Difficult love

"We were just born to be difficult love."

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3. Chapter 2

 Chapter 2


Olivia's P.O.V


I turn off the TV and walk out to my mom.

“I am going to the studio with the boys” I say and my mom looks confused at me.

“Why?” she says while putting down her phone she was holding in her hand.

 “They want me to come over there and answer some questions.” I say while I shrug. My mom gives me an annoyed shake.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea sweetie” I gape and my mom turns off the TV.

“Mom seriously, it’s not everyday you get to hangout with 5sos?” I say annoyed and then just walk outside. I walk down the stairs and then into the lobby. We were living at a hotel so. A text arrives and I look at my phone. (I am waiting outside, so I can help you find the door to the studio) I smile. I open the door in the lobby and go outside. (Thank you, I am bad at finding where I have to go, believe me.) I type and press send. I plug my headphones into my phone at them in my ears. I walk down the street while wearing some skinny black pants with ripped knees (as usual) and my ‘Greenday’ band tee and then a black beanie to hide my hair problem (that suddenly came before I had to leave). I came to the address and I could see Luke standing with his phone. I ran behind a car and hid from him. I know it’s very childish but I’m just so nervous about being in front of him. I looked over at him and he was standing and tripping with his feet. God he’s so adorable. How can it be that he wants to see someone like me? He’s a ten and I’m a two. No two is to much.

“Olivia?” he asks as he’s walking over to me. I keep quiet because I didn’t want to get noticed. He then puts a hand on my shoulder and I look up at him. He then laughs really much and grabs my hand to help me up.

“I wasn’t hiding from you,” I mutter while looking at the ground. He laughs again and takes me into a hug.

“Sure, ready to come inside before a bunch of girls notice you?” He asks, I nod and he grabs my hand. What a gentleman. He looks down and up at me.

“You look really good” he says and opens the door. I blush and look down at the ground to make sure, he doesn’t see me it.

“Thank you, you’re not so bad yourself,” I say and laugh, he smiles at me. Which totally made my knees melt so badly, Luke please, don’t do that to me. He leads me into a studio where I see the boys who are looking at me.

“Hi” I say shyly and look down at the ground, my stupid shyness. They all laugh and Luke smiles.

“This is Olivia” Luke says while leading me over to a chair.

“Hi Olivia thank you so much for coming!” the lady says. She greets me with her hand and sends me a really fake happy smile. Haha. I tend to notice that easily.

“Yeah I guess I didn’t really have a choice.” I say and laugh. Luke smiles at me and laughs then.

“So Olivia how is it that you have Luke Hemming’s number?” she asks while biting her lip. I smile and look at Luke who is looking at me with interested eyes.

“Well I feel really lucky. When I stood at the gig earlier today I didn’t expect him too suddenly give me his number. It was surprising, but right now I honestly feel like I’m the luckiest person on earth.” I said and looked at Luke, he smiled to me and I gave him a smile back.

“Awe aren’t these two just the cutest thing you have ever seen?” she says which makes me laugh.

“Olivia can we ask you some questions, we need to know if you really know Luke?” The boys ask me. I nod, of course.

“Bring em’ on” I said and laughed. Luke laughed and smiled at me.

“What’s his favorite color” Michael asks and looks at me.

“Blue” I say and smile while looking at Luke. He gives me thumbs up and smiles.

“Okay then, favorite animal?” Calum asks.

“Penguins” I say and giggle. Luke laughs and then approves.

“Favorite food?” Ashton asks.

“Seriously I’m not a true 5sos’er if I didn’t know that it’s pizza?” I say and laugh. Luke then laughs with me and approves.

“Guys you literally just asked all the easiest questions” Luke says, I laugh at his comment and he smiles at me.

“Fine, Luke’s favorite song on the EP?” Michael asks and Luke smiles and looks at me.

“I’m pretty sure that it’s ‘Beside you’ am I right?” I ask and laugh. Luke approves again and the guys sigh.

“What’s my worst habit?” Luke asks and smiles, I smile back at him.

“You make a mess in the shower” I say and he looks at me with big eyes, seriously what’s so weird about that. There are probably thousands of girls that know even more about him than I do.

“Okay guys I think it’s settled. Olivia knows a lot about Luke. Olivia the fans really wants to know who you are, I have a lot of questions from them here on twitter. Would you mind answering a few?” she asks.

“Of course not” I say and smile, I look over at Luke who’s doing something on his phone.

“Okay Olivia so, Emily Anderson wants to know what are the three things you would spend your time on if you were bored” she asks and I start to think. Well that’s obvious.

“Netflix, food and music” I say and laugh. All the boys laugh.

“She’s a keeper Luke” Ashton says and I laugh. They already treat me like if I was his girlfriend or the girl he’s dating.

“Ashton relax. We met each other today? We don’t even know each other that well.” Luke says and I quickly agree.

“Oh well. Olivia here’s another question. Celine Vacanti wants you to describe yourself in three words” she says. There’s nothing I hate more than talking about myself.

“Um” I say and look down at my hands, how the hell am I supposed to answer such a question?

