3. unexpected change.

"Umm alright , so wheres my room?" I asked impatiently wanting to sleep.

"Upstairs blue door ." Julie said as i grabbed my bags and started walking upstairs and turned right to where theres was a dark blue door.

I opened the door and chucked my bags in the corner and crashed onto the bed , the room was dark and the smell of hair dye filled the whole room, but it didn't bother me much as i fell asleep quiet quickly.


"Hello? ......Hello?......why are you in my bed?" I heard someone ask but i just groaned and rolled over right in the sunlight which shone in my eyes.

"Really sun? Im already blind as it is no need to blind me more!" I mumbled half asleep and i rolled back over and off the bed itself.

"What are you talking about?" The person asked again.

"Sorry Julie I'm still jet lagged ." I mumbled again into the floor.

"Im not Julie." I looked up to a guy standing there with bright red hair.

"Oh shit sorry !" I said standing up and rubbing my eyes from the brightness.

" its okay but why where you in my room?" He asked.

"Your room this is my room , Julie said its the one with the blue door. " i said looking back at the painted door.

"Haha this is my room , ill show you your room , its with the bright blue door. " he said and grabbed my bags and walked out and walked across the hall to the bright blue door.

"Your room! And I'm Michael by the way!" He said setting my bags on the floor beside a door.

" oh hey Michael , umm I'm amnesia." I said walking around the room.

"Hey that's the name of one of my songs." He said all excited.

"One of your songs?" I asked and saw my guitar in the corner of the room.

"Yeah I'm in a band with my mates and were kinda famous. " he said laying on my bed with his arms folded.

"So if your famous how come i don't know about you or your music?" I asked picking up my guitar and putting it closer to my bed.

"Well guess you have bad taste in music then!" He said smirking at me.

"I have bad taste in music ? Excuse me you don't even know me !" I said as i picked up my guitar and started strumming i miss you by blink-182.

"I guess i was wrong , so amnesia what brings you here to this fine house?" He said and asked sitting up now.

" well this was supposed to be a summer holiday but now i live here." I said putting my guitar back down.

"YOU WHAT?!" He yelled and ran downstairs as i followed after him.

"Julie is amnesia living here with us?" He asked and Julie nodded and my mum and dad walked in with a weird expression once she saw me and Michael.

"Michael , Amnesia please take a seat we need to explain something to you two." My dad said and we both took a seat on the sofa as mum dad and Julie sat in front of us.

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