5. bye bye!👋🏻

My parents have left to go abroad , they didn't tell me where they were going but they only mentioned that they are going to be gone for a few months.

I was just laying there on my bed with my earphones in trying to re-evaluate the previous events that had recently happened.

So i have a twin brother called Michael.

I cant process this all at once. I grab my phone and quickly slip on my converses along with my skinny jeans and green day muscle tank.

I jog downstairs to find Michael and Julie watching tv and i quickly slip out with some cash my parents gave me before they left and went on a walk around the area to get my thoughts in place.

I walked into an ice cream shop and got myself a strawberry and banana scoop cone and sat at one of the booths. So far everyone i saw are really tanned really happy and really hot!!!

~ring ring~

"Hello?" I answer without looking at the caller ID.

"Where are you?"

"Wait who is this?" I asked looking at the caller ID but it just had the persons number.

"Michael now where are you ? Julie left and i only have the spare key so I'm coming to you ."he said.

"Oh I'm at some ice cream parlour not to far from the house , i think. " i said unsure.

"Oh i see you bye. " he said and i looked around to see him with three other guys walking inside.

"Hey." I said motioning him to sit down.

"Hey id like you to meet my mates that are also in my band. " i looked at them and they seem cute.

"This is ashton our drummer , Calum our bassist also he's not asian but looks like it. And our guitarist and lead vocalist Luke. " he said pointing to each one.

"Hi Ashton Calum and Luke I'm Amnesia. "I said and they all just stare at me like i said a bad word or something.

"Yes i know you have a song with the same name as me ." I said and they all started to grin.

"So your a fan of ours then?" Calum asked leaning forward.

"Nope , never even heard of you guys ever ." I said leaning forward eating another scoop of my ice cream.

"So Michael where did you find her? She's hot!" ashton said with Luke and Calum nodding their heads but i turn to look at Michael who had a stern expression on his face.

"Thats my sister your talking about. " he said making the other back away in surprise.

"Twin sister actually ! Idiot." I said and put my hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

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