Ben & Sienna (Hollyoaks)

This is a story about Hollyoaks couple Ben & Sienna (Played by Anna Passey and Ben Richards) In this story Ben has 2 daughters, Mazy who is 13 (The character Mazy is not in Hollyoaks, only in this fan fiction) and Carly who was 20 and was recently murdered by Sienna's daughter Nico who is 15 (Played by Persephone Swales-Dawson)

So far, Ben and Mazy are living out of the village and are still grieving for Carly, Nico and Sienna are still living with Patrick in the flat and are still currently hiding the fact they murdered Ben's eldest daughter.
Mazy and Sienna have not yet met.


12. chapter 12

A few weeks past and although Ben was still struggling to come to terms with what had happened to Carly, Mazy was finding it even harder, her and Carly were so close and Mazy told her everything but now her sister was no longer here...

The new family unit, Sienna, Ben, Nico and Mazy were all setteling in living together, even though Nico was finding it hard keeping quite. Since Nico and Sienna had moved in with Mazy and her Dad, Mazy had noticed how cagecy Nico was being whenever Carly was mentioned and she was becoming suspicious however was letting it lie for the time being.

They both arrived home from school one day to Sienna, Ben was working late so she made the girls some tea. It was around 8pm when Ben walked through the door ariving home from work, Nico was in the living room watching TV and Sienna was helping Mazy with homework in the kitchen. Ben stuck his head round the door of the living room "Hey Nico" he smiled "Hi" She said and Ben went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea "Hi" he smiled to Sienna and Mazy as he walked into the kicthen, he kissed Sienna quickly on the lips then kissed the top of Mazy's head as he walked past her. Ben joined them at the table and asked them both how their day had been. After a while Mazy finished her homework.

"Go and get ready for bed Maz, shout me when you're done" Ben said

"Can you tell Nico to do the same please hun'" Sienna said

Mazy nodded and her and Nico went upstairs.

Ben and Sienna went up to say night to them both before going back down stairs.

A couple of hours passed and Mazy woke up from a nightmare about Nico and Carly. She got up and went down stairs to her Dad, he was in the living room with Sienna.

She walked in looking very sleepy, rubbing her eyes

"You alright chick?" Sienna said as Mazy walked in

"I dont feel well" she said, not wanting to admit that she'd actually had a bad dream.

Sienna placed her hand on Mazy's forehead

"She is quite warm" Sienna said to Ben, Mazy figured she was just warm because of the shock of the dream.

"Come here" Ben said, Mazy walked over to him, he all so felt her head

"Oh you are arent you" Ben said frowing

Sienna got up and went into the kitchen, she returned with some tablets and a glass of water

"Here you darlin" she said passing them to Mazy

"Thank you" She said swolling the pills "Can i stay down here with you?" She said to her Dad and Sienna

"Go on then" Ben said "Sit down here with your old Dad" Ben smirked patting the sofa beside him. Mazy sat down and leant into her Dad, he strocked her hair and she eventually fell asleep. Ben carried her upstairs when him and Sienna were going to bed, as Ben put Mazy in bed, Sienna checked on Nico who was spark out

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