Voodoo Doll [5sos]

When Hayley Parker is running from her abusive boyfriend when she meets Ashton, Luke, Michael, and Calum. They help her and let her have a place to stay. She plans on leaving until she falls in love with one of the boys.


3. Ch.2

Hayley's POV

"No.. Everything's not ok" I said while sobbing

He walked up to me and embraced me in a huge bear hug

"You can tell me what happened" he said

"I was running from my boyfriend. And as I was running down the street I saw that the door was open so I hid in here. I'll just go and find somewhere else to stay though, I won't bug you anymore" I said while walking to the door

"Wait wait wait wait, did he he hurt you?" He asked

"Not this time but he was going to. He has many times before" I said still facing the door

"If he's after you, your not going anywhere. Your staying with us" he said

"Us?" I asked not knowing what he meant

"Yah. Me and my 3 best friends" he smiled

"Ok. Thank you so much" i said turning around

"No problem" he said

"I'm Hayley" I said smiling

"Nice to meet you Hayley. I'm Luke"

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