Voodoo Doll [5sos]

When Hayley Parker is running from her abusive boyfriend when she meets Ashton, Luke, Michael, and Calum. They help her and let her have a place to stay. She plans on leaving until she falls in love with one of the boys.


4. Ch. 3

Hayley's POV

"Luke... Luke Hemmings?" I asked.

"Yes, I am the one and only Luke Hemmings haha. You listen to our music?" He asked

"Yes I do, sometimes. I didn't really study what you looked like though like those crazy fan girls do" I lied

"That's totally fine. It's kinda creepy when they know every detail about me to be honest" he laughed

"Yah I agree" I lied again. I don't want him to think I'm crazy so I'm trying so hard not the fangirl out right now.

"The boys will be here any minute. Do you want something to eat?" He asked looking at me with those beautiful grey/blue eyes.

"Sure, what do you have?" I asked looking around the gigantic house

"We have pizza, ice cream, cake, pudd.."

"PUDDING!!!!!!!!!" I screamed

"Pudding it is then" he said laughing

He handed me chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla and strawberry

"Which flavour mi lady" he asked

"All of them" I said while yanking them out of his hands

"Someone's feisty" he said while backing away with his hands in the air

"I'm sorry, if your upset I'll leave" I said sadly

"What? No no no I'm not mad. I was joking. I'm sorry if you thought I was mad at you" he said looking guilty

"No, it's ok. I'm just not used to someone joking about stuff I do. He always got mad when I did something he didn't like." I said

"I'll never get mad at you unless you steal my food, or go back to him" he said seriously

"Why would you be mad if I went back to him" i asked

"Cause he doesn't deserve you. Your amazing and I've only known you for like 30 minutes. He hurts you. You deserve to be loved" he said while looking at me in the eyes. God he's beautiful

"Ok" is all I could say

As soon as I was gonna say something else, I heard yelling



They all came running into the kitchen. Ashton is holding a phone up in the air while Michael tries to grab it from him. Calum isn't paying attention to what's going on at all and just staring at his phone texting someone. They don't see me or Luke yet. As soon as Luke was gonna say something I felt my body hit the floor and see Ashton on top of me.

"Oh why hello beautiful. I'm Ashton, and you are?"

"I'm Hayley" I said trying not to scream. Ashton Irwin is laying on top of me. Girls would kill to be in my position right now. I'm dying inside

He rolls off me and looks at Luke

"Care to explain Hemmings?" He said smirking

Calum and Michael are staring at me in awe. Calum slowly walks toward me and says

"Hello. I'm Calum but you can call me baby" he said winking

"I'm Hayley and I think I'm just gonna call you Calum" I said laughing

Michael comes up to me and says

"Hey, I'm Michael"

"I'm Hayley, nice hair btw" I said looking at his bright green hair

"Why thank you my dear" he said smiling

"Everybody in the living room now" Luke yelled

Everybody went and sat in the living room

"Hayley, wanna tell the boys what happened?" Luke said

All the boys looked at me carefully as I told them what happened



"Calm down Ashton" Luke said

"Are you ok?" Asked a very worried looking Calum

"Yes I'm ok. But I'm scared he'll find me" I said honestly

"We will protect you. He won't get get close to you" said Michael

"Your living with us" said Luke

"I can't live with you guys. I don't have any clothes besides the ones I'm wearing, I don't have any female products, I don't have anything"

"We'll buy you new stuff. We have a spare bedroom for you to stay in, you can decorate it any way you want" Calum said

"No, I can't do that" I said

"Yes you can and you will. No argument allowed" Ashton insisted

"Fine" I said giving in

"YAYYYYYYYYYYYY" yelled the four crazy boys who I'm now gonna be living with

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