Difficult love

"We were just born to be difficult love."

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5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4


WARNING: THIS CHAPTER SEEMS UNREAL AND IS REALLY UNLIKE TO REAL LIFE - Sorry if you don't like stories that does that.                     


Olivia's P.O.V


I slowly open my eyes, everything is pretty blurry and my mind is trying to work out what happened. I rub my eyes a bit and stand up, but immediately sit down again because my legs start to hurt. I look around the room and it’s just a small room with a bed and a table with a glass of water. I sigh and everything starts to come back. Wait so I am with Aaron right now? OMG, LUKE MUST BE SO WORRIED! I start to get really nervous and stand up again this time with control over my legs. I hear footsteps outside the door and I get an idea. I hide behind the side of the door that’s going to open. I hold my breath while the door opens and Aaron walks in. I count to three and then run past him and out of the door.

“OLIVIA COME BACK PLEASE! LET ME EXPLAIN” he shouts at me while running behind me. I don’t care about your explanation Aaron I’m going to leave right now! I grab the door handle and try to open it, but the door is locked and there’s no key to be seen, so I assume Aaron has it.

“Please don’t hit me again,” I scream scared while sliding down against the wall. Aaron sighs.

“I’m not going to hurt you Olivia.” He says but I don’t believe him a second.

“Aaron where am I?” I ask scared and annoyed, while hiding my face in my hands. He sits down on the floor next to me.

“You’re at my house” I sigh at what he says.

“It’s not the same house I was at when I was hanging out with you?” I reply with a question and he nods.

“Yes you are, this is my basement,” he says. I look at him with an annoyed look. I start searching all my pockets for my phone.

“Where did you put my phone, you freak?” I ask and he looks sad at me, because of what I called him.

“In a trashcan by the hotel” he says while shrugging. I send him a glare, and that was just my new iPhone 6. Thanks for nothing.

“What do you want with me?” I scream annoyed at him and tries to hit him. He slaps my cheek again and I stop talking.

“You said you weren’t going to hurt me” I say shy, while holding my hand on my cheek, with a couple of tears running down.

“I’m not going to hurt you if you stay nice” he says in a harsh voice, while standing up and walking away. I start crying into my hands and think about Luke. Please find me Luke.


Luke’s P.O.V


I was being hold back at the hotel room because Olivia’s mom were giving me the “If you hurt my daughter I will personally.” talk. I finally came outside, but couldn’t see Olivia anywhere.

“Olivia?” I asked loudly, but nothing happened. I walked over to the car and unlocked it. I placed the last bags on the backseat,  while locking it again. She wasn’t waiting by the car or anything? I walked inside and upstairs to Olivia’s mom’s room. I knocked on the door and she looked confused at me when she saw me.

“Luke? Shouldn’t you be going with Olivia?” she asks while leaning against the door frame. I nodded.

“Yeah, but when I came down to the car she wasn’t there? I say and she lifts her eyebrow.

“Is she here?” I then ask and she shakes her head. I feel my heart skip a beat. I grab my phone from my pocket. I find her number and call it. It says the beeping sound about four times and goes to voice mail. Hey it’s Olivia! Leave me a message. Her cute girly voice says into the phone and I hung up.

“She’s not answering her phone,” I say to her mom and she makes a scared expression. She grabs her coat and goes with me down to the car again. She starts looking for her and I call her phone again. Olivia’s ring tone starts playing over from a trashcan. I walk over there while looking down and seeing her phone.

“What the fuck” I whisper with a low voice. I pull up the phone and look at it. Olivia would never just throw it away? Her mom comes running back when she sees I am holding something.

“That’s her phone,” she says and I nod scared.

“It was calling from that trashcan,” I say while pointing at the trashcan. Her mom takes the phone and opens it. A little cut is on the screen, probably from when it got thrown into the trashcan. I look at her mom and a little tear lands on the screen. A man walks over to us., He looks like he's probably working here, because he was in a uniform.

“Excuse me? Are you looking for a short, blonde haired girl that has a black nose piercing?” I nod at him quickly and send him an interested smile.

“She was out here with a boy a little bit taller than her with brown hair, and two different eye colors. One eye was blue another was green.” He says and my mind starts wandering, do I know someone who looks like that?

“Omg Aaron” Olivia’s mom whispers and I look at her.