“Shy, sarcastic and loyal? I don’t really know, I hate like describing myself and talking about myself,” I say while I shrug. Luke smile and nods.

“That’s okay, neither do I,” he says while smiling.

“So cute” the lady says and all the boys start laughing.

“Amanda Sanderson wants to know why you had to chose her husband” she says and laughs. My smile faints a little; I just knew there would be questions like this one.

“Well Amanda. I really like Luke. I am not the type of person who is just trying to be with him because of money. I truly like him for his personality. How cute and socially awkward he is. How funny and protecting he can be. I have loved the band for a long time now, probably not as long as some of you guys. I remember when it was at the beginning of me liking the band. I would spend all my hours listening to their music and watching funny moments videos with the boys. And I fell in love with Luke’s personality. And Amanda I know you probably worship him and that it is unfair you aren’t the one to be sitting here right now, but it ended up with being me. I’m so sorry for all the millions of Mrs. Hemming’s sitting out there right now, maybe you will get lucky at another point” I say and they all look at me.

“That was really deep Olivia. You seem like a very sweet and caring girl. Come on girls you can’t hate Olivia for stealing your husbands, if it finally has to be one, she seems like a good one” the interviewer says and I laugh. I look over at Luke and he’s just sitting and smiling, while looking at me. A piece of hair slides down in front of my eye and Luke is quick to grab it and slide it back behind my ear. I blush while looking down at my hands.

“You guys honestly couldn’t get any more cute,” she says and Luke laughs.

“Well let’s just see how it goes” he says and smiles at me. I look up into the camera.

“The last question, which is more of a little hello from someone who already likes you a lot. Hi Olivia my name is Melissa and I can tell you that I am your biggest fan! I am so happy for Luke. The boys always get asked about their relationship status and all that. I know you aren’t together yet, but I feel the chemistry between you! LUKE KEEP HER YOU DORK! Onto the question.  There is this boy at my school that I like really much! He is 2 years older than me and is the most popular boy in the whole school and he has a lot of girls around him, how can I get noticed? And I would say that I’m really shy and doesn’t speak that much. AND I SHIP YOU GUYS! “ She says and I start to laugh.

“Well Melissa at first, thank you so much for being so supportive to me and Luke! It means a lot. I feel the struggle with the boys. About two years ago this boy at my school was just the love of my life. I would take pictures of him in public while I was hiding, it was so creepy” I say and laugh.

“But then I decided after a long time to talk to him, but it was hard to get his attention because every girl was at his feet. I managed to get him away from everyone else, and I stood there on an empty hallway alone with him and he was expecting me to say something important. I then told him that I liked him a lot and I asked if he would go out with me. He then refused cold and walked away from me, I tell you I was still hurt weeks after, but that’s not the point. You have to do something the same, get his attention and talk to him when you’re alone with him. Make sure to be YOUR WHOLE self. And if he says no and walks away from you, then he’s not worth it. Then he’s the one whose missing out on your amazing personality always remember that.” I say and smile into the camera. The boys and the lady start to clap at me.

“That was so beautiful Olivia! Unique words for you girls! Listen to this one she’s a clever one,” she says and I laugh. I then look over at Luke and he’s still just smiling and looking at me.

“I am so sorry guys but we don’t have anymore time for the boys and lovely Olivia today, say goodbye guys” The boys were waving at the camera so I did the same. A man behind the camera turned it off.

“Thank you so much for coming in here Olivia” she says while taking my hand and shaking it. I smile and nod while she’s leaving the interviewing room. I then felt a couple of arms hugging me from behind. I laughed and turned around to see Ashton. I smiled and hugged with him. Calum also came over to me to give me a hug. I hugged with him and Michael also wanted a hug.

“It’s really nice to meet you Olivia” Michael said and smiled at me.

“Thank you! But I can’t say the same about you guys” I say while shrugging. The boys looked at me with sad faces when I broke out into a laugh.

“Just kidding” I said while catching my breath from all the laughing.

“Can I get one also?” Luke says and walks up to me. Gosh he’s really tall in real life holy Christ. He’s like a whole head taller than me. I then pull him into a hug and he hugs with me. Ashton is so right! Luke’s the best one in the band to give hugs. I read that online.

“So Olivia want to out and get some pizza with us? Then we can learn a little bit more about you” Ashton asks and I smile and nod.

“Then let’s go” Michael says and I walk out of the studio. To be honest I was wondering why none of them haven’t asked my age yet, and I know Luke’s going to hate me for not telling them before. I am only 13. I am going to turn 14 in November. Actually the day after Michael. I know there is five years between Luke and me and it sucks. He can’t know. We arrived at the pizza placed and I found a seat at an empty table. Luke sat next to me and all the other boys were sitting in front of me. The waitress came over with some menus and gave them to us.

“What do you want Olivia?” Michael asked and I shrugged.

“As long as there is pepperoni on it, it’s a good pizza in my eyes” I said while laughing. Luke looked at me with big eyes.

“Seriously? pepperoni is my favorite topping!” he says and laughs.

