War of Hearts // h.s (au)

There's always an obstacle you'll have to pass through when you fall in love. How many obstacles can two people handle? Especially when one suffocates the most. These obstacles often hold the two close, or tear them apart dearly.

After all, they are at War of Hearts.


2. 01- Bathroom Runouts

Some say at the age of eighteen or nineteen, you should be looking for colleges or your career per say that will lead you to your future, but I never took anything literally like those people. Basically you can say I am a reckless adult. Like for instance, going for college was something I never took literally, or going to your boring classes but actually not attending them. College was just buildings where most of your parents wanted you to become bigger than you actually are. Though my parents never really cared what I had to say in their decision. My usual snobby high class parents thought it would be an amazing idea to enroll me into a college that was an ocean away from where we live now, oh did I forget to mention that they didn't get my consent of approval? Although my parents are considered rich because of their lovely careers, I refuse to let others say I am rich. It only gets more annoying and annoying once everyone knows, because then you never know if they're your real friends or are they the one to just stick around till you throw a wad of cash at them, yeah, kind of already went through that dark tunnel.

"Mother, why in the names of god didn't I get a say in this?" I huff once the sight of the airport comes into my perspective. I will definitely miss the smell of New York; if it did have a smell.

"Oh stop it would you, your father and I just want our lovely daughter the education she needs. Is that so much to ask?" She cups my chin gently swaying it side to side before taking Bert's hand.

"Hell yeah it is" I mutter obviously failing when I hear the sound of her voice again. Everything they decided for me was what they wanted not what I needed.

"What was that Eva?" Shaking my head, my mumbles an "mm" before proceeding with her next sentence. "Now remember Eva, once you arrive in London, I had your roommate from King's College University come and wait for you at gate twenty-seven to take you back to the university, now do you understand?" God her voice is so annoying I might actually miss it. The sound of her saying the name of the university I'm attending makes me feel like I'm already dying and to know I'm having a roommate, Christ how will I ever get through with this?

"I understand mother, goodbye" We trade kisses on the cheek, then I make my way through the crowds of fans and reporters who are actually here for my mother but seem to have an interest in following me, once I heard the intercom announce "Flight 186, New York, NY to London, UK" I quickly scurried through to get onto my flight. My parents did try to get me onto a private jet so I could get there much faster, but our hours of arguing there was no way my parents were going to win.

By the looks on the map, I could tell this flight was going to be a while before actually landing, for one thing it's across an ocean, and jetlag will be hell for me afterwards. During the numerous shifting in my seat, someone had the audacity to kick my seat. At first, I let it slide, but then I felt my seat jolt forward again, also being followed by muffled chuckles. That's it.

"Can you stop kicking my seat?" I turn around only to see a guy probably around the same age I am. Does this guy not know his manners?

"Sorry love, all your shifting was distracting" He chuckled, his voice sounded like he most definitely wasn't from here.

"Sorry, usually I'm never like this on a plane, you're not from here are you?" I question and he nods his head in confirmation.

"I'm from Doncaster actually, but studying in London" He smiles lightly. It took me a while to register by what he had actually meant by Doncaster, because yes, me, myself, still doesn't know her geographic stuff.

"Really? Where?" He pats an empty seat next to him looking sad about it but covers it up with a light smile signaling me that I should go and sit next to him. After about thirty seconds of debating with my mind, I took the offer and slowly crept my way to the seat next to him.

"I'm studying at King-" He begins his sentence but I rudely interrupt him.

"King's College University" I assume, the corners of my lips pulling upwards. Either it's me being excited that I had already made a friend at the college I'm attending or he is just extremely good looking.

"Kingston University, actually" My smile dropping into a frown. "Kidding, love" He chuckles as I am still trying to wrap my mind around the whole just kidding thing.

"Ha-ha, very funny" I sarcastically say. "I forgot to ask, what is your name?"

