The last horcrux

Forgotten. Tortured. Broken. You all know about the boy who lived, but what about the girl who sacrificed? Harry Potter's sister? The last horcrux?


8. Chapter 8

bellatrix's P.O.V

i can't believe that little brat did that to me, he should get punished but i know sissy would never let me do anything to hurt her precious little boy, oh please he's just bloody grateful i haven't tortured him yet, but that's not the point, i need that mudblood to get to potter or else i can't have my lord's attention, if only i could've killed her when i had the chance. i went into the guest room and opened up my secret room that i built for things my sissy and her family couldn't know of, and went over to the cauldron i set up for the return of the dark lord, and then everyone will bow down!!!

Raven's P.O.V

we were heading down to the great hall for breakfast and i was feeling very nervous and excited on how people will react. i guess i will just see and hope for the best.

"are you ready" hermione asked as we arrived in front of a huge oak door.

"yeah lets go" we entered the room and everyone stared, i looked around the room and saw people's expressions. some had disgusted expressions on them, some curious, happy, and some didn't even care.we walked over to the gryffindor table and i sat in-between harry and ginny with hermione and ron in front of us, i always thought that they would make a cute couple, or are they already, i tapped ginny's shoulder and asked her what i thought.

"hey ginny"

"yeah what's up"

"umm.. are hermione and ron dating"

"no why do you like ron"

"no not at all, i just thought they would make a cute couple"

hmm.... i never thought about it, but yeah they look like it"

i nodded and left it at that and started eating, there was a cup in front of me with some liquid that i didn't recognise.

"its pumpkin juice" said ron. 

"pumpkin juice, hmmm.. never heard of it"

"well it's bloody amazing"

"ok cool thanks" i smiled

we finished up our breakfast and started walking out of the castle and towards a small little cottage, next to it was a huge forest, hmm i wonder if i could go in there and check it out.

"i know what you're thinking but don't, its forbidden to go in there" said hermione

"oh god hermione you are such a rule follower, don't worry raven we will take you in there soon enough, but first let's visit our little friend hagrid"

"who you calling little" a big voice bellowed, i turned around and there was this huge man that came out of the cottage with a dog following. now that must be hagrid, he seems kind of familiar.

"ello my name's rubeus hagrid, gameskeeper at this fine school." uh oh now i know where he is from i had a dream about him in my cell once just after that mysterious man poofed into my place of hell

"oh hi nice to um... meet" 

i know one thing for sure, this will end up bad one way or another

(AN: just for those draco fans the next chapter will have more of the Slytherin prince. Hope you're enjoying the story) 


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