The last horcrux

Forgotten. Tortured. Broken. You all know about the boy who lived, but what about the girl who sacrificed? Harry Potter's sister? The last horcrux?


7. Chapter 7

Raven's P.O.V

Professor Mcgonagall sent me back to the places with couches which she told me was the Gryffindor common room when we went in everyone stood up and i felt hella uncomfortable.

"mr potter, mr Weasley may i speak to you in private"

" sure"

they walked away and two girls came up to me and took me up some stairs and into a room, they sat me down on a bed and sat next to each other on the bed in front of me and they kept staring at me until i got pissed off.

"ok so why id you bring me up here"

"we just wanted to talk"


one of them with red hair stood up and came over to me, she extended her hand.

"hi im Ginny Weasley"

"hi im Raven Evans"



"oh well I'm Hermione Granger"

we started talking for a while and these girls are okay and they seem cool so maybe just maybe we could become friends.

"hi um i have a you know where the bathrooms are"

"yeah sure just through that door"


i went into the bathroom and locked the door and sat down on the floor as i started rethinking about what happened, that were the only things that made sense.

[5 minutes later]

i heard a knock on the door and got up, checked myself in the mirror and opened the door, hermione was there she looked sad and there were a few tears in her eyes she wiped them away and hugged me. i was really shocked.

"why didn't you tell me you were lily evans daughter"

"i didn't think that would be important"

"of course it is, they're also harry's parents too did you know that"

"yeah, i was told" i shifted from foot to foot and looked down, when i looked up again i saw that hermione was confused, so i just told her what's been bothering me lately.

"its just that its weird having a brother i never knew i had and i just feel confused to where he was all this time, upset that i thought i was all alone and pissed off that no one came to find me or tell me i had a family member left"

i heard a laugh from behind me and turned my face toward it, there was another red headed guy standing there, he was tall and looked like he's been on the run for awhile, i got up, turned fully and crossed my arms.

"whats so funny"

"oh nothing its just that no on can feel all that, they'll explode"

"oh ron just because you have the emotion the size of a teaspoon doesn't mean everyone does" hermione says.

we all laughed. i guess they aren't that bad and besides maybe if i stay here i'll get an adventure.

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