The last horcrux

Forgotten. Tortured. Broken. You all know about the boy who lived, but what about the girl who sacrificed? Harry Potter's sister? The last horcrux?


5. Chapter 5

Raven's P.O.V

i woke up in a red and gold room with couches around and a tree in the corner. i was lying on a couch next to the fireplace and then suddenly there was a big explosion and a flash of green light, i looked closer and there were my parents and this boy that had a lightening scar on his forehead they started laughing and laughing evilly with these creepy looks on their faces, when they stopped they came closer i stood up and walked back until i hit the wall then they stopped and the boy smiled then he frowned and my mom started speaking.

"we never wanted a stupid girl like you, now we have a perfect little boy to please ourselves with"

"except we are dead now so we couldn't have that perfect boy"

"but i hope he meets you to taunt you and curse you and hurt you cause he's a star, the chosen one and the boy who lived and what are you, a pathetic little loser"

"we should have given you up before"

"we never should have gave birth to you"

"you're just a monster"

"how could you be so stupid to leave and just run away, harry would never have did that"

"he would have been brave and stuck with his problem and faced it, not like you"

i heard someone shaking me and calling me....

(end of dream)

McGonagall's P.O.V

when Harry, Hermione and Ron told me what happened and i was very curious so they took me to this girl they spoke 

of and i must say when i saw her, shocked was all that i could say, all the teachers were very shocked.

and i can believe it myself but it was actually her lying there sound asleep like the little girl i knew her as.

Raven Potter, the daughter of Lily and James potter and Harry's twin sister.

she started shaking and moving and screaming and crying silently so i moved closer to her and started calling her and shaking her trying to comfort her but nothing worked and when harry moved closer he touched her arm to shake ad suddenly she stopped, her eyes burst open they were full of tears and the only thing she did was curl up in a ball and starting whispering things like 'I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm so sorry i'll go back right now right now' and 'why did i leave they hate me stupid stupid stupid'

"hey you're not stupid now we would like you to answer a few questions, please" harry asked her.

when she opened her eyes she gasped and stood up pushing harry away, he stumbled back tripping and falling with a thump. Ron help him up while ginny and hermione tried to calm Raven down but instead she waved her hands around and hermione and ginny got knocked back to the wall, a few people helped them up. everyone stared at raven but before anyone could do anything i guided her out and took her to my office i sat her down then i sat down in my own chair and she tarted to speak.

"look i don't want any trouble please can you let me go"

"well of course but i want to ask you a few questions"


"its not everyday you meet the famous raven potter"

"number one how do you know my name and number two my last name is Evans not potter"

"no no darling its potter you have a brother named harry he was the one you backed away from"

"look i know you're trying to help but i just don't believe it"

"i know you don't you are just like lily, your mother you have her eyes and James's hair but longer and suitable for a girl of course"

"you knew my parents, did they hate me, why did they let me go, where are they"

"its fine dear all answers will come but for now ill let you relax"


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