Difficult love

"We were just born to be difficult love."

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4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3


Olivia's P.O.V


It’s been a week since I was at the pizza place with Luke and the boys and those girls came and insulted me. You remember Luke kissed me outside of the pizzeria right? Well nothing has happened between Luke and me since. I had spent a lot of my time at the boy’s house chilling with them. Even though I haven’t seen them in two days now. Ashton would sometimes grab my hand and take me with him alone to talk with me about Luke and our relationship. And you’re probably wondering if I told the boys my real age and I can answer no right away. I’m too scared. And I’m all over the news in most countries and was invited to another interview in Brisbane. But I refused cause I’m not good at talking. I stood at the pale outside the hotel. I was waiting for Calum to come pick me up; we were going to the movies so he was going to pick me up. And you have probably also wondered why I’m staying at a hotel. Well I don’t live here in Sydney. I don’t even live in Australia. I live in Denmark, if you know what that is. But I’m on vacation with my mom cause she had work over here. It is summer break after all. And we were going to stay here for the rest of the summer break, which is 4 weeks. And my mom also got mad at me because I was hanging too much out with the boys, because I’m too young and that shit, but she is okay about it now. And no the boys doesn’t know that I don’t live in Australia. And yes I know I should tell them I just can’t get myself to do it.

“BOOOH!” Calum screams while putting his hands on my shoulders. I jump while screaming and turning around to see who it was, even though I knew it was him.

“Calum you fucking idiot!” I scream at him while hitting him in the stomach. He laughs at me at then hugs me.

“I missed you too Olivia” he says and I smile and hug him.

“Surely” I say while walking down to his car. He follows me and opens my door for me. Gentleman much. I sit down and close the door. He then walks around the car and does the same.

“So how’s it going?” he asks and I smile, he’s just so calm and nice to me.

“Good I guess,” I say and shrug he smiles and I do the same.

“Luke couldn’t stop talking about you this morning and we were all going crazy!” He says and I laugh, he’s so adorable. My phone then rings and I grab it. It’s my mom. I have been trying to avoid my mom’s calls when I’m with the boys. I press answer.

“Hello?” I say and look over at Calum to make sure he isn’t listening. He probably is even though his eyes are glued to the road. (Btw pretend that when I’m talking with my mom that it’s in Danish).

“Hey honey, where are you? I have some important and great news to tell you!” she says and I smile.

“I’m on the way to the movies can’t you just tell me?” I say and now see that Calum looks at me, he’s probably wondering what I’m saying.

“Okay then. Honey, we are going home tomorrow! My boss told me we could go home before!” she says in a happy voice and my face turns white. WTF MOM.

“MOM NO? We can’t go home now, I want to stay please!” I beg, which clearly surprises her.

“But honey? I thought you missed your friends at home” Oh what the friends I don’t have? I shake on my head, which makes Calum look at me.

“Honey we can talk about this when you get home.” She says and hung up the phone. I start crying and Calum looks at me with weird eyes. He drives into the side and stops the car.

“Olivia what’s going on? What happened? And what was that language?” he asks and I start crying even more.  How was I supposed to tell him this? I looked down at my phone when a tear landed on my phone. Calum put a hand on my shoulder and the other one on my chin so he could turn my head.

“What the fuck happened?” he says in a serious voice. I then take him into a hug and he hugs with me.

“I wish I could tell you Calum but you don’t have any idea how bad it is,” I whisper in his ear and then put my head on his shoulder and cry.

“I don’t care I just want to know why you are so sad!” he says with a protecting voice.

“I can only tell you if you promise not to tell Luke,” I say and more tears stream down my face. Calum wipes them off with his two thumbs, he nods at me and puts his hand on my shoulder.

“Olivia I promise” he says and sends me a little smile.

“I don’t live in Sydney. I don’t even live in Australia. I live in Denmark. I’m actually on a “vacation” with my mom, because she had work over here. We were supposed to take home the last day of the summer break, which is like four weeks. My mom just called and said we are going home tomorrow.” My voice cracks in the last sentence and I take him into a hug again and he hugs with me.

“Why the hell didn’t you tell us?” he asks and I wipe off a tear from my eye.

“I thought I wouldn’t have too, there’s so long time until I had to go home so I thought I maybe just could deal with it at that point.” I answer while trying to stop my tears from coming. He then sends me an awkward smile.

“Olivia we are going to make sure that you aren’t leaving. Without Luke knowing anything about it, okay?” he asks and I smile immediately and take him into one more hug.

“Thank you so much Calum,” I whisper grateful into his ears, I could kind of hearing him smiling.

