The last horcrux

Forgotten. Tortured. Broken. You all know about the boy who lived, but what about the girl who sacrificed? Harry Potter's sister? The last horcrux?


3. Chapter 3

Draco's p.o.v


i can't believe I've done it, i actually captured the mudblood, this will be my one chance to prove myself to my parents. 

i was just driving to the manor when she woke up.

"what, where am i?" she asked.

"well what do you think, you are in the manor." i said pulling up to the house.

i got out of the car and opened the back door, i pulled her out and dragged her to the front door. i rang the doorbell.

i waited. and waited. and waited. the door opened and i was greeted with a women with crazy black hair with a mask on. she took one look at me and tried to grab the mudblood, but i wouldn't budge, she looked at me and slapped me, then she grabbed granger and went inside. i started running after the women and when i was close i ripped off the mask and was greeted by my supposedly dead aunt.

"what are you doing here" i asked shocked.

"is that anyway to welcome your aunt back" she told me.

"it is when the aunt is supposed" i spoke.

"well, I'm back" she said.

"yeah, i can see that, but how are you back?" i asked her.

"now now don't be rude, there is someone in here that wants to see you and while you're doing that i will take care of this girl.

"what are you going to do with her, torture her to death."

"actually, i was just going to tie her up, but your idea seems much more delightful.. well.. for me."

"i can't let you take her, besides i need to take her to my parents."

"your parents are not here, besides i have strict orders from the dark lord"

"your joking, you'll be bloody stupid if you still think the 'dark lord' is back.

"watch your language boy now go to your room"

"you can't boss me around now give me the mudblood" 

i took out my wand.


Bellatrix flew off and i grabbed the granger and apparated back to Potter and Weasley. i saw that they were still tied up, i untied them pushed granger to weasel bee and walked away. well no use of them anymore. i should go and find out what's happened to my idiot of an aunt..


Ron's P.O.V

me and harry were still tied up to the trees, we were yelling for help but i think its useless since we're in the middle of nowhere. i closed my eyes and when i opened them Malfoy and hermione were there, he untied us and pushed hermione in my direction, i caught her before she fell when i got her up right i looked at him and he was walking away. i was about to throw a spell at him when harry just told me to leave him alone and we just left towards the castle.


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