The last horcrux

Forgotten. Tortured. Broken. You all know about the boy who lived, but what about the girl who sacrificed? Harry Potter's sister? The last horcrux?


6. Chapter 6

Raven's P.O.V

so after professor mcgonagall explained everything i just sat there shocked trying to process every single word and detail she told me. but what really shocked me was that i have a brother and he just saved my life, but you know if he wasn't my brother i would totally date him cause he's kinda cute. wait.. what am i saying he's my brother never mind.

"darling are you alright"

"oh yeah why wouldn't i be, i just found out that i have a twin brother my parents didn't hate me and that i was GIVEN AWAY"

"no no dear you weren't given away its just your mother before she died she gave you to your... grandmother am i right "

"yeah it was my grandmother or i think its my grandmother. I hate her though"

wait what i thought they loved each other, i wonder what happened. i don't know if i should ask her this but i really am that curious.

"i just wonder what happened between the two of you"

"well... um.. what happened was when i was 10 years old she sent me to a mental institution because i asked her about my parents and what happened to them, i was just a little girl wondering about why her mother and father didn't show up day after day and when i looked back she just looked away so i spent 20 years in the institution... is why i hated.. i mean hate her"

i couldn't believe it i was just shocked this girl in front of me was in an mental institution just for wondering about her family and this didn't sound like lily's mother maybe her death changed her but this is really shocking for me i can't believe that she would do that.

"well thats really...sad i should go and explain i guess, oh and dear you could stay in the school as long as you want.

"thank you"

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