Difficult love

"We were just born to be difficult love."

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8. Chapter 7

Chapter 7


Olivia's P.O.V


I look at Ashton and he is just staring at me with a surprised look.

“Ashton let me explain,” I say with a begging voice and he crosses his arms and let me talk.

“What you heard is true,” I say and he looks at me.

“I am 13 years old and yes I lied to Luke and told him I was turning 16 even though I am turning 14” I say and he sighs.

“I wanted to tell Luke from the beginning, but I knew that if he knew my real age he would never give me a chance.” I say with a sad voice.

“I wanted to tell you guys for so long and every time I think about it I get so sad.” I say and he is just staring at me.

“Please don’t tell Luke,” I say while crying and standing up. He sighs.

“Olivia you know I can’t do that. Luke needs to know” he says in a serious tone and I nod.

“I know Ash! I just really want to do it myself,” I say and he nods.

“I understand that, but you have to do it Olivia” he says and makes a sad facial expression.

“Please Ashton give me some time! Keep a secret for me please! I promise I will let him know, but not yet I have to find the right moment,” I say and he starts thinking. He then nods and I hug him.

“Okay Olivia, but as long as you promise you will tell him I can keep it a secret, okay?” he says and I nod and kiss his cheek.

“Thank you so much Ashton,” I say and he smiles.

“We wouldn’t want to lose you Olivia! You mean so much to all of us.” He says and I smile.

“Thank you” I whisper and he nods. He walks out of the room and I give Lilly a big smile. She pulls me into a hug.

“Omg I can’t believe he said yes to keep it a secret,” She says and I nod.

“I know right” I jump up and down and she giggles.

“Olivia?” Luke asks and I look at him and he is standing and smiling at me.

“Yeah?” I say and pull him into a hug.

“I’m going to bed, you can just join when you want” he says and kissed my forehead.

“Sure” I say and peek his lips. He walks out to the bathroom and I smile.

“You are seriously the cutest couple ever” Lilly says and I smile, while blushing.

“You shouldn’t talk! You and Calum are adorable,” I say and giggle. She hit’s me on the shoulder and blushes.

“Not!” she says while attacking me with a pillow. She did not.

“PILLOW FIGHT!” I yell and take the other pillow that was on the chair and start hitting her with it.

“GIRLS!” Michael yells and we stop and look at him.

“I WANNA PLAY TOO!” He screams in a girly voice, while grabbing a pillow and hitting Lilly. I laugh so hard that it hurts in my stomach. Calum comes out here too and stares at us.

“What the hell are you weirdo’s doing?” he asks and laughs. We laugh at his comment and start hitting him with the pillows.

“STOP! LET ME AT LEAST GET A PILLOW MYSELF” He screams, while laughing and we let him get a pillow.

“PILLOW FIGHT!” he yells and we laugh. We then fight each other until Luke comes out here and looks weird at us.

“Guys?” Luke says and we stop and look at him.

“Can I join?” he says with a smirk and we nod and hand him a pillow. He hit’s me in the back and I drop my pillow and attack him. He drops his pillow and we start to kiss. I kiss him hard and lock my legs around his lap. He tries to walk out of the kitchen and when he does we walk down to his room. He opens the door and closes it and puts me on the bed without stopping our kiss. I play with his hair and he smiles into the kiss.
“I love you,” he mumbles into the kiss and I smile.

“I love you more,” I say and he smiles. He turns me around so I am on top of him, I kiss him hard and he nuzzles my arm. I have my hands on the bed sheets. I fall down next to him and cuddle up with him.

“Do you think the guys are wondering why we left the pillow fight?” I ask and he laughs.

“I am sure they are” he whispers and kisses my cheek.

“We should join them again!” I say and he smiles. He takes my hand and grabs two of the big pillows on the bed and we go out to them.

“ What a show you had for us, that make out session though, that got hot.” Lilly says, while catching her breath. I giggle.

“WELL YOU ARE GOING DOWN CALUM!” I yell and grab one of the big pillows.

“Wait what?” he says and then I attack him with the pillow and he laughs and hits me. We ended up having Ashton and David joining us also. And we kept fighting with pillows until we all fell on the ground in the kitchen and fell asleep. I fell asleep in Luke’s arms.


