The Meaning Of

During a discussion about the meaning of life with my friend, we somehow began writing this story. I would write an installment, and then she would, completely making it up as we went. This is the result. Basically, for 70 some years, my friend searches for the grand question and answer to the meaning of life. Finally, after all that time, we come in contact again.


15. XV


All these questions made me feel as though my life has become one of those "choose your own adventure" books. I didn't want Sam to get hurt, but I didn't know what else to do. I told her about my realization. She listened intently, but wasn't surprised. I suspected that she was secretly thinking the same thing as I. I asked her what we should do. As I should have expected, she passively shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know." I sigh. Oh Sam. My internal struggle continued. Slowly, an idea formed. I made an executive decision. I told Sam to pull off and turn around. If I couldn't ensure her safety, I could at least make sure that she got home by Monday like she wanted. I hopeed to God that if I left her, she would stay safe and away from kidnappers, but I also trusted that despite her age, she was strong enough to fight them off if they came after her. Besides, she never received a letter, so hopefully that meant she wasn't in danger. We arrived home in the early hours of the next morning. I bided Sam farewell and headed to bed. I need to be rested if I can follow through with my plan. I didn't know why I still cared about Carmen at all, after everything she'd put me through, but for some reason, it'd become an obsession over the last few days. I was beginning to realize that this may be about something even bigger than the meaning of life. I needed closure. The next day, I was going to continue my journey to find Carmen. Alone. 

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