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1. one

It's was exactly midnight as I was walking towards the bus stop.I had just finished my shift at work, I had to work extra hours if I want to keep my apartment. I began walking faster when I heard fast footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw nothing there.

I kept walking but this time in a faster paste I was afraid, what if I was gonna get jumped or maybe kid napped?

I soon got to the bus stop and sat down on the the blue freezing beat up bench.

I began hearing things but I figured it was just the wind since it was already winter here. I wanted to to ignore the whispering so I got on my phone.

Then I felt a bag go over my head.

I tried taking it off but I went out cold.

A couple of hours later I woke up in a room. I no longer had my head covered but the room was dark. I could only see the light from under the door and whisper shouting. I was terrified I had no idea were I was and I'm starving. I began sliding towards the nearest wall so I would be able to stand up but my legs were tied together a little to tight as my arms were also obviously  tied together too.

I was shaking I've never been so afraid in my life before, I was breathing heavily once I heard foot steps coming towards the room I was in.Once they opened the door I felt the light burn into my brown eyes.

There was three men standing in front of me. One with blonde hair, blue hair, and another wearing a red bandana tied around his short curly brown locks of hair.

I didn't even notice the tight cloth tied around my mouth till I tried to speak.

The boy with the red bandanna walked over to me and untied the cloth from my mouth. He smiled at me as if nothing here was going wrong.

"Why am I here !?" I asked

"Calm down you're fine"he spoke

"How am I supposed to be 'Fine' when I'm here tied up in a fucking dark room!?" I snapped

Then I felt a sharp pain in my gut as he swung a punch into it.

"Don't talk back to me, I said you're fine." He snapped

"Now, listen Calum we're gonna keep you here,you're gonna be safe, we know who you are." What? How do they know who I am? Who are these people?

"My name is Ashton, that's Luke, and Michael" he said pointing at the other boys as they waved at me. "Lukey is gonna untie you and we're gonna show you around okay?" He said standing up as he caressed my cold checks with his long warm fingers.Then he left the room.

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