The Meaning Of

During a discussion about the meaning of life with my friend, we somehow began writing this story. I would write an installment, and then she would, completely making it up as we went. This is the result. Basically, for 70 some years, my friend searches for the grand question and answer to the meaning of life. Finally, after all that time, we come in contact again.




The men dragged me down a dark hallway with the woman in tow. We finally reached a room that has a single light on a chair covered in blood, which I assumed is Jason's. They threw me into the chair and chained my ankles together and to the floor, and tied my hands behind the back of the chair, leaving my entire from exposed. Would these people actually hit an old woman? The woman casual walked around me and asked, "Do you know why you're here?" I decided to lie to her and say no. She chuckled and said, "Do you know that lying is gonna get you no where?" And then she slaps me. She hit me hard. I looked at her hands and noticed that there are flat gold rings on her knuckles. Should I tell her the truth so I didn't have imprints of her rings on my face or body? I then looked up at the wall and notice all the torture weapons hanging there. I swallowed hard and prepared for the next question. "Let's try this again with a new question. Where is Carmen?" I told her that I didn't know and I received another slap.  This one was harder than the first. The woman then got right in my face and growled, "If you don't tell the truth you're going to end up like your buddy." I just stared at her. I felt like I had met this woman before. She then sighed and chuckled again darkly. She looked back at the two men and she nodded. One of the men came forward and untied my hands and chained my wrists together infront of me, then brought down a clamp from the ceiling and connected it to my wrists. I then heard a cranking noise. I was being lifted up by my hands off the chair, but my feet are still chained to the floor. I was stretched completely out with my entire body exposed. The woman came back up to me and said, "Let's make a deal. If you're telling the truth and you help us find her we will let you and your little friend go. If not, then you know what will happen. I'll give you time to think about it. I'm leaving you here until you decide to speak. So what's it going to be? Help us find her and end her, or do you wish to be beaten to death and left in your cell?"

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