I woke up because of the light shinning right at me and it was hot. I looked around and no one else was awake. I removed Luke’s arms from my body and stood up. I looked at Lilly who was lying next to Calum that had an arm around her. I totally ship Cilly! I walked out of the kitchen and out on the balcony. I really just wanted some air. I breathe in the fresh air. It was really nice. I sit down on the chair and start thinking about yesterday with Ashton and how he heard me talking to Lilly about my age. I hope these weeks with Luke are going to be the best of my life, cause as soon as I tell him my real age he leaves me. I just know it. The door opens and I turn around and see David. I sigh.

“Morning” he says and I just nod.

“Olivia can I talk to you for a sec?” I nod and he sits down next to me. He yawns and I just stare at him.

“The boys doesn’t know your real age do they?” he asks and my heart starts beating really fast.

“Cause I feel like if Luke knew your real age he wouldn’t be dating you” He says and looks at me. I gulp and look down at my hands.

“Awe isn’t that just cute, you won’t tell him because you’re scared he is going to leave you,” he says in a pathetic voice. My blood starts to boil and my hands shake.

“Well don’t worry! I’ll tell him” he says in a happy voice and stands up.

“No!” I quickly say and he looks at me. He sits down again and look at me.

“Please David. Don’t tell Luke. I want to tell him myself.” I say and he smiles.

“I’m sure you do, but you can’t. You are too scared Olivia I see it in your eyes” He says and I look down at my shaking hands.

“I have a offer to you,” He says and I look at him with a lifted eyebrow.

“Leave Luke. Stop talking to him never ever any contact with him again and I won’t tell him” he says and I start shaking like crazy. He can’t be serious.

“David pleas..” He cuts me off with an evil smile.

“I can go get Luke now and you can tell him or you can leave him like I said” he says and I start crying.

“Why would you do something like that?” I ask him in a sad tone and he laughs.

“Because I want to destroy you” he says and nuzzles my thigh. I push his hand off and look at him in mad way.

“Let me go get Luke and you can talk to him,” he says and before I could stop him he went inside. Short after he comes back with Luke, who is very tired and almost sleeping.

“Tell him Olivia,” he says and I look at Luke’s tired eyes.

“What were you going to say?” Luke asks with a smile. I shake on my head.

“Nothing” I say and then Luke shrugs and goes tired back to his room to sleep some more. I look at David with a glare.

“Well there goes your only chance. You were supposed to stay with him for four more weeks right?” He asks and I nod.

“I want you to break up with him in five days and then go home right after. Understood?” he asks and a couple of tears run down my chin. I don’t answer him and he just walks inside again. As soon as he leaves thousands of tears run down my chins and I feel like I could die anytime.


“Olivia?” Lilly’s sweet voice asks and I look up at the door on the balcony. Her eyes are small and a bit red. She probably just woke up.

“Yeah?” I say trying to hide my tears. She closes the door and sits down next to me.

“Look at me” she says and I keep looking down at my hands. She puts her hand on my shoulder.

“Olivia what’s wrong?” she asks in a sad way and tears run down my cheeks again. She pulls me into a hug and I cry on her shoulder.

“Everything” I whisper and she looks at me.

“Olivia what happened?” she asks and I sniffle.

“David just threatened me,” I say and her small eyes turn big.

“What?” she says with a surprised voice and I nod.

“He threatened me with telling Luke my real age. He said that if I didn’t broke up with him in five days and left Australia he would tell Luke” I say and sniffle over her shoulder.

“You have to tell him!” she says and I nod.

“I know.” I look at her.

“But I can’t. He gave me one chance. He went to get Luke earlier and he came out here with Luke and forced me to tell him, but I couldn’t.” I whisper with tears running down my cheeks.

“I am so sorry Olivia” she whispers and pulls me into a hug.

“I am going to make these five days the best of my life and then tell him at the last moment” I say and sniffle. She smiles at me.

“Good idea” I nod and she hugs me.

“Do you want breakfast? Maybe that will lighten your mood?” she asks and I nod with a little smile. She takes my hand while wiping tears of my eyes and pulls me into the kitchen. Everyone is awake now. I try to hide my face a bit so no one can see that I have been crying.

“Eggs and bacon it is” she sings and I laugh. Michael hits Lilly with a pillow and she gasps.

“Shut up! I’m trying to sleep,” he says and I giggle. Lilly grabs a pillow and hits Michael in the face

“HEY!” he yells and stands up and hit her with the pillow he was sleeping with. They start playing with pillows and I start making breakfast for us. I tell them to go into the living room and fight there so they don’t hit me while I am making food and that’s what they do. I concentrate about making the eggs until someone hugs me from behind and I already know its Luke. I turn around, but it’s David. I send him a glare and push him away.

