Voodoo Doll [5sos]

When Hayley Parker is running from her abusive boyfriend when she meets Ashton, Luke, Michael, and Calum. They help her and let her have a place to stay. She plans on leaving until she falls in love with one of the boys.


2. Ch. 1

Hayley's POV

"No Kyle, I told you so many times that I'm not gonna put up with your crap!"

Me and my boyfriend of 3 years are finally having the fight that I think we should have had years ago. The fight that will end it

"You never listen to me Hayley! I asked you to get some groceries! Your the one who ran away from home, you said you wanted to do things independently! You can't expect me to do everything for you!" He screamed back at me

"Every time I make a small mistake you either yell at me or hit me! I can't do this anymore Kyle. We're done, it's over. This should have happened 2 years ago"

After I said that I immediately regretted it. He started shaking. I'm scared

"Nobody.. Leaves.. Me!" He said as he started to walk towards me

"No, Kyle please don't hurt me" i need to run before he hurts me again.

"You will not leave me. Ever" he said.

With that I kneed him where the light don't shine and ran for the door. I heard him screaming at me as I ran down the street. I'm running as hard as I can and I can see him behind me catching up. I ran a couple more blocks until I saw a house with the door open. I ran up the steps and into the house. I watched Kyle from the window running past the house. I started to catch my breath when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Um.. Excuse me? What are you doing in my house?" An Australian voice said

I slowly turned around to see a boy about 17-18 years old with dirty blonde hair

"Um.. I was just. I was.." I said as tears started falling

"Is everything ok" he asked looking worried

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