Ben & Sienna (Hollyoaks)

This is a story about Hollyoaks couple Ben & Sienna (Played by Anna Passey and Ben Richards) In this story Ben has 2 daughters, Mazy who is 13 (The character Mazy is not in Hollyoaks, only in this fan fiction) and Carly who was 20 and was recently murdered by Sienna's daughter Nico who is 15 (Played by Persephone Swales-Dawson)

So far, Ben and Mazy are living out of the village and are still grieving for Carly, Nico and Sienna are still living with Patrick in the flat and are still currently hiding the fact they murdered Ben's eldest daughter.
Mazy and Sienna have not yet met.


20. Chapter 20

Police were everywhere looking for Mazy, Nico stayed at home incase she got in contact. Hours passed and no one had heard or seen Mazy. As it was getting dark, Sienna went looking for Mazy with Ben.

While looking for her, Ben and Sienna stopped of to get a bottle of water from the shop, while they paid, Ben noticed his Ex wife, he didnt say anything, he was in shock, but then ran after her, out to her car, he watched her pull away at speed and he saw his daughter in the back seat.

Him and Sienna got into his car and went aftee his Ex Wife.

After driving for what felt like miles, the four of them ended up at the top of a multi-story car park. Anna parked and grabbed Mazy and ran, Ben running after them. Anna was backed into a corner with Mazy. Police surrounded her.

"Dad help!" Mazy shouted

"Anna, let Mazy go" Ben said in an angry voice

"No! Shes my little girl!" Anna shouted back

"Shes mine to! And i've brought her up! Look at her Anna! Shes crying! shes scared! She doesnt want to be with you!" Ben answered

"I'm her mother!" Anna cried

"No you're not!" Mazy shouted and cried

"You've never been around! You dont bother with me! Sienna's been more of a mum to me these past few months than you have been my whole life! She cooks me meals, she puts me to bed, she watches films with me, she does everuthing with me! Shes more of a mum than you'll ever be!" Mazy screeched

Sienna stood there looking to Mazy as she said that

"She doesnt love you Mazy! She just wants your Dads money!" Anna replied, still holding on to Mazy

"Thats not true! I love Ben! He's a good man, he's funny, kind, smart, beautiful... and so is his daughter, i love her!" Sienna shouted

"I love you to" Mazy smiled a little to Sienna

"Fine! If you love that golddigger so much, go to her!" Anna said pushing Mazy away from her with force, Mazy landed on her hands and knee's.

Ben walked over and helped her up.

"Are you alright?" Ben said hugging his daughter tightly

"I'm fine" Mazy said nodding and hugging her Dad

"Go and stand over there with Sienna" Ben said to Mazy and she went over

Sienna hugged Mazy and made sure she was alright

Ben walked over to Anna.

"If you EVER go near my little girl again, i will kill you" he said

"Shes my little girl as well!" Anna cried

"No! shes not! You heard her, she doesnt love you! She loves Sienna! You lost the right to call yourself her mum the day you walked out on her! What was your plan Anna? Get Mazy and Jack, run into the sunset and live happily every after?!" Ben shouted

"No! Because Jack's missing! I just wanted my daughter!" She cried and fell to the floor, the police said Ben needed to stop talking and they arrested Anna.

Sienna, Ben and Mazy got into the car and drove of home, the police followed so they could take a statement of Mazy.

(Sorry if you feel i've copied the Nancy / Sienna storyline by using a car park)

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