“Who?” I ask her and she looks at me.

“Aaron is someone Olivia met a couple weeks ago when we arrived here. They were hanging out a lot until they got into a fight and stopped talking” she explains and I nod.

“Did you see what happened?” I ask the man and he nodded.

“Yes. The girl was walking outside from the lobby with a mad look and he was following her. He started asking her questions about leaving and she explained she was going to stay with her friends who were boys. He then got mad and told her to stay away from them, and when she tried to get away, he slapped her and she blacked out. He took her phone and threw it in there while calling a cab and leaving with her while she was blacked out” he explains and I look at Olivia’s mom that starts to cry.

“I can't believe he would do that” she says. I shake on my head while keeping focus.

“Does this Aaron guy have an address?” I ask her and she nods. She tells me the address and I start my car and she sits down next to me. I drive to the address. I park the car and look at the house. It’s pretty. Just like every other house. I walk up to the door and knock at it. I wait a bit and when nothing happens I try again.

“OLIVIA” I scream as loud as I can. Nothing happens. I push Olivia’s mom out of the way.

“Hold on” I say as I kick the door in as hard as I can and the locks open and the door falls.

“Holy shit Luke” she says and I look at her with a smile. I walk inside and Olivia's mom is right behind me.


 Olivia’s P.O.V


I hear a door opening and I look up. Aaron runs out to me and listens at the door and I do the same.

“Shit” he says and then lifts me up. He takes me with him into a little room on a dark couch. He turns around and opens a shelf. He grabs a knife and some handcuffs. My eyes get big as he walks over to me. He puts the handcuffs on me very tight.

“A-Aaron” I whisper and he steps behind me while holding the knife at my throat. I gulp while feeling everything inside of me shaking. The door I was sitting at opens.

“Do you think she’s here?” a well-known voice says. I smile because I realize it’s Luke's.

“Don’t worry honey they won't get to you” he whispers into my ear while taking me into a kiss. I try to get free but he keeps me in the kiss. He let go and smiles at me. I feel tears running down my chin. The door to the room opens and Luke’s face appears.

“Omg Olivia” he says with a smile, but it gets angry when he sees Aaron.

“Leave her the fuck alone dude!” he yells at Aaron, but Aaron just smiles. Aaron pulls out a gun and point it at Luke.

“If I were you Luke. I would pay attention to what I was saying,” he says. Luke steps a bit back while biting his lip. He puts the gun against my head and I start crying.

“Please don’t Aaron you’re a nice guy” my moms voice says as she walks into the room with her hands in the air.

“Ms. Nielsen” he says with a smile. He points the gun at her and I start crying even more.

“Aaron no” I whisper with tears in my voice and he drops the gun, while getting mad at me.

“What did you say bitch?” he yells at me and turns me around. He kissed me lips hardly and it actually hurted.  He took his knife and my arm. He made a long cut from my wrist to my elbow. I screamed painfully and tried to keep my tears from running.

“Stay out of this slut” he whispers into my ear and push me onto the floor. I cry and look at Luke. A few tears is running down his cheek, he starts to walk towards me, but Aaron shots at the floor right where Luke were going to step.

“Holy shit” he says and walks back.

“Don’t go near her! She has to feel the same pain as me, when I go on twitter and see the pictures of you two” he says and I look at him.

“Is that what all this is about?” I whisper with tears and he looks mad at me. He grabs my leg, while making a deep cut into my leg.

“ARGHHHH” I scream in pain and he smiles at me.

“I told you to shut up you slutty whore” he says and looks at me. I didn't like the things he said I was. It kind of made me feel like I am all the things he is saying. I nod while trying to forget the pain. He walks over to my mom while grabbing her by the neck. He strangles her.

“STOP!” I scream as loud as I can. He looks at me one more time with a even more mad look. He lets go off her when he walks over to me again. He slaps me really hard on my cheek. I start crying again and just accept the pain. I can’t let either Luke or my mom get hurt. Luke runs right at Aaron and hits him so hard in the head that he blacks out and falls down on top of me. I look at Aaron and his nose starts to bleed.

“Olivia” Luke whispers as he helps me get up. He unlocks the handcuff and gives me a hug. I cry into his shoulder and he gives me a kiss on my cheek.

