The last horcrux

Forgotten. Tortured. Broken. You all know about the boy who lived, but what about the girl who sacrificed? Harry Potter's sister? The last horcrux?


1. Chapter 1

Raven's POV:


Waiting in the dark silence of my cell. Waiting for someone to feed me. Waiting for someone to come save me from this hell. But what can I do, this hell is my life, I can't believe I'm losing hope, it's been 10 years of being trapped in this cell. Yup that's right I have spent 10 years in a mental institution when I am not even the slightest bit mental. Hi, my name is Raven Evans I'm 17 years old, I have black hair and green eyes, I was 7 when they put me in here and I was just this confused little girl. I lived with my grandmother when I was 10 years old and when I had enough I asked her where are my parents, she sent me off to bed, the next morning I woke up and ran downstairs and some people took me out of the house, my grandma didn't even help and I hated her for it. Well enough about me and more about my plan to escape this place, I hid this stone in my pocket and I intend to hit the guard with it, take his keys and run plus I'm kind of a  computer whiz so I could just shut down the cameras on my way. so my plan was going good so far and now i'm running, i feel someone behind me i look back no one so i just keep going and I'm never stopping. i hid behind some bushes and then i saw this guy come out, look around then run forward and i went into the woods and this where my adventure begins.






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