2. new home 😕

I still cant believe I'm going to be living here. But before i knew it we had already arrived at a white house with a neat front garden and a white wooden fence around it.

"Were here?this is where I'm staying?wait does that mean new school? How long am i staying here ? Will i go to college here!" I kept asking looking at the house in all its glory as my parents laughed.

"Come on amnesia your jet lagged , lets go inside and rest we'll talk about it tomorrow. "My dad said opening my door and grabbing my bag.

Once i left the taxi the humid sticky temperature hit me. I almost immediately ripped off my hoodie and dived for the cool chilly shadows of the house.

"Is that you amnesia?" I heard a perky voice ring as i walked into the living room to be greeted my a middle aged women with pink hair.

"Yeah , hi , sorry whats your name?" I asked as she hugged me tightly.

"Oh sorry dear , I'm Julie I'm your aunt."she said pulling away from the hug with a bright smile showing off her perfectly straight white teeth.

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