“Now wipe of that nose so we can get to the movies without having you being asked why you haven been crying, okay?” he says in a sweet voice and I nod. I grab my phone and open camera. I then see what a mess I am and gasp. Calum starts laughing and I hit him. I try to fix my puffy red eyes and my red nose as much as I can while Calum drives. We then arrive and Luke immediately runs over to me and opens the car the on my side to take me into a tight hug.

“I missed you so much” he mumbles into my ear. I smile happily and give him a kiss on the cheek. He then takes me with him out of the car.

“Hey girl!” Michael says and I laugh.

“Hey guys!” I said and Ashton smiled at me. Calum parked the car and then walk over to us. I smiled at him and he sends me a little blink.

“Olivia you are going with us too an amusement park we really want to show you tomorrow.” Michael says and Luke and Ashton agree with a smile. I look down at the ground. I look at Calum that’s just looking at me. I already feel the tears coming and I can’t help but just let them go, they are too strong. I let go and a few slides down my chin. Luke then puts his hands around me and kissed me on the neck.

“What’s wrong babe?” he whispers into my ear, I look sad down at the ground and Luke tries to turn my chin. But I fight against him.

“Olivia do you want to tell them or should I?” Calum asks and everyone then looks at him. I shake on my head and walk over to a bench on the other side. I look back at the boys and Calum is standing and explaining something to them. I cover my face with my hands while crying a bit more. An arm lands around my back and I look up and see Luke with a smile on his face.

“You know you should have told me right away, right?” He says to me and I nod with a tear falling down my chin. He gives me a hug and takes my hand.

“The boys went to see that movie and you and I are going to do something else,” he says with a smile. I look confused at him while seeing the other boys walking into the building.

“But what about the tickets? We ordered them and..” He cuts me off with a soft kiss on my lips. I join the kiss and he smiles into it.

“Do you like stopping me from talking, by kissing me?” I ask and look at him. I then break into a laugh and so does he and walks over to the car and opens the door on my side. I sit down while watching him joining me.

“What was your address now?” he asks me and I look weird at him.

“Why?” I ask with a confused look at him trying to get eye contact. He shrugs while starting the car.

“I think we should talk with your mom” he says and then makes eye contact with me, which kind of scared me a bit. I grab his hand from the gear handle and he looks at me again.

“Luke seriously we shouldn’t do that.” I say and he makes a sad face. He removes my hand and looks at my phone in my hand that suddenly rings. I answer it quickly and Luke makes a ‘who is it’ look and I make a it’s my mom’ look, which he actually understood.

“Honey” she says in a scared voice. I look down at the floor in the car while wondering why her voice sounded like that.

“What’s going on?” I ask and she’s quiet for a little while and then finally talking.

“It’s my boss” she replies. I look at Luke that’s still just looking at me.

“What about her?” I ask and wait for my moms answer.

“She’s here in Sydney right now at the hotel, she already made an appointment for the flight home. I’m sorry Olivia but we have to leave in two hours.” she says and then it’s all quiet. I then feel the tears running down my chins again. I know it’s freaking lame like crying over shit like this, but honestly Luke and my relationship has already gotten so strong. Luke takes the phone out of my hand and I try to get it back but he stops me.

“Olivia’s mom?” He says into the phone and I look annoyed out of the window.

“Yes this is Luke.” he says and I look at him and he looks at me.

“No I took the phone from Olivia, she didn’t give it to me” he says and I smile a bit.

“Ms. Nielsen I understand that you have to leave, but I can’t let Olivia go” he says and I look at him with a deep look.

“Ms. Nielsen you can just go home to Denmark. Olivia can stay at the boys and my house for the rest of the summer break.” He says and I look at him with a confused but happy look.

“Really?” he says surprised and I look at him with weird eyes again.

“I would never ever do that I promise. Thank you so much Ms. Nielsen. We are on our way!” he says and hung up the phone. He smiles and takes me into a big hug.

“What just happened?” I ask and he laughs at my ear, which made me get goose bumps.

“I made a deal with your mom that you are going to stay here with the boys and me!” he says happily, which made me smile.

“We are going to your hotel right now to get your stuff,” he says and I nod.

“Well what are you waiting for?” I ask him and he laughs.

We arrive pretty quickly at the hotel and we walk inside together. I press the elevator button and it arrives and the doors open. I press the button of the floor that we had our room on. Luke then moves closer to me while we are standing in there. I laugh and he smiles. He repeats and so do I. He suddenly just turns around to me and pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hardly on the lips. I join in. The elevator door opens and we stop it quickly because a little girl steps in here.

“You know that I saw you kissing right?” the girl says, which makes me break out in a big laugh. Luke does the same short after. The elevator stops on our floor and we get out.

“That was hilarious!” Luke says while laughing and I agree with him.

