4. oh brother ....literally!😳

"Clifford please stand up." As Julie said that i stood up but Michael was standing as well.

"Why are you standing?" Both me and Michael said at the same time.

"Whats going on? Mum .. Dad." I said looking at both of them but they looked at each other and let out a sigh.

"Amnesia Michael is your brother. " my dad said and i let out a laugh knowing this is a joke.

"Funny joke dad. But seriously whats going on?" I asked again sitting back down and folding my arms over my chest.

"I just told you , Michael is your brother . Actually he's your twin brother to be exact. We left him here with your mums sister Julie as both of you had a premature birth and Michael wasn't likely to live. " dad said and i just sat there frozen.

"Wait so Julie isn't my mom? " Michael asked looking at her with hopeful eyes.

"No Michael shes not , I'm your mother. " my mum said as Michael stood up and ran to her hugging both her and dad tightly.

" why out of the 17 years you just decide to tell me this now?"i asked standing in front of them , i don't even know why I'm acting like this I've always wanted a brother and i mean I've had one the whole time without knowing.

"Because we were planning this holiday the whole time so that we've got a business trip we decided you should live here be closer with Michael while we work abroad. " my dad spoke up and i nodded and left to go to my room.

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