The last horcrux

Forgotten. Tortured. Broken. You all know about the boy who lived, but what about the girl who sacrificed? Harry Potter's sister? The last horcrux?


9. Chapter 9

Raven's P.O.V

When we were walking up to the castle after meeting up with Hagrid, i heard a voice of a guy and when i turned to look at him i saw three guys instead. one has blond slick hair and is pretty tall and has a smirk on his face, the one on his left was chubby and has brown hair and the one on the right is tall has dark brown hair and his skin colour is well dark and he is pretty skinny like the one in the middle.

"well well look who we have here" the blonde haired one said

"back off Draco don't think we forgave you for capturing Hermione" Ron spat

"haha it's adorable you think we care for that mudblood, besides we are not here for you, we are here for her" Draco says looking at me. He tries to grab me and I kick him hard that he stumbles and falls backwards down the hill. His friends look at me in shock and run after him, i heard laughter behind me followed by grunts. I turned and almost burst out laughing at what I saw, Ron and Harry started laughing but then was hit hardly by Hermione and now those two are fighting. Harry and I looked at each other, shrugged and started walking towards the castle again while laughing about their bickering. I really think I like this place and I'm starting to get attached to the people that are in gryffindor. This might not be so bad after all.


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