“So which room is yours?” he asks and I point at a room a little longer down the hall. He smiles and takes my hand.

“I just tried something new today” Luke says with a smirk and I look at him with a confused look.

“I have never kissed hardly in an elevator before. It’s like you always see it in movies but now I tried it” he says, which made me blush. We open the door and my mom is sitting on the couch with a woman on the other side, thar I assume is her boss.

“Hey honey,” she says in Danish, which makes Luke look at me with a confused look and I laugh.

“I’m going to go pack my stuff” I say to Luke and he nods. I open the door to my room and look at all my stuff. I sigh while closing the door. When I have packed about half of what’s in the room, Luke comes into the room.

“Need help?” he asks and I smile.

“You don’t have too” I say but he just closes the door and sits down next to me. I grab a bunch of bras I have laying on the floor. I was actually packing my underwear when he was walking in here so that’s pretty awkward.

“So bras” he says in a awkward voice and I just laugh at him. I put them into the bag while looking at him.

“You can only blame yourself on coming in here while I was packing down my underwear” I say and he blushes.

“Oh believe me I like what I see though” he says, which makes me roll eyes at him and he gives me a kiss on my cheek.

“When is the boys movie over?” I ask while grabbing all my panties and putting them into the bag. Luke snatches a pair of them and looks at them.

“I would like to see you in these” he says while looking at me. I sigh and take them from him.

“I asked you a question Luke,” I say and he looks at me with a sorry look.

“I’m sorry, what did you ask?” he says and smiles, I laugh at his cuteness.

“When’s the movie over the boys are watching?” I ask him and he takes his phone from his pocket, and checks the time.

“I think maybe half an hour,” he says and I nod. I pack the last of my underwear and stuff like that. I walk out to the bathroom and grab my tampons box. I put into my bag with Luke staring at me.

“Seriously dude? I’m a girl I have to use those” I say and grab a stack of T-shirts. He laughs at me and helps me with my T-shirts. I finish short after and Luke takes one of my bags and carries it out of the hotel and down to his car. I walk into the living room and my mom is smiling at me. A tear runs down her chin, which makes my turn my eyes at her.

“Mom seriously don’t cry that’s not necessary,” I say and she nods while removing the tears.

“I’m sorry honey I’m just going to miss you very much. You’re my little girl.” She says and smiles at me. I smile back and take her into a hug.

“I’m going to miss you too mom” I say and she smiles.

“Ready to go?” Luke asks and I turn around to look at him. He smiles and takes my other bag also. I nod and let go of my mom. She waves at me and I wave back. I catch up to Luke out on the hallway, when I realized I forgot my phone.

“I forgot my phone” I say and stop walking while going back into the room. I grab my phone and wave it at my mom so she can see why I went back. I go outside but Luke’s not there so I get confused and look for him when he attacks me from behind and we fall.

“Luke omg!” I said and tried to stand up but he just took me down again. He laughed and I laughed with him.

“Did you get scared?” He asks with a smirk. I hit him on the chest and stand up and run downstairs into the lobby trying to hide from him. Luke from behind pulls me into a hug or I thought it was Luke, but when I turn around I see Aaron. Aaron is my friend that I met at the very start of the vacation I have been hanging out with him and stuff but we got into an argument and it ended badly. We stopped talking and being friends.

“Aaron? What the hell are you doing here,” I said a little bit cold because I was still mad at him for leaving our friendship in that way.
“I heard you were going home” he says and looks me in the eyes. It actually scares me a little. Like don’t you know the feeling when someone looks you directly in the eye, it’s so creepy sometimes.

“I’m not. My mom is going home, I’m going to stay here with my friends” I reply trying to walk away from him but he grabs my arm and pulls me back.

“Who?” he asks and I turn my eyes at him. Why the hell does he care?

“Someone called Luke and his friends,” I say trying to get my arm but he’s still holding onto it.

“So it’s boys?” he says in a harsh voice and I laugh.

“Why are you jealous” I snatch at him while grabbing my arm and walking away.

“I don’t think you should hang out with these boys” he says trying to keep up with me, I shake on my head while walking faster.
“Why do you care?” I ask annoyed while trying to get him to go away, he’s totally different from when I was hanging out with him.

“I don’t know maybe because they are world know Olivia?” he says angry and walking closer to me.

“How do you know they are famous?” I ask while getting kind of scared, has he been stalking me? And where is Luke? I could use help.

“I just do. Now come with me, you can stay with me” he says while grabbing my arm. I refuse and walk away from him. What an idiot? I feel him turning me around and slapping my cheek really hard. Everything gets heavy and I fall to the ground.

“I said you were coming with me,” he says before I black out.


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