Ben & Sienna (Hollyoaks)

This is a story about Hollyoaks couple Ben & Sienna (Played by Anna Passey and Ben Richards) In this story Ben has 2 daughters, Mazy who is 13 (The character Mazy is not in Hollyoaks, only in this fan fiction) and Carly who was 20 and was recently murdered by Sienna's daughter Nico who is 15 (Played by Persephone Swales-Dawson)

So far, Ben and Mazy are living out of the village and are still grieving for Carly, Nico and Sienna are still living with Patrick in the flat and are still currently hiding the fact they murdered Ben's eldest daughter.
Mazy and Sienna have not yet met.


33. chapter 32

After they'd eaten they all got ready, and got in the car. After a long drive, they arrived, firstly they went on the beach, it was a warm day so Ben and Mazy went paddeling, Sienna wouldnt go in. After spending a couple of hours on the beach, they went for some lunch at a cafe. The 3 sat at the table and looked at a menu before Sienna went up to order.

"What do you both want?" Sienna smiled

"I'll have a bacon sandwich please hun'" Ben smiled

"Okay. What would you like Mazy?" Sienna smiled

"Can I have a jacket patato with tuna please Mum?" Mazy instantly realised she called Sienna Mum. Ben looked to Mazy then Sienna. As soon as Mazy realised she'd called Sienna Mum, shs looked up to her. Sienna was smiling with her mouth closed

"Sorry. I mean Sienna" Mazy said biting her lip

"Dont be sorry" Sienna said, putting her hand on Mazy's shoulder. "I'll go order our food" Sienna said and walked of

"Are you alright?" Ben said putting his hand on top of Mazy's, realsing she was upset by the mistake she'd just made

"Yeh" Mazy nodded arkwardly

Soon after Sienna returned with their food and they sat down and ate. After they'd finished, Ben went to the toliet, leaving Sienna and Mazy at the table.

"Sorry about about before" Mazy said

"Theres nothing to be sorry for. You can call me Mum if you like" Sienna smiled

"But what about Nico?" Mazy asked

"I'll still be her mum to... I just be both your Mums" Sienna smiled

"I'd like that" Mazy smiled

"Yeah?" Sienna smiled

"Yeah" Mazy nodded

When Ben returned, Sienna, him and Mazy took a 10 minute walk to the near by shops. They went in a clothes shop and Sienna and Mazy went of together, Ben went alone, when they'd all finished shopping, they met at the front of the shop, Ben had a bag in his hand

"What've you got?" Sienna smiled

Ben pulled out a pink dress. Sienna laughed

"I think he's tryna tell us something" Sienna smirked to Mazy

"No you muppet, its for Mazy" Ben said.

"Thanks Dad" Mazy smiled

He then got out a brown bag that Sienna had mentioned she liked in the past

"And that, is for you" Ben smiled

"Aw thank you" Sienna smiled before kissing him on the cheek

Finally, he pulled out a black jumper that Nico wanted

"And thats for Nico" Ben said

"How did you know?" Sienna said asking Ben how he knew Nico liked the jumper

"I saw it folded over in a magazine and I didnt really think it was yours or Mazy's thing..."

"Thank you, you didnt have to" Sienna smiled

Ben smiled and they all decided they wanted to go home, they got in the car and drove of.

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