6. could this get any more weirder?

"She ain't your sister, you don't have a sister you never told us about her. "Calum argued on but i could see Michael getting frustrated just as much as i was.

"We were separated at birth! I was in the uk while he was here with Julie who isn't actually his mum but in actual fact is our aunt. And were twins apparently but i don't see it yet?" I said finishing my ice cream and throwing it away.

Jesus could these guys get more annoying.i grabbed my phone out and decided to save Michael's number for future reference.

"So amnesia , what would you like to do today?"ashton asked turning around in his seat while the others go into a conversation.

"I don't know really , maybe the shopping centre or something. " i said and he had a confused expression on his face.

"Whats a shopping centre?" He asked.

"Well what else do they call it ummm... The mall?" I said well more asking to see if he understood what i was talking about.

"Ohh the mall yeah sure , cmon ill take you there I'm the only one that came with the car. " he said helping me up and telling the others where were going.

~~~~at mall~~~

"So let me get this straight you arrived this morning on Holiday and found out you were living here and you have a twin brother?" He asked while taking another sip of his slushy.

"Yeah , oh thanks for today i really appreciate it. " i said motioning to the shopping bags filled with clothes movies food.

"Anytime amnesia , well would you like to go anyplace else before we go home?" He asked tilting his head sideways with a goofy smile.

"Umm no thank you , still kinda jet lagged and tomorrow will be busy for me i think. " i said as he wrapped his arm over my shoulder as we walked side by side to his car.

"Yeah i understand , you know amnesia your a really interesting person and i think that we could be really good mates you know. "

"Same , and thanks again for today it was interesting. Especially when we got kicked out of the bowling alley ." I said recalling the previous events that have happened a few hours ago.

"Yeah that was funny, oh were here already?" He said looking up at the house and walking straight inside.

"Hmm that was quick. " i mumbled to myself and took my bags upstairs to my room and took all the things out.

I put all my new clothes in the wardrobe all the other shit in their places and quickly got changed into a grey t-shirt dress and knee high socks.

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