The Meaning Of

During a discussion about the meaning of life with my friend, we somehow began writing this story. I would write an installment, and then she would, completely making it up as we went. This is the result. Basically, for 70 some years, my friend searches for the grand question and answer to the meaning of life. Finally, after all that time, we come in contact again.


7. VII


Without even realizing what I was doing, I stumbled into my kitchen and began searching through drawers. I couldn't find what I was looking for. Directories would be no help. I looked through the phone book, but she wasn't listed. I headed back to the computer. I began digging. I searched through every Ramirez related thing I could find. However, there was a lot to sort through. Most of it had nothing to do with her. The closest thing I could find was an obituary for a man named Jacob. How unfortunate. I briefly wondered if he had lived his life to the fullest. Was he proud of the life he led? What meaning had he found? I broke out of my reverie and grabbed the letter from the desk next to me. Carmen Ramirez. How could she have such an impact on me that I dropped everything just to find her again? I had gone over 70 years without hearing from her. Why did I still care for her? Just seeing her signature caused waves of feeling to radiate from my body. Rage. Regret. Love. Joy. Sadness. Disappointment. Happiness. It had been over 70 years, and yet memories began flooding my mind like they had happened yesterday. She had come into my life so forcefully, so suddenly, and she had left it the same way. Carmen Ramirez was a hurricane. So dangerous, yet so impossibly intriguing. I had to find out what happened to her. She had finally figured out the question and answer to life. I needed to understand. With a new passion burning inside me, I pushed away from my desk. I picked up my phone and called a dear old friend. "Sam," I said, "I need a favor..."

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