War of Hearts // h.s (au)

There's always an obstacle you'll have to pass through when you fall in love. How many obstacles can two people handle? Especially when one suffocates the most. These obstacles often hold the two close, or tear them apart dearly.

After all, they are at War of Hearts.


3. 02 - Tables Turning

Waking up in the mornings was always peaceful and quiet back at home, but when you're with two people recovering from a frat party completely wasted, the word peaceful and quiet nearly exists at all. Then again, I wanted a normal college life where you wouldn't see paparazzi every corner you turned so I should've seen it coming.

"Any of you sleep well?" I smirk to myself already knowing the answer far too well, turning to look at the two groaning adults both walking with no strength in their bones. We were on our way to a café called Regency Café to grab a cup of coffee and relax until it was time to head to class but it was mainly for Louis and Faye to get rid of their hangover.

"To tired to reply" Faye groans sliding her hands down her face followed by loud huff coming from Louis as we walk into the café. I chuckle at the both of them as we make our way to the cashier to order our drinks, looking at the two of them I knew exactly what to get them. Once the drinks were ordered, we all sat at a round table next to a window.

"Are you guys sure you guys didn't chug a whole keg to yourselves?" I laugh at the sight of them earning tired glares from both of them

"Hell just released itself into my body" Louis rubs his eyes causing me to double in laughter but soon to falter when I spot a recognizable face sitting about five tables away from us.

"Why do you have that weird face on?" Faye says grabbing her cup of coffee from the barista as well did me and Louis.

"That guy over there, do you know him?" I point to curly who has his head down in a journal I suppose it is, it also seems like he's writing in it, or drawing.

"Harry? I don't know him exactly but people say he's a bad person along with a horrifying past, but who knows" Faye shrugs, Louis not listening to our conversation, to busy chugging down his hot cup of coffee.

When Faye said he was 'bad' person, what could someone like him do besides being highly rude to other people? I get up from my seat with a smirk glued to face as I make my way to the seat across from curly or Harry if I must say.

"So you're Harry" I say sitting into the seat. He lifts his head from his journal closing it with his jaw clenched.

"Do I know you?" He asked loosening his jaw a bit, a smirk crawling up onto his face.

I shrug off his question "Hope you and bimbo used protection last night" I winked sliding off the seat about to walk away until his voice was heard again.

"Ahh, you're one of the girls who desperately want me to get into their pants, am I correct?" Just as I heard that, I was disgusted. He sounded like a guy who only had his mind focused on sex only.

"Get a life" Rage pouring inside of me thinking of him using girls only to gain his libido.

"After you stop messing with mine... Eva Grace" He smirked at my reaction, he knew who I was. Of course he'd know who I was, but he was one to point it out instead of the people in the stores I stepped in. With that, he collected his things and walked towards the exit before saying "See you around"

"Don't tell me you're getting yourself involved with a bad boy" Louis questioned with a worried look along with Faye who also looks as worried as Louis,

"He's a bad person Eva, you shouldn't" Faye and Louis placed their hand on top of mine.

"Is that Eva Grace?! Miss Grace!" The store was beginning to become much crowded once my fans and paparazzi have found me. I grabbed both of my friends dragging them both behind me towards the back of the café that one of the people that work here had informed me that no one was behind there yet. We hurried out the exit and ran lighting fast towards my car.

"Tell me why were friends with a freaking millionaire?" Louis breathed out heavily. I laughed and zoomed out the parking lot going back to the campus for our first class.

Once we arrive on campus, we all jump out the car and walk with each other to class. None of us had classes together besides me and Louis; which was mathematics. We wave goodbye to Faye once we reached the Faculty of Science, then me and Louis walk off to our first class that we had together.

"You ready for first day of college?" Louis asked as we continue to walk to our class. Of course I was ready, college is just like any other school just more challenging. At least that's how I think of it.

"It's just more challenging, nothing to worry about" I shrug

"Of course, you're the Eva Grace you could pass anything" Louis teased causing to giggle a little.

"Who knows, maybe I'll use my fame to pass every test handed to me and leave you and everybody else hanging low" I teased back giggling some more as well did Louis,

When the door to our first class was opened, a middle aged woman stood in front of the both of us, her eyes nearly popping out of her head as she eyes me with so much joy and happiness. Don't tell me my own professor is an unbelievable fan of my family. Louis coughs to dismiss the awkward tension that was forming, that cough somehow made the woman straighten herself out before speaking.

"Miss Grace and Mr. Tomlinson, you two have finally arrived. Please have a seat, and welcome to your first day in mathematics class" She said letting us through the doorway. Louis points to the two seats that were near the back but wasn't that far from the front. I could feel everyone's eyes on us especially our professors as we shuffled through the classroom to get to our seats.

"Did you have fun with your fans?" A voice said from beside me, I can't believe that I didn't notice him before we sat here.

"You were the one that told them?" I whisper yelled at him.