“Go to hell” I say and push him out of the kitchen and he laugh at me, but walks away.  I sigh and walk back to my eggs. I keep making them and feel a kiss on my cheek, this time it’s Luke.

“Morning babe” he says and I smile. It doesn’t look like he remembers when David pulled him out to talk with me this morning.

“Morning” I say and he hugs me and puts his head on my shoulder.

“Is that for me?” he asks and I giggle.

“Well I was making it to Lilly and me, but I can make you some” I say and he smiles and kisses my cheek.

“Thanks babe” I smile and he walks over to the coffee machine and takes out a cup and turns around to ask me if I want some.

“Yeah that could be good” I answer and he nods. I finish making the eggs and bacon and put it onto three plates. The other boys can just make some them self. He puts the coffee mug on the table and sits down. I put the plate in front of him and put mine next to his.

“I’m going to go and get Lilly” I say and he nods while eating some egg. I walk into the living room and see David. He is sitting in sofa and staring at me. I walk past him without further due. I see Lilly and grab her hand.

“Come I made breakfast” I say and she smiles and drops the pillow on the floor. I go out in the kitchen and sit down next to Luke.

“This is delicious!” Luke says and I giggle.

“Thanks” I say and eat some myself. I drink some coffee. It’s pretty quiet between us and I know why. I cough and Luke looks at me. I smile awkwardly and Lilly just looks down at her phone. Anti social.

“So what do you want to do today?” Luke asks me and I smile. It has to be something good.

“We could go to an amusement park?” I suggest and Luke nods.

“Yeah I love cotton candy,” he says and I giggle. I look at Lilly who still looks at her phone.

“Do you want to come Lilly?” Luke asks and Lilly looks up.

“What?” she asks and I laugh at her.

“We talked about going to an amusement park today, do you want to join?” he asks with a smile and then she nods.

“Sure” she says and looks back down at her phone. I grab my plate and wash it off in the sink. I dry it off and put it back. I look at Luke who is cleaning his plate too. If just David hadn’t come to the house in the first place I wouldn’t have to lose Luke. I walk into Luke’s room and grab some new clothes. I grab a Nirvana black shirt and black skinny ripped pants. I take on my favorite boots and a red and black flannel. I brush my hair and put a black beanie on. I grab my makeup bag and walk out to the bathroom. I apply black eyeliner and make a wing. Mascara on and some eyebrow color. I take one last look in the mirror and go back into Luke’s room and put the makeup bag down. I walk out in the kitchen and Luke looks at me and then he whistles. I roll my eyes and he laughs.

“You look beautiful,” he says and I blush. I give him a kiss on the cheek and walk into the living room, but I stop because the doorbell rings. Who could that be? I open the door and a man looking like a mail guy stands there, so I am guessing he is the mailman.

“ Olivia Pearl Nielsen should be living here at the moment, is she home?” he asks and I smile.

“Well that’s me,” I say and he smiles. He gives me a package and leaves again.

“Who was it?” Ashton says when he sees me.

“The mailman” I say and he nods. I walk into the living room and put down the big package on the table.

“What’s that?” Lilly asks as she sees me. I look at the name of the person who had send it. It was from my mom.

“Something from my mom” I say and she nods. I open the package and see two boxes in the box. Haha, that’s sounded kind of funny. I grab a little convolute that I see and open it. Everyone is standing around the table and looking at me unpacking now. Unless David.

Hi Olivia. I have great news. Daniel and me have finally decided on settling down. Last night he went on one knee and proposed to me with the prettiest silver ring. I am sending you these, so you can see what you are going to wear to our wedding. Hope to see you very soon sweetie. Kindest regards your mother,” I read out loud.

“Omg my mom’s getting married.” I say and then look down at the two boxes. Daniel is my mom’s boyfriend they have been together in about five years now. All the boys start wishing me congrats and wants to see the dress. I open the first box and see a pair of white high-heeled sandals.

“OMG OLIVIA THEY ARE SO PRETTY” Lilly yells and I look scared at her because she gave me a heart attack.

“I guess they are” I say and shrug. I put them down into the box again and take the other box. I open it to see a beautiful white dress.

“Olivia” Lilly whispers and I look over at her and she has tears in her eyes. I smile and look at the dress. I hold it up in front of me and spin around.

“Try it on!” Michael says exited and everyone agrees. I nod and take the dress and the shoes and go into Luke’s room. I change quickly and walk out to them. They all smile and Luke is just staring at me.

“Beautiful” Luke mumbles and I blush.

“Olivia you are literally the prettiest girl ever” Michael says and Lilly hits him on his chest.