“Duh?” I say and laugh with him. The other boys smile and talk about what they want. The waitress came back a few minutes later.

“Can I take your order?” she asks while looking down at the floor. Ashton says our order and she walks away again. I smile while looking out the window.

“Olivia how old are you?” Calum asks and I already feel the sweat coming. And then the question came. I really didn’t want to answer that question, lying is the only way out of it.

“S-sixteen” I decided to say and immediately felt horrible for lying. My stomach starts to hurt a lot and my smile faints even though I was trying to hide it. 

“Cool, you are very small of being sixteen” Michael says and looks up and down at me. Can we please just skip this subject? I already feel horrible. I hate lying and now I’m going to hate myself.

“Yeah I guess” I say shy and look down at my feet. My stomach was going crazy.

The pizzas arrive and I start to feel better, pizza always help. I grabbed a slice from the plate Luke and I was going to share.

“I actually think there was a fan who tried to lie her age to me, but her mom actually told she was 14 and that’s like last year. People like that are horrible. I dropped the pizza on the table and looked down at the floor while holding on my stomach. Luke dropped his pizza at the plate and quickly put his hands on my back and looked worried at me.

“Olivia are you okay?” he says worried, which definitely hurts to hear. All the other boys are also looking worried at me. They are going to hate me.

“I’m fine” I say shy and look up and try to fake a smile.

“Do you need water?” Luke asks, but before I could answer he ran up to the counter and asked them for a glass of water. He ran back to us and put the big glass of water in front of me.

“Drink” he says while looking worried at me.

“Luke I’m fine it’s..” I say and he then cuts me off.

“Drink!” he then says with a little bit harsh in his voice. I quickly grab the glass of water and sip to it. I put down the glass and look at him.

“Happy?” I ask and look down at the pizza slice that’s half eaten.

“You scared the shit out of me there” he says and looks annoyed at me. Jesus! Calm down Luke.

“You don’t have to get scared” I say and shrug. I pick up the slice of pizza and take one more bite.

“Can we talk about something else?” I ask and the boys look and nods at me in silence. All the boys are just sitting in silence and looking at me.

“Seriously guys I’m okay don’t worry about it” I say and fake a smile. I really wasn’t okay I just lied about my age in front of the guy I like and all his friends.

“Okay then” Michael says and they all start to eat their pizza again.

“Olivia do you play any instruments” Ashton asks and I look at him and smile.

“Yeah I play guitar and I sing,” I answer. They all look at me with big smiles, kinda creepy actually.

“What?” I ask while grabbing a new slice of pizza.

“Sing” Ashton says and all the boys quickly agree with him, I look at him if he was dumb.

“Are you crazy? No” I answer him and they all look sad at me.

“Are you frightened of singing in front of other people?” Luke asks and I laugh. No. Okay maybe. Yeah.

“Mhm” I answer and look down at my feet. The boys start to laugh, which made me blush.

“Olivia you can sing in front of us, we can give you advice or something if you would like” Calum says and all the boys smile at me. I shake on my head and look at them again.

“Seriously guys if I absolutely should sing in front of you it wouldn’t be at a table at a pizza restaurant,” I say while laughing and the boys then laugh with me.

“Good point” Luke says and stands up and looks at the boys and me.

“Well let’s go to the studio then. Coming?” Luke says while grabbing his jacket and walking up to the counter so he could pay.

“Is he serious?” I ask the boys and they quickly nod while standing up and taking their jackets and following Luke. I stand up and walk over to the boys while looking at the ground. I then hear a scream and look to the right and see two girls looking at the boys and running towards them. Seriously?

“OMG LUKE WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” one of the girls says and looks at Luke. He smiles and thanks them.

“I’m sorry Luke but you really shouldn’t start dating that bitch Olivia she seems like someone who only wants you because of fame and money” the other girl says and I already feel the blood inside of me start to boil. I move at bit so the girls can see me. They immediately look at me and send me a glare.  

“You’re Olivia” The girl who insulted me says and I nod. Luke then looks awkwardly over at the other boys that stay completely silent.

“Thanks for thinking about me that way.” I say sarcastically. And look sad down at the ground.

“Meet me outside boys, I need some air” I say and walk right past them, I feel Luke looking at me even though I can’t see him. I angrily open the door and go outside. I lean against the wall of the building while sighing. Short after Luke comes out and leans against the wall just like I do.

“Olivia” he starts but I stop him.

“Luke it’s okay, you are world known and a thousands of girls love you I just have to get used to it. Also the fact that I’m going to get really much hate” I say while sliding down the wall so I am sitting on the ground.

“Luke I really like you and I still feel so lucky to be here next to you right now, I know that hate is going to get me down somehow but..” Luke stops me by attaching his lips onto mine. It’s a bit long and passionate. I let go and Luke looks at me.

“Olivia stop, you are so amazing and I’m sure that many girls will like us together. Just don’t mind hate!” he says while smiling at me and taking me into a tight hug. I hug with him and relax my head on his shoulders. And that’s when I realized that I would do anything for Luke. Even if hate tries to stop me I wouldn’t give up.


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