"Your fans find you on their own don't they?" He smirked before turning his attention back to Mrs. Radcliffe; our professor. He was mostly right, they did find me on their own but most of the time, they have a source to tell them and in this case their source was Harry when they came mobbing me inside of Starbucks.

After the many notes that we have taken about we will be learning in this class, we were finally dismissed but before I left I pull Harry alongside signaling Louis to just go without me. I pull on Harry's wrist once we come face to face with our professor.

"Mrs. Radcliffe, I have noticed that you are a fan of me or my family per say, so I would like to sign something for you" I smile at my professor with Harry scoffing underneath his breath, her smile growing wider every second. I was handed a pen and a journal from her and signed it really quick before speeding out the class with my death grip still attached to Harry.

"You have the nerve to mess with me" I roughly let go of Harry's wrist, he was chuckling. There's nothing that could possibly be so funny with what I had said.

"Why not? Because you're a millionaire and you're practically using it to persuade your professors?" He chuckled before walking off into the sunset. I groan in frustration before stalking off to my next class.

For the rest of the day it was decently okay, I actually survived the first day of college even though it did have its interruptions. Never did I think that I would be this happy to actually see my dorm especially my roommate.

"How'd you think day one was?" Faye asked once I jumped onto my bed snuggling myself in, I lift my hand in the air with my thumb pointing upwards meaning good. "We should call Louis up here"

"I'll go get him" I pull myself out of bed and walk back out the door. Once I get out the door I crash into an incredibly hard chest, my day is dropping from good to bad. "Don't you ever see where you go?" I say anger slowly forming inside of me as the man started to grab my waist and roughly pulled me farther from my dorm. By this time, it wasn't anger climbing up my meter, it was fear.

"What's a girl like you out here alone?" His words were slurred as he dunk his head into the crook of my neck, I was crying out for help and struggling to get out of his hold until I felt the man being pulled of me by someone I would lastly like to see.

"Keep your hands to yourself you fucking shit head" Harry yelled after his fist collided with the man's face, his body falling to the ground. Harry was about to go in for more violence until I pulled him away from the scene.

As we kept walking, Harry kept wincing in pain when he touched his knuckles. "I'm not sure if I should say thank you or laugh in your face because you're in pain" I try to joke but failed when he gave me a glare.

"How did you know where my dorm room was?" He raised his brows as we walk towards a dorm room, I thought that was Louis's and Harold's dorm? Harold? Harry? Makes more sense.

"Well, I know Louis don't I?" I twist the doorknob walking straight in being attacked by an eye widening Louis with a hug.

"Your aid kit in the bathroom?" I ask into the hug with Louis, and he nods. I pull away from Louis and grab Harry by the wrist for him to follow me into the bathroom. As soon as we get into the bathroom I rummaged through the cabinets for the aid kit before actually finding them.

"You're not just a millionaire but also a nurse, interesting" Harry smirked causing me to shake my head at his words of calling me a millionaire. I pull out a cotton ball and put a bit of alcohol on it before dabbing it harshly into Harry's knuckles earning a low growl from him. "Do it softer would you?" He glared at he with intense rage slicing through him.

"I don't get why your so rude and act like an asshole all the time" I say dabbing the cotton ball much softer than before.

"Would you like me to buy a camera and take pictures of you then post them on Twitter?"

"See! That's exactly what I mean, not everything about me is just fame" Harry raises his brows as if what I had said wasn't true. "I'll prove it to you" I say crossing my arms over my chest, but my words somehow had an unexpected reaction from Harry to the point he pushed me to the side roughly and stormed out the bathroom and out his dorm. I walk out confused meeting Louis who also looks as confused as I am, what did I say that could've made him walk off like that?

"What happened?" Louis asked but I just shake my head not knowing the answer as well.

"Why didn't you tell me he was your roommate?" I asked sitting on who I assumed was Harry's bed.

"Well for starters, you guys both have some unknown hate towards each other and you pulled me away from my phone at the airport when I said I needed to call someone; my mate, Harry" Louis shrugged. We did have some hate towards each other, but it all started with the bastard not telling me where the bathroom was, but what surprised me is that they were close to each other, guess I'm going to just have to live with that fact. "Now, tell me how the hell the two of you walked into this dorm together?" Louis cocked a brow up waiting for an answer.

"Some drunk dude was going to hump me in the middle of the hall" I cringe at the image reappearing in my head. I was used to situations like this, it's happened before. My mom would always tell me to shrug off the memory and keep on living my life.

"With a pretty face like yours, I wouldn't see why" Louis chuckled as I nudged his side.

"Got an eye for anyone yet?" I asked winking repeatedly until Louis responds.

"Actually I do, her name is Faye, and I do believe you know her" Now it was Louis's turn to wink.

"Faye? My roommate?" I was in shock, Louis nodded shyly. "I can actually imagine you guys..." I didn't get to finish my sentence because the door to Louis's dorm slammed shut. An angry Harry standing at the doorway.

"Get out" Harry raised his voice clear enough for me to hear.

"I'll see you later" Louis whispered nudging me to get up and go.

