Ben & Sienna (Hollyoaks)

This is a story about Hollyoaks couple Ben & Sienna (Played by Anna Passey and Ben Richards) In this story Ben has 2 daughters, Mazy who is 13 (The character Mazy is not in Hollyoaks, only in this fan fiction) and Carly who was 20 and was recently murdered by Sienna's daughter Nico who is 15 (Played by Persephone Swales-Dawson)

So far, Ben and Mazy are living out of the village and are still grieving for Carly, Nico and Sienna are still living with Patrick in the flat and are still currently hiding the fact they murdered Ben's eldest daughter.
Mazy and Sienna have not yet met.


32. Chapter 31

Ben woke up around 8am, and saw Sienna wasn't in bed, he thought she was down stairs. Before heading down stairs, he went to check on Mazy like he always did, he smiled as he saw Mazy and Sienna asleep by one another, even though he was confused as to why Sienna was in Mazy's room.

Ben went down the stairs and made a cup of tea and read the paper at the table,

before making himself a peice of toast

"Morning" Sienna said as she walked in the kitchen smiling, she stood behind Ben who was stood at the kitchen counter and wrapped her arms around him, she kissed his neck.

"Morning" Ben said, all so smiling, he turned around to Sienna and held her close, he kissed her

Sienna yawned and hugged Ben

"How come you ended up in Mazy's room last night" Ben said, still hugging Sienna

Sienna stood up right and leant on the kitchen counter "I woke up in the night, I heard her crying and I went in, when I asked her what was wrong she said she was missing Carly and worried about what her Mum was gonna do" Sienna sighed

"I've talked to her about this" Ben sighed

"I know, but shes suffering Ben, like you. I've spoke to her though, so lets leave it for a bit, alright?" Sienna said

"Okay" Ben nodded. Sienna leant her head on Bens shoulder while standing up.

"And why was the TV on when I went in to Mazy's room this morning? It wasnt on last night" Ben said jokingly

"I may have let her watch a film at 3am" Sienna said looking up at Ben, screwing her face.

"Oh did you.." Ben said opening his eyes wide, nodding his head, smirking.

"Yeah" Sienna laughed

Ben smirked to Sienna "come here" Ben said

Sienna moved herself from next to Ben, to standing in front of him, she kissed him before Ben picked Sienna up. Sienna squealed a little as Ben picked her up. They carried on kissing each other, until they heard footsteps coming down the stairs, Ben put Sienna down and Mazy walked in the kitchen.

"Morning" Ben smiled

"Morning" Mazy said "Morning Sienna"

"Morning Sweetheart" Sienna smiled

Ben made the 3 of them some breakfast then they all sat at the table

"What do you want to do today?" Ben asked

"I dont mind" Sienna said

"Any ideas Mazy?" Ben said

"No" Mazy said

"We could go to the beach if you like?" Ben suggested

"Yeah, that'd be nice" Sienna smiled

"Mazy?" Ben said

"Okay" She smiled

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