“It’s okay now,” he whispers and I smile. I let go of him and walk over to my mom that is holding her neck because it hurts.

“I’m so sorry mom,” I say and a couple tears run down my chin.


A lot of hours later we are finally heading back to the hotel. We called the cops, they came and took Aaron. They also asked us questions. We were finally finished and headed back. Luke drove to the airport and dropped of my mom. Her flight got cancel, because she couldn't make it. She got put on another one now. She kissed me goodbye on my forehead while rubbing my cheek.

“I’m going to miss you so much mom” I say and she smiles and pulls me in for a hug.

“See you in four weeks” she says and I nod. She closes the door and I look at Luke that is smiling at me.

“What?” I ask him and he laughs.

“You’re so cute” he replies and I punch him on the chest. He laughs and I laugh with him. The thing with Aaron is still happening over and over again in my head and it’s driving me crazy.

I look at my phone that now has a deep cut in the screen. Thanks Aaron. I open twitter and see a lot of sweet comments from the thing that happened. Luke took at picture of me after and put it on twitter and wrote something really sweet. (@Luke5SOS I’m so sorry Olivia! I will be here for you when you are healing. That stupid guy doesn’t even know how amazing you are! What the hell is wrong with the world? I just experienced the girl I like being harassed by her stalker, while I watched. She’s okay now, a couple bruises and pains, but she’ll recover. Aaron (aka her stalker) has been send to prison now, everything’s going to be fine..)

I took Luke’s hand and he smiled at me.

“Thank you so much Luke” I say and look serious at him. He nuzzles my hand while sending me a smile.

“Don’t thank me! It’s the least I could do babe” he says and kissed my cheek. He starts turning on the car but I grab his hands.

“Listen” I say and he nods.

“The tweet you put on twitter is probably a little bit personal. I appreciate so much that you are sharing it with your fans, but don’t you think we are going to get hate on it?” I ask him and he thinks a little bit before shrugging.

“If my fans truly like me, they will like you too” He says and nuzzled my thigh.

“Are you sure?” I ask and look at him. He smiles.

“I am” He says and kiss my hand. I smile at him and he starts driving. I took my phone and started writing a tweet. (@Olivia_Pearl_Nielsen Thanks so much to everyone that has been supportive to what happened to me. I know it might seem a bit personal and too revealing, but Luke thought that he would share it with you guys because he keeps you all in a special place in his heart. I am fine and recovering after what happened. Aaron was a guy I met in Sydney a couple weeks ago and we became friends, but he changed. So just to everyone out there! Be careful around people) I wrote and smiled at what I wrote. I posted it and already a bunch of likes and comments arrived. I read some of the comments. (luke_hemmo66 Get well and take care of Luke) I smiled and liked the comment. I scrolled down and read one more. (Annathefish_77 Olivia you’re such an inspiration! Like all these advices and stuff you post! SO CUTE! Get well and stay cool.) I smiled and liked the comment. I scrolled down a last time and read one more. (Lukeismyhusband-bitches332 that guy Aaron seems like trouble! Luckily you’re fine! TELL LUKE I LOVE HIM!) I laughed a bit and liked the tweet. I also showed it to Luke and he laughed. We arrived at the boy’s house and I could just feel how tired I was. I yawned and Luke smiled.

“Tired are we?” he asked and I nodded. I grabbed a bag and Luke took the two others. I opened the door and immediately dropped the bag because three tight hugs met me.

“Hi guys” I said and they all smiled at me and then turned in to worried looks.

“Are you okay?” Calum asked with a sad face expression. I shrugged and then smiled.

“I’m fine guys, just a bit shaken that’s all” I said calmly and their worried looks turned more calmly.

“I’m so glad you’re okay” Ashton said and bit his lip. I smiled and nodded.
“Me too” Luke said from behind me, while closing the door. I looked down at my hands that had a couple of bruises. It all just seems so surreal that it could happen, I never wanted it to be like that. I feel a tear sliding down my chin, but I quickly wipe it off before the boys see it.

“Should we order some pizza? That could lighten the awkwardness,” Michael asks and I smile and nod. Pizza is just what I need right now.


(A/N: Hey guys! I'm sorry that this chapter seemed very unreal, but that's just how it's gonna be. We literally hit 300 views already! I am so grateful. Next chapter is going up Saturday. - Strawbear)

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