7. living with kids.

I walked down the stairs and into the living room to see the guys wrestling each other over a slice of pizza.

"Really guys? Fighting over a slice of pizza?" I asked and quickly grabbed the pizza slice and ate it.

"Hey that was mine!" Michael whined getting off the floor with Calum and ashton while Luke was filming a keek on his phone.

"Sharing is caring , anyway you guys are acting like little kids. OH MY GOD!" I yelled and started jumping up and down in excitement.

"What whats wrong?" Ashton asked and i quickly jumped on his back.

"Guys look its clifford the big red dog!" I shouted and pointed to Michael and everyone erupted in laughter.

"Hahaha your so funny cara!" Michael said getting up all moody.

"Awwww does somebody want their chew toy?" I said in a baby voice and patted his head at the same time.

"Alright alright I'm sorry i just had to." I said and gave him a hug which felt really nice.

"You know your not that bad of a sister cara." He said squeezing my arms slightly while releasing from the hug.

"Yeah yeah wish i could say the same for you Mikey. "I said making the others laugh but Michael started nodding his head and eventually ended up laughing with the others.

"So what have you and ashton been doing then? Huh?" He asked giving a weird face towards me and ashton making the others stare at us as well.

"We went shopping and bowling , why do you care so much? " i asked folding my arms over and ash put his arm on my shoulders.

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