“What about me?” she says in a mad, but funny tone. They all laugh. Luke walks over to me and lifts me up, he spins me around and I laugh.

“You are so beautiful Olivia,” he whispers in my ears. I laugh because it tickled a bit.

“Thank you Luke” I say and smile.

“We should get going to that amusement park.” Calum says while looking at the clock. We all laugh and I walk into Luke’s room and change back quickly.

“Ready?” Luke asks and I nod. I look at David and he is just staring at his phone.

“Is he coming with us?” I whisper to Luke and he nods with a shrug. I sigh and take his hand. We go out to the car and find our seats. Ashton drives the car. We arrive at the amusement park/carnival five minutes later.

“What do you all want to try?” Ash asks and I smile and think.

“Anything that is wild!” Lilly says and we laugh. We walk over to the reception and buy tour tickets. I am still holding Luke’s hand.

“So something wild” Calum mumbles and we all look on a little ride map we have. David runs through Luke and me so our hands let go of each other.

“Oops” he says sarcastically. I roll my eyes and grab Luke’s hand again.

“The tornado” Michael says and we all nod. We walk over there and wait in the line. While we are waiting some girls in front of us recognize the boys and me.

“5SOS!” the three girls scream and the boys walk up to them to give them their autographs and take pictures. They see me and two of the girls send me a glare, while the last one walks over to me and hugs me and take a picture.

“Thank you Olivia,” she says and I smile at her. She walks back to her friends. It’s our turn now. In one ride there can be 8 people. We all take a seat and the last seat stays lonely. I am sitting next to Luke and David.

“Do you want me to hold your hand honey?” David whispers to me and I send him a glare. I look at Luke and he laughs at me.

“Luke?” I ask quickly before it starts.

“Yeah?” he replies with a smile.

“I am scared,” I say, while blushing. He leans in to kiss my cheek but can’t because there’s a metal thing in the way.

“You’ll be fine,” he says with a protective voice. I nod and send him a smile. The ride starts and I look over at Luke again.

“I WON’T BE FINE!” I scream and Luke laughs at me.

“Relax,” he says and then the torture started. The ride stopped back at the beginning again and we all got out.

“Holy crap, I thought I was going to die,” I say while trying to catch my breath.

“Grow up” David says and I push him. He is an idiot and he drives me insane! Luke kisses my cheek.

“That’s because I couldn’t kiss you on the ride” he says and I hug him.

“Ewe get a room” David yells at us and we just laugh.

“Who is it now that needs to grow up?” I ask him and everyone makes that facial expression when you say something good in a, you know hurting way. He gives me a glare and we keep moving. Five rides later we all decide to take a break. We found a table to sit down at.

“Olivia?” Luke asks and I smile and make a ‘go on’ with my mouth

“Do you want something to eat?” he asks and I shake on my head.

“No thanks” I say and he smiles. I pull out my phone and look at twitter. I see there are pictures of Luke and me walking hand in hand. The fans have stopped being mean to me. Or well most of them have. They have respected that I am with Luke know.

“Olivia we are going to go grab some food, stay here with David” Michael says and then everybody leaves unless David. I send him a glare and he just smiles at me.

“So Olivia have you had sex with Luke yet?” he asks and I gasp. What the hell is wrong with this guy? Why does he care?

“Why do you care?” I ask annoyed and he smiles.

“You have,” he then says and I send him a glare.

“Did he know you were a virgin?” he asks and then I slam my hand down at the table and he looks surprised at me.

“David stop” I say and look down at my hand that is hurting a bit. He sighs and stands up and walks over to me. He lifts my head up and slaps my cheek really hard. I gasp and hold my hand on my chin. I can’t believe he actually just did that.

“WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?” I scream at him and he smiles. I see Lilly walking this way with a big food tray.

“Better stay quiet,” he says with a smile and I send him a glare.

“Hi guys” Michael says and sits down. They all smile, but I just look down at the ground. These five days are going to be harder than I thought.

“So what happened, while we were gone?” Lilly asks as she looks at me and sees that something is wrong.

“Nothing” David says and smiles. I send him a glare and he glares back at me.

“I brought you fries anyways babe, I hope that’s okay?” Luke asks and I nod. I lift up my face but then Calum sees my chin. He drops his food on the table and runs over to me.

“WHAT THE HELL OLIVIA? What happened to your chin?” He asks scared and I look over at David who is giving me the ‘if you say anything I’ll tell’ look and I gulp. I can’t live like this. He is driving me insane. He is slowly killing me inside.


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