"Well, meet Louis, Louis Tomlinson" He dramatically fans himself with his two hands making his name sound much more important then needed.

"Well Louis, meet Eva, Eva Grace" I say but didn't seem so surprised by his reaction, all he did was gasp loudly just like any other stranger I met who doesn't remember my face from tabloids and what not.

"Eva? Eva Grace? As in the family of Grace's? The daughter of-"

"Shut up Louis!" I place my hand over his mouth to stop him from rambling about me and my family but he strikes his tongue licking my hand making me pull my hand away quickly.

"It's not my fault I'm sitting next to a freaking millionaire" He throws his hands in the air in defense but you can see right through him that he is happy as hell.

"Here's the thing, my parents and I aren't not the same, therefore we have separate back accounts meaning I am not a millionaire, my parents are" I huff annoyingly remembering all the times I had to repeat the same exact sentence to every person I met when we exchanged names.

"Uhm, what major are you planning to take?" He changes topics, probably noticing that I was getting annoyed of the previous conversation.

"Business Administration and Management" I state seeing that Louis is slowly having his eyes widened by the fact I chose this major. "Yeah I know"

"Wow, you really are different, but I like it" He smiles making me smile back, usually people would tell me to follow my parents step's into becoming an international model or actress, well that is no way in hell happening.

"Flight 186 will be landing, stay in your seats until further details" A voice spoke through the intercom informing all passengers.

"I hadn't realized we've been talking for that long" I say in utter shock.

"Me neither, but it was nice to talk to you" He grins patting my head as if I were a child, not cool Louis, not cool.

"Do you have a ride from the airport?" I ask as we are leaving the flying monster.

"I was just going to cal-"

"Nope, you're coming with me" I say grabbing his arm zooming through the crowds of people holding up cardboards with names on it. Currently Louis and I were searching for "Eva Grace" on a board, we did have a little argument on whether Louis should come or not, but me being the lucky one, I always win no matter what.

Louis tugs on my arm pointing to an average sized girl holding a sign that says "EVA GRACE REPORT TO FAYE STEVENS" oh look, what a better way to attract a crowd.

"Your roommate is hot but looks kooky" Louis says as we walk towards my roommate, Faye; I assume her name is.

"You got to be kidding me" I mumble under my breath, I sure hope I am not recognizable here. Hell if my parents were here, I would've died in a swarm of paparazzi, then again, if something like that were to happen, I would have to call Wyatt to bring in guards. Oh boy, was that fun. Wyatt is my personal guard and driver, and yes my family indeed has different guards/drivers in every continent.

"Eva? Eva Grace?" Faye smiles dropping the board running to hug me. Not surprising at all.

"And your my roommate, Faye Stevens" I say referring to the board she held up with her name in big black bold letters, she nodded before looked confusingly at Louis.

"I'm Louis, I am a last minute friend of Eva's" Causing all of us to chuckle as Faye leads us into her car once I had told her that Louis is attending the same university as we are. Louis has a funny character, even by his looks he already looks hilarious, though that shouldn't be taken as an insult because it's not.

"I know that you guys just arrived but there's a party going on later for incoming freshman, and I think it would be nice to shake it off tonight. Plus we do need to get to know each other" Faye nudges my smiles as I smile lightly then give pleading eyes for help towards Louis, why do we have to get to know each other at a party? I'm practically living with the lady. But since I don't want to lose the title of being a reckless child, I'm in. Louis and I trade glances and nod at the same time in agreement.

"We'll go, but let's just check into our dorms first before we actually worry about party" They all agree to me, probably knowing that I win every argument that comes to me, but then again they wouldn't since we've known each other for only a couple hours. Though rethinking my thoughts, I have a feeling that I've actually known Louis for forever but for Faye, that's just a whole different story.


