Ben & Sienna (Hollyoaks)

This is a story about Hollyoaks couple Ben & Sienna (Played by Anna Passey and Ben Richards) In this story Ben has 2 daughters, Mazy who is 13 (The character Mazy is not in Hollyoaks, only in this fan fiction) and Carly who was 20 and was recently murdered by Sienna's daughter Nico who is 15 (Played by Persephone Swales-Dawson)

So far, Ben and Mazy are living out of the village and are still grieving for Carly, Nico and Sienna are still living with Patrick in the flat and are still currently hiding the fact they murdered Ben's eldest daughter.
Mazy and Sienna have not yet met.


25. Chapter 25

It was the following morning, Ben woke up in bed alone and went down stairs in the kitchen, where he found Sienna making Nico and Mazy some breakfast. He walked up behind Sienna and wrap his arms around her

"Morning" He kissed her neck

"Dad! I dont wanna throw my breakfast up!" Mazy said

"Yeh, get a room" Nico said

Sienna and Ben laughed

"Morning" Sienna said moving away from Ben to pass the girls their breakfast, then she kissed him. She made them both a cup of tea then they joined Nico and Mazy at the table

"I hear you're going to stay with your Dad for a while" Ben said to Nico

Nico nodded "Yeh. Thanks for breakfast" Nico said as she finished "I'm going to pack"

"I'll be up in a minute to help you" Sienna said

"Thanks" Nico said walking of upstairs

"I'm going shopping later if you want to come Mazy? We can go for some lunch aswell if you like" Sienna said

"What if I see my Mum? What if she tries to take me again?" Mazy said scared

Sienna looked to Ben and Ben nodded for Sienna to go and help Nico, she went of upstairs

"Come here" Ben said patting his lap, waiting for Mazy to sit on it

"I'm heavy" Mazy laughed while sitting down

"God you're right!" Ben said jokingly as Mazy sat down

"Listen, your mum is never going to hurt you again, and you dont need to be worried everytime you leave the house Maz', i promise you, no one will ever take you again, alright?" Ben said

Mazy nodded

"Now give your Dad a hug" Ben said, Mazy hugged him then got of his knee and went of into the living room

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