyfriend used his charms to persuade her into staying.

Faye and Harry cuddle up in his bed, making my face twist in disgust at the thought of hearing more unwanted sounds coming from Harry. Louis snuggles up into his covers as I sit at the end of the bed, I mind as well sit on the floor; that was exactly what I did.

"No dirty business" Harry informs me and Louis once the movie starts to play. Faye's giggles were clouding the sound of the movie.

"Look who's talking" I fire back, then ignore any other noises besides the movie that we were watching. Louis had told me it was a great movie and that it was his and Harry's favorite movie; Forrest Gump.

At first the movie started a tad boring, but learning that a man named Forrest had a crooked spine and a mother who didn't give up on him and truly gave him everything at heart made me realize that not all people are perfect, but were all the same. As I rethink that part of the movie, it had made me feel emotional, all my emotions adding up to sadness, leading to tears. Tears were streaming down my face like it had earlier.

I was easy to destroy in the inside, but hard to destroy on the outside.

"That is so sad" I hear Faye sniffling in her tears, I couldn't take any more of the movie. I stood up earning confused glances from all of them before walking out the door.

I tug my coat closer to me to keep me protected from the London breeze. I wasn't exactly sure why I suddenly just walked right out, but I knew I couldn't stay. That should be a valid reason. I don't know London very well, since I've been here only once or twice with my parents, I had no clue where my feet were taking me, all I care about is that they take me quite far from the dorms.

I was at least twenty minutes in for walking, I pull out my phone clicking on Louis's contact name.

"Eva?! Where the hell are you?" Louis's worried tone screeched through the phone. I'm sure I lost one of my eardrums. Looking around my surroundings, I see a clock tower that I'm sure everyone knows about.

"I'm by the clock tower" I breathe out, on the other side of the line, I hear Louis inform the others.

"I'll go get her" A distant voice said, it wasn't recognizable but whatever, I just want to go back.

"Stay where you are, alright?" Louis informs before hanging up the call. I lean up against a lamp post since my legs were crying out for rest. The cold breeze whisked through my hair causing the cold to have access inside my coat. By that point, I was shivering uncontrolledly until a warm pair of arms wrapped itself around me.At first I was about to elbow the person, a low groan escapes my mouth when I realize it's Harry; actually, I will elbow the asshole.

"What the fuck was that for?" Harry groans clutching onto his lower abdomen.

"Keep your hands to yourself" I spit before walking off to find the car that could possibly be owned by Harry.

"Where the hell are you going? The car is right here" He yelled pointing to the black Range Rover in front of him.  I travel to where the car is parked and hopped right into the passenger seat.

"Just thought you were more of the Beetle type" I state as I strap myself to the seat, seeing that Harry has done the same also laughing at what I had said.

"Just because you're a rich Barbie doll, that doesn't mean that other people that differ from you can't have what you have" He sneered before driving away. I was tired of the constant fighting, the constant insults, everything honestly. With Harry still constantly doing everything I won't have the normal life I've always wanted. But I also don't want to be the one who gives in so easily and let him win this constant war that he is playing.

"None of your business" I huff trying to keep myself together. No one has ever seen a side of me where I've broken down, I'd like to keep it that way.

"Was it the movie?" He urged on for an answer, I give him a glare, but somehow that sent him the wrong message. "It was! Such a delicate flower you are" He teases, I found myself giggling along. Other times when people would point out that I can shatter easy, I would fight back with them about it, but when Harry says it, it's different. Don't even ask how it's different, I'm not quite sure myself.

"I really needed that... thanks Harry" A smile forms when I thank Harry, I place my hand on top of his only to find his hands tense. I mumble a quick sorry before retracting my hand.

"Do you want to know why I tried to kiss you?" Seconds of silence fell through before Harry brings up a topic I didn't want to talk about.

"Don't bring it up, you're with Faye"

"And what if I told you that I didn't like her?" He says making me turn my head towards his direction with confusion written over my face.

"Why are you telling me this?" My confusion rises more and more when Harry takes his time to respond.

Once we reach my dorm, I turn around to thank Harry for coming to get me but he had other plans and had me locked in place between the wall and him. "I quite fancy you that's why" He spoke softly, his lips gliding down my ear. My breathing became heavy, but much heavier once he let's go. Before he started to stride off, he smirked at my reaction then happily walked off.


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