As Faye says and I quote "HURRY THE HELL UP, WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE FOR MY SPOTLIGHT!" I snickered as those words flowed out her mouth, practically everyone knew me, from tabloids, to T.V interviews, to magazines. Then again, I was looking for a fresh start, I wanted no one to know me here as if I were an ordinary human looking for ways to be reckless without people and mainly paparazzi to follow you around like a lost puppy.

"Alright, calm down would you?" I say but earn a death glare from Faye. "Or not" I awkwardly laughed then turn my attention to the soft tune of my phone indicating a new text message. The screen to my phone brightly shines showing that Louis had sent a text saying he was outside waiting. All three of us had swapped numbers earlier just to be safe unless someone ends up dead after this party. "Louis is outside waiting" I inform Faye earning a nod in return before shutting the lights out in our dorm and walking right out the door meeting Louis.

"Whose car will we be taking?" Faye asked, both her and Louis slowly snap their head towards my directions with a grin on their face. I knew exactly what they were thinking.

"No" I shake my head. Frowns appear on both their faces, as for Louis who was stomping on the ground like a five year old.

"Why not? You have your own personal driver here in London and woman we sure as hell know those seats are comfortable as hell" Louis flicks his imaginary long hair , although he was correct about the comfy seats, why on earth would I let my personal driver drive me to a party that will contain loads of people that will most definitely get me more attention than the party itself? I was never one for center of attention that's until my parents turn my tables and pull me with them to an event.

"I don't want all the attention" I say causing Faye and Louis to laugh loudly. "What?" I ask confused

"It's a frat party, no one's going to care about "THE EVA GRACE ""Faye says patting my back for assurance, I guess they're right. College students don't care who attends the party or whatever they come and go in, all of their attention was mainly on alcohol, sex, and of course-activities.

"Alright I'll call Wyatt" I sigh pulling out my phone sending a text to Wyatt to come pick me and some friends outside my dorm. It didn't take very long for him to arrive in my beautiful matte black Audi R8 vehicle, to bad I only drove it myself like three times, I should really get rid of Wyatt for a while... or now.

"Hey Wyatt, could you call one of your team members to pick you up? I would like to drive my car" I had somewhat asked in a nice tone but from the looks on Wyatt's face he knew that he couldn't disobey me, yet another reason why my life was easy and frustrating in very many ways. Wyatt drops the keys into my palm with a look of defeat painted all over his face, also wishing me good luck and to not crash earning a couple giggles behind us. I thank Wyatt and haul everyone into the car.

"If I see one single scratch made by you two, your asses are on the line" I warn, pointing my finger eyeing them with deadly caution.

"Yes ma'am" They say in unison before walking into the car. Faye sits in the passenger seat to give me directions to the frat party. As I look at the two people sitting in the car with me, I realized that my college years might not be as boring as I had thought it would be. Though I shouldn't trust them that much yet, since I literally have known Louis for like six hours and Faye for maybe three, who even knows.

"This it?" I pull up into a very small parking space, examining the building, the fraternity house was huge; about half the size of the house I lived in New York. There was little to no parking space here. How many people were really going to be here? Mind as well have an awards event here.

"Yeah, it should be" She says making me groan at her possibly being wrong that we had got the wrong house, Louis groaning after me. "I was kidding guys, Christ, you guys can't take a joke"

"Very funny, mind as well try out for an acting career" Louis says with heavy sarcasm laced through his words.

"You know... not a bad idea, I'll do it" She grins at Louis suggestion as we all get out and walk towards the entering.

Walking through the door was easy, but when you get by a gust of air filled with noxious fumes, it felt like you would only have at least five minutes to live. I clung onto Louis's arm as we followed Faye through the crowd of people groping, grinding, swaying, and sucking each other's face.

"The smell is so strong" I yell over the blaring music into Louis's ear.

"Let's get out for some air" He yells back, dragging me further into the crowd until he finds a door leading us outside.