"Fucking asshole" I spit at Harry making sure he hears me clearly before walking out their dorm and head towards mine.

After the little "get out my damn dorm" fiasco, my mom had called me about twenty minutes later to check up on me and what I have been doing the past couple of days.

"Did you even check what has been trending since you left America?" My mother sighs loudly making me roll my eyes even though she wasn't here to see it. "Don't roll your eyes at me" My mother bluntly says almost causing me to giggle knowing that she knew me all too well.

"No mother, what could possibly be trending?" I imitate a sarcastic little innocent girl.

"Well let's see, the #EvaGraceAtFratParty started trending in America the exact day you arrived in London"

"I see no problem with that, after all you did  send me off to college, why not party?" I say annoyance evident in my voice.

"Eva! What you say and do reflects on your career, do you understand?" She shouts through the speaking device. "Goodnight" Those were her last words after telling me that what I say and do reflect on my career. She mostly means hers and my father's career; not mine. My career was looking at business not award winning models and actors like my parents, therefore I was different in many ways possible.


For the two weeks that I've been here in college, it's by far the most freedom I've had since my parents hooked on each arm to bark me orders on what to do for publicity. During those two weeks everything has been quite the same just like the first day of college but instead I had my lunch with Cian and I tried to not be rude when I rejected him when he asked that he would like to go on more "dates", but other than that everything was the same, walk with Louis and Faye as they flirt miserably with each other, drop each other off at classes, insult Harry was now on my daily schedule until I spot him now.

"Bitch" Harry insults me as he walks past me but I pull him back turning him around to face me. "Damn babe, I thought we'd slow it down" He says a bit too loud catching people's attention as they start to whistle and howl our way.

"I'm done with your stupid insults Styles" I grit my teeth jabbing my finger into his chest, I had learned his last name from Louis since well they're roommates and the fucker knows mine from wherever his source was from.

"Why don't you tell your followers on twitter your done too?" A smirk setting on his face. I scowl jabbing my finger deeper, his expression changing. "Alright, you win" He wraps his hand around my finger gently placing by my side.

"What really is your problem with me? Do you hate me? If so, please so dearly explain to me" I ask.

"I don't hate you" He chuckles lightly. "How could I?" He mumbles barely audible, knowing that I wasn't supposed to hear it at all.

"Then mind telling me why you're an asshole at all times?" I brush off what Harry had mumbled earlier and questioned him on about his rude behavior.

"No reason, just am" He shrugs walking off, I walk quickly to catch up with him to find him chuckling once I reach him.

"There has to be a reason why you're so rude" I urge him on for a more believing reason.

"I told you I just am!" He nearly yells leaving me shocked and confusing at him blowing out like that. "Sorry" He apologizes and I nod in understanding.

"I'll just leave you alone" I say quietly, mostly because I was stunned by the fact Harry yelled at me for some apparent reason.

"No, don't"

"What do you mean?" I was confused.

"Do you not understand English? Don't. Leave." He says much more like a demand. God, he sounds like my father.

"You're an idiot, I'm just shocked"

"At what? That I asked you to stay and not leave?" He laughs leading me into his dorm which seemed to be empty. Where was Louis? As if Harry was reading my mind. "Louis is out to lunch with your roommate" I giggle remembering what Louis told me a couple weeks back about him fancying Faye.

"You like Green Day?" I scan all the posters hung up against the wall on Harry's side of the dorm.

"If Green Day doesn't highlight your day, I don't know what would" He says making me giggle. "Your giggle..." Harry was standing very close to me causing my breath to hitch.

"What about it?" I gulp the spit that was collected down very loudly.

"So beautiful" He whispers, his hand sliding up my side all the way up to my neck till it reaches the back of it. "Eva, you're so beautiful" His lips ghosting over mine until realization hit me like a ton of bricks, making me pull away from Harry and to advert my eyes away from him.

I would be lying if I said that Harry didn't intimidate me, of course he does, and he makes me nervous all the time. Yes, I was confident, but I always seem to lack confidence when around him. Oh, and how could I forget, he was attractive; not like I haven't seen attractive men before, but Harry was more attractive I guess you could say?

"I'm sorry, I can't" I sit on the end of his bed rethinking what was going to happen if I hadn't stopped it. He has been insulting me for Christ sakes, of course I would stop him.

"It's fine" His voice sounding very cold. "Go get lunch with me" He offered, my eyes meeting his green ones. "As friends" He adds.

"I'm friends with the guy who insulted me no later than thirty minutes ago?" My brows raised waiting for an answer but instead Harry chuckles nodding before entwining out hands together and walking us down the streets of London.

"You insulted me too" He has a small frown on his face probably because he wanted to laugh some more.

"But I didn't mean it" This time it was my turn to frown. We arrive at a small bakery, the smell engulfing my all senses.

"Neither did I" Harry smiles widely, a smile I haven't seen on him ever since I have been hear. He always seemed pissed with my presence around him, guess not. I smile back, an actual smile; a smile that was caused by Harry, the asshole who I have been wanting to choke but now the tables seem to have turned.


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