"If you didn't bring me out sooner, I probably would've died" I breathe heavily earning a chuckle from Louis. I look back into the house remembering we left Faye behind. "You think she'll be okay in there?" I ask

"We should probably worry about us, were the newbies here" He teases, we were the newbies, we don't know anybody, and nobody knows us. Unless they knew where the hell I came from, then that will make my 'newbie' life crash within minutes.

"Let's go have some fun before someone takes their time to identify me" I laughed grabbing Louis by the hand, pulling him behind me back inside.

"Where did you guys go?!" Faye yells over the music in order for us to hear her.

"Eva needed air, let's party" Louis mingles as both Faye and I are snickering at his mingle.

Faye leads us to what I assumed was the kitchen but was one hundred percent incorrect when I see a couch; the living room. We were all given a red/blue solo cup obviously filled with toxic liquids.

"I shouldn't drink" I give the cup back to Faye, shaking my head refusing to drink.

"Why not?" Both Louis and Faye asked with frowns on their faces.

"I'm driving remember? And there is no way in hell will I allow you two to drive my baby" I shrugged, no one has driven my car before, other than my drivers but I clearly meant people who were close to me; my friends, which probably means I lack trust in my friends. "Plus, you both already downed a cup of alcohol, meaning I will have to be the sober one dragging you into the car" I smiled but then soon to falter when a tingly feeling in my stomach signaled something. "Shit" I cursed under my breath.

"What's wrong?" Faye asked confusingly, probably because I had a weird face expression plastered all over my face.

"Look at her, obviously she needs to have a wee" Louis grins knowing he was right made my eyes widen, are we sure he's completely human?

"Look somewhere upstairs" Faye points to the stairs "Never needed to use the bathroom here before so I'm assuming somewhere up the stairs" I nod as she explains and make my way up the stairs. Now this is the part where I should yell and make a fit since there are over ten doors in one hall, how the hell will I ever get to use the bathroom when I'm trapped in a maze. There's couples making out while being pushed up against the walls in the hall making it kind of impossible to get through. There was only one thing I had to do... I can't believe I'm doing this.

"Do you know where the bathroom is?" I tapped on a curly headed guy's shoulder interrupting his little heated session with a busty blonde bimbo.

"What?" He growled at me; not the nice type I see. The blondie was trying to get his attention again by placing her lips on his neck.

"The bathroom. Where is it?" I sneered.

"Go ask someone else who cares to help" He smirks then returns back to his session; the blonde smiling in such joy. When I find the name of that boy, he won't live another day in the daylight, not saying I'm going to murder him or whatever, but teach him a lesson not involving violence. I huff in annoyance and start to walk away until I hear a chuckle coming from the opposite side of curly.

"Something funny?" I raise my eyebrows at the fairly attractive man, he shakes his head giving me a slight no but still continues to chuckle.

"No, but watching you and him was funny. He's a bit of a hard-ass" He chuckles

"I think I just figured that out" I chuckle along. "Do you know where the bathroom is?"

"Just use the one in there" He points to the door that's next to curly, I sigh hoping I wouldn't have to deal with a hard-ass like him again. "You'll be fine, I'm Cian by the way" He smiles

"Eva, and thanks Cian" I smile before pushing couples to the side to get to the door. They were like magnets, pull them apart they'll still come together.

I push open the door finding that the room light was on, it seemed like no one as in here so I began to look for another door leading to the bathroom. After I had taken care of my business, just as I was about to leave, I heard the door slam shut, moans and groans could be heard outside the bathroom door.

"You can't just shrivel and die in here Eva, get out the damn room like it was nothing" I mentally yell to myself. I grab onto the door knob and twist it open leaving the bathroom. Into view I see the curly and the same blonde bimbo. I build up some more confidence and say something I never thought I would ever say well at least in this time period. "USE PROTECTION! WE'RE TOO YOUNG FOR BABIES!" I yelled catching both of their attention, by that time I was laughing uncontrollably before running out the room searching for Faye and Louis before curly or blondie found me.

Faye and Louis were sitting in the same spot I left them in. They didn't look very well, meaning their state at the moment meant oh hey yeah I'm wasted and I cannot walk, looks like I'm doing weight lifting. This time without my parents telling me so; go figures.

"We're leaving, let's go" I grab both bodies, struggling to hold them up. They were both slurring words I couldn't make out.

"Looks like you need some help" I hear a voice, which I soon realized it belonged to Cian from earlier.

"Would you mind?" I ask still struggling to hold them up, Cian chuckles before grabbing Louis and slinging Louis's arm around his shoulder. We all walk out as fast as we can through the sea of people. Thank the lord I didn't park very far.

"You have a real beauty" Cian says as we tuck Faye and Louis into the back seat.

"Thanks, she's very well taken care of" I smile patting the car on the hood. "Also, thank you for helping me carry them out, anything I can do to repay you?"

"No problem, there is one way you can repay me" His smile grows and I knew what exactly he was thinking.

"I'll buy you lunch yeah?" I chuckle lightly

"It's like you read my mind" He chuckles along, I was right, I was always right about people like him. "But, no, how about I buy you lunch?"

"That will also conclude me to repaying you twice" I grin

"You will repay me by having me take you out for lunch and I will pay for everything" He smirks

"Alright fine" I laugh as I get into my car but forgot something. "Hey Cian! How will you contact me with the details?" I smirk as his face falls is embarrassment, I laugh as we switch our cellphones for each other's number. We say our goodnights and I finally drive back to the dorms. Once we arrive at the dorms I hop out the car and open the backseat door preparing myself to knock the two sleeping lambs off their feet... or off the seat.

"FAYE!!! LOUIS!!!" I scream at the top of my lungs causing both of them to jolt upward and hit the hood of my car. Guess I deserved that for doing something stupid.

"Jesus Eva, lower your voice" Louis said rubbing at his eyes as for Faye, she fell back asleep as if nothing had happened. Maybe if I yelled there was a fire she would still sleep through the whole thing.

"Help me bring her into the dorm, please" I plead as I see him almost closing his eyes again.

Louis gets out of the car with Faye by his side, we walked to my dorm with me behind Louis and Faye since I was sure that Louis was bound to fall sometime during the walk. I unlock the door to mine and Faye's dorm, once I turn on the lights I point to Faye's bed making him set her down onto her bed.

"Your drunk Louis, stay" I say as I see him walking towards the door.

"Are you sure? I can just leave" He says with barely one eye open.

"Louis, its fine. You look like you'll trip and fall and just sleep on the ground" I laugh lightly, Louis laughs along as well.

"I'll sleep on the couch" His lips try to tug into a smile but fails.

"No way, it's uncomfortable. Sleep on the bed, I'll sleep there" I say

"Your so kind, but no. It's your bed, I can't" He says, I think for a sec or two before an idea came to mind.

"Sleep with me" I bluntly say earning a wide eyed Louis. Trust me when I say this, I love to sleep (maybe I have clinomania?) usually by myself since that's how it's been really but it's Louis, he seems like the type to cry if he hit a fly by accident. No offence Louis, I thought then chuckled to myself before speaking up again. "Not like that idiot" I shake my head laughing. "Sleep in the same bed with me, I know you won't try anything, I trust you" I say hoping I actually meant it. "Don't argue, now come on" I grab him by the hand pulling him into the bed. He gets back up making me confused but was making sense when he pulled off his jeans and shirt leaving him in his boxers.

"If your letting me sleep in the bed with you, I mind as well get comfortable" He shrugs before getting back into the bed. I get up and change into a pair of Olivia Von Halle pajamas in the bathroom and soon crawl next to Louis on the bed making sure to leave us a good amount of distance from each other. My mind went back to that curly headed asshole. I sure hope that soon I will see him again to slap him upside the head for being rude. After thinking about many other things, like my friends in New York and my obnoxious parents, I had finally started to drift into the